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Gemma Ward in "Live Young" by Georges Antoni for Wonderland

Gemma Ward lets love flow in “Live Young” by Georges Antoni for Wonderland Magazine, Fall 2016. Gucci’s phenomenal wares put a spotlight on the season, in this exciting look at the future of Fall. Sara Smith mixes the fabrics of seasonal fabrics with a compelling combination of high and low. Gone is the focus on a large price tag, instead we turn our attentions forward. Oppo…

Briley Jones By Niclas Heikkinen For Grit 'Sweet Nothings' 13

Niclas Heikkinen for Grit

Briley Jones draws ruby ink marks down her arms in ‘Heart On Your Sleeve’ by Niclas Heikkinen for Grit Magazine, Summer 2015. Raging with red, Briley lets her emotions out as the ‘Sweet Nothings’ of Summer dare to devour. The palate of prose articulated by deeply meaningful poses. The body invites us to explore our feelings with poetry captured in linear perfection…