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Kate Moss Pulls Us Into a Tale of Secrets/Seduction, W Magazine

Kate Moss and Luka Isaac pull us into a tale of secrets and seduction, in “Belle De Nuit” captured by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, 03/17. Two enigmatic figures drawn together yet torn apart, this plays to the somber tones of silent era films. An ode to the artistry of decadence. Dress me up dress me down, this plays like Liz Taylor losing her mind in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, or the i…

Mert & Marcus 'Kinky Nights' for Vogue Uk March 2017 5

Kate Crashes Party Coming in with Twist "Kinky Nights"

Stella Lucia, Lily Donaldson, Issa Lish & Dillon Storey delve into decadence in “Kinky Nights” by Mert & Marcus for Vogue UK, March 2017. Kate Moss sneaks into this story as a stylist with a wicked mix of high-octane wares. A fearsome foursome captures our attention, with one male model who fits right in. So fierce are these shots we have a hard time determining where they o…


Isamaya Embarks on a Journey to Icelandic Frontier for Dazed

Isamaya Ffrench embarks on journey of discovery as she travels to the Icelandic Frontier for Dazed. Captured by Josh Wilks, each image bares a reflection of human kind. Described as a ‘Semi-Feral’ Icelandic creature, this creative character is a vision of Isamaya, herself. What is so brave about this talented woman, is her ability to move beyond the limits of title description…


Art of Extreme is Caught In a Dream, Vogue Paris

Aneta Pajak is potently prophetic in “Blindage Anti-Âge” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Paris, October ’16. Beauty blurs into infinite as smoke billows up and over the page. Powdered designs give a shadowed reflection, making us believe we are seeing a fantasy of lights. Tiny squares give off a hypnotic effect, luring us into a dream like state. Is she real or is she an illusion? …


Nick Knight Explores Illusions of "Comme des Garçons"

Jazelle Zanaughtti captures the allure of “Comme des Garçons” by Nick Knight for AnOther Magazine, F/W 16-17. The landscape of lunacy has been transformed in this collision course of creativity. Enter the wonderful world of Rei Kawakubo, as we explore the ethereal illusions of Comme des Garçons. A stimulating story designed to excite the senses, invites …

Vogue-Paris-September-2016-Anja-Rubik-by-Ben-Hassett-02 (1)

Beauty of Beguiling ~ Art of Extreme

Anja Rubik lives outside the lines in “La Fine Équipe” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Paris, September 2016. We witness this fearsome female with the spirit of a warrior, ready herself for a beauty battle. Fueling the heat behind her eyes, Hassett focuses in on the fury of Rubik’s fire. Looking straight into the camera, she gives us a wink; as two black horizontal lines cross ov…

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Lotte van Noorte Leads the Way in "The Lovely Excess"

Lotte van Noort is like a flower in full bloom by Nicolas Coulomb for Novembre Issue #10, S/S 2016. Lips seek what silence speaks… in the unknown secrets that people keep. Isamaya Ffrench leads us down the pathway of promise in this exquisite tale of truth uncovered. Makeup is poured over the skin like so much paint finding its rightful home, as color cascades over each feature taking on a d…

'Cult Classics' by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, August 2016 30

Top Models of the World Unite in "Cult Classics" for W Magazine

Top models of the world unite in “Cult Classics” shot by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, August 2016. Angelic features invite the spirit to rise as Ruth Bell captures a sublime sense of strength. Fair faces float on aire as bare haired beauties give a stoic stare. Surrounded in the circle of humanity they stand together in creative harmony. Pictures project inner power with …


Craft of High Fashion Covered in "The Creative Revue" Vogue UK

Edie Campbell covers her craft in “The Creative Revue” by Tim Walker for British Vogue, June 2016. Artisans merge in this marking of the magazine’s 100th Anniversary Issue. Modern musicians, actors, dancers, models and more, celebrate this century-old fashion tome by bringing this story to home. Honoring his unmatched ability to inspire, Walker sees beyond the borders of …

Ben Hassett 'NY Dolls' Beauty Papers 7

The Cult of Plastic Dares 2 Break Down Being Fake Beauty Papers

Briley Jones, Mona Matsuoka & Sahara Lin are transformed in “NY Dolls” by Ben Hassett for Beauty Papers, S/S ’16. Covering the cult of plastic this story dares to look at our addiction to all things faux. Being “Fake” takes this story forward as we come to understand, there is no beauty without emotion. What we see as perfect is anything but, as the closes…

Madison Stubbington by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia September 2015 2

Madison Languids in Flush of Rouge Rush, Vogue It Beauty

Madison Stubbington radiates under the screaming gleam of luminous lights shot by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia Beauty, September 2015. In one of the most saturated stories of the season, Aldridge invites us to explore the combustible colors of creation. Stylist, Tara Greville goes for a vintage vibe with electrifying fashions that flourish amid the flash. Under the glare of high glam…

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Estelle Chen by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia Beauty, June 2015

Estelle Chen is amped up and ready for fun by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia, Beauty Supplement, June 2015. The power of pastel pops off the page with a cast of colors that celebrates the Summer. With shades of chartreuse, lemon yellow, vibrant pink and billowing blue the party rages on. Stylist, Cathy Kasterine, takes us back in time with looks by Alexander McQueen, Blumarine, Giorgio Ar