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Sarah Abney ~ Caught in an "Under Current" of Couture

Sarah Abney is “Under Current” by Matthew Priestley for The Impression Vol. 2, Spring 2017. In the interest of art and excess we make concessions for what we can’t see. We imagine we’re in another world where opposites not only attract they attack. Leaving us in the center of strange… we find that we’re transcending the stairway of change. A transforma…

Jazzelle Zanaughtti by Andrew Yee for 22

A Silver Stare Reflects Resplendence

Jazzelle Zanaughtti projects forth a picture of future, in “Gilded Glory” by Andrew Yee for The intensity of her state isn’t merely the makeup of her face, rather, the excess emanating from her being is that of a higher plane. Looking into the pools of her eyes we’re lost in the immaculate creative conception. Like a creature from another planet her exot…


Art and Nature Collide in Book 'Natural Beauty' James Houston

Art and nature collide in James Houston’s highly conceptual book, ‘Natural Beauty,’ in partnership with MILK Studios and in support of Global Green USA. A collaboration of the highest order, here, a group of like-minded people gather their resources for a stunning work of environmental altruism. Combining his love of nature & the human form, Houston crea…