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Luma Grothe by Kenneth Willardt for Harper's Bazaar US August 2017 12

Dipped in Decadence Luma Grothe Scintillates in Silver

Luma Grothe gets her metallic grove on by Kenneth Willardt for Harper’s Bazaar US, August 2017. Decadence devours the scene as Luma transcends into a silver machine. Her love of alloy radiates throughout the page as this story ignites in a riotous rage. When we think about the edges of excess we imagine the art of the ideal. Evocative, provocative, powerful and real this explores the e…

Jeneil Williams by Torkil Gudnason for 6

Golden Stripes Brake over the Body

Jeneil Williams bares her truth by Torkil Gudnason for This Jamaican born beauty was discovered in her home town where she made her meteoric rise to fame. A competitive girl from the Caribbean islands, she captured the imagination of the industry with her drive and athletic prowess. Gifts that in the past have been known to hold girls back, this model used her disciplined nature to …


Bregje Heinen Evokes Art of Alloy in 'Aleación' Multi-Metallic Madness

Bregje Heinen finds freedom in ‘Aleación’ by Tom Schirmacher for Harper’s Bazaar Mexico, May 2014. The art of Alloy comes together in this fabulous fusion of gold and silver. Styled by, Stephanie Arouesty, this stunning story captures our imagination with hues that combine metal with non-metal. Beauty explodes as, (Makeup Artist) Justine Purdue creates po…