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Flanked in a Flurry of Florid Fashion

Daphne Groeneveld is flanked in a flurry of florid fashions by David Roemer for Zoo Magazine No. 50, S/S 2016. Each image projects a sense of enlightenment as it redefines avant-garde artistry. Stepping into another world, this story touches on what I call the sense instrument. To let the eyes peruse over each page is to let your mind be intoxicated with possibility. The enchantress of accou…


Crista Cober Plays Mythological Beauty in 'Persephone'

Crista Cober plays the mythological daughter of Zeus in ‘Persephone’ shot by Miguel Reveriego for Beauty Papers, Summer 2015. Abducted by the underworld, she vacillated between good/evil, in what came to be known as the Change of Seasons. Fashion evolves, as (Stylist) Ada Kokosar celebrates a dream where designs are backed by avant-garde accouterments. Auric ecstas…

BeautyPapers 040

Beauty Papers Makes Inaugural Debut 'The Foundation'

The Foundation‘ makes it’s mark as Maxine Leonard & Valerie Wickes bring us the Inaugural debut of Beauty Papers, Issue 0. Launching for the Makeup Obsessed, buckle your seat belts it’s gonna’ be a bumpy ride. This new magazine embarks on a journey of discovery with evocative images that dare to be different. Forward artistry entices us to succu…