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Anja Rubik Plays in Pure Plastic "Erotica" Tale for Vogue Ukraine

Anja Rubik arouses excitement in “Erotic” by Chris Colls for Vogue Ukraine, February 2017. A dark tale told in the light of day, with a dream like effect that will take you away. Stimulating images send us into another dimension. as Rubik comes in close, for shots that take us back to the age of 20’s erotica. This sassy story was built to highlight the idea of excess. Unlik…

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Beauty of Beguiling ~ Art of Extreme

Anja Rubik lives outside the lines in “La Fine Équipe” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Paris, September 2016. We witness this fearsome female with the spirit of a warrior, ready herself for a beauty battle. Fueling the heat behind her eyes, Hassett focuses in on the fury of Rubik’s fire. Looking straight into the camera, she gives us a wink; as two black horizontal lines cross ov…

Vogue_Paris-August_2016-06-Andreea_Diaconu-by-Mario_Sorrenti (2)

No Room for Subdued Bright Beauty

Anja Rubik, Bella Hadid, Andreea Diaconu bring the fury in “Face Art,” Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris, August 2016. The curtains are drawn as the music of face takes stage. This season’s flurry of fantasia comes to life as all things go crazy in the bright light of life. A call to creative arms. Beauty beckons us near as artful interpretations expose us to a nuanced approac…


Anja Rubik "Be My Baby" Shot by Harley Weir for Vogue Paris

Anja Rubik brings us to the dark side in “Be My Baby” by Harley Weir for Vogue Paris, 12/01 2015-16. Tenebrous airings obscure the light as aphotic yearnings make the night right. Transformation is seen as a catalyst for change as Anja rediscovers her dark side. Stylist, Suzanne Koller, crosses influence with modern fashions that speak 70’s chic. White rabbits bou…

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Anja & Stephen are Bound Together in the Art of Dance

Anja Rubik & Stephen Galloway are bound together by the beauty of dance in ‘What We Believe‘ by Inez & Vinoodh for 032c #28, Summer 2015. The Culture issue erupts as this Master Dancer/Model, “accentuate every contour of their hyper-defined bodies.” To know everything and to see absolutely nothing, Galloway learned this from the master of space/time,…

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Anna Ewers Stands on Super-Sexy Stix 'Studio Vogue'

Anna Ewers, Anja RubikHana JirickovaKarlie Kloss & Natasha Poly are among the beauties who lead us into the future in ‘Studio Vogue’ by David Sims for Vogue Paris. Editor in Chief, Emmanuelle Alt, sets the season on fire with a powerful peak at the art of modern fashion. With the help of stylists, Suzanne Koller & Joe McKenna, Alt evokes a sense of sartor…

Anja Rubik By Collier Schorr For Flair #13 2

Anja Rubik Settles into Herself in Flair

Anja Rubik settles into herself in ‘Being Anja’ by Collier Schorr for Flair Magazine #13, November -14. Slinking through each shot, Rubik embraces the story like a panther previewing it’s prey. The power of passion comes through the page as she dominates each frame with feline like ferocity. Stylist, Sissy Vian, lets freedom run with unisex fashions that erase the lin…

Anja Rubik 'The Last Dance' By Matthew Brookes For L'express Styles 15

Anja Rubik 'The Last Dance' Matthew Brookes, L'Express Styles

Anja Rubik believes that art flies or dreams die in ‘The Last Dance’ by Matthew Brookes for L’Express Styles, 3rd September 2014. Movement erupts in this dynamic combination of drama and dance. The sirens of silhouette honor the shape of the body by expressing depth of style. Mika Mizutani, interprets feelings through fashion with looks from; American Vintage

Anja Rubik 'Passion' by Camilla Akrans For Vogue Germany 17

Anja Rubik Plays 91/2 Weeks 'Passion' Camilla Åkrans

Anja Rubik takes a trip to celluloid history in ‘Passion’ a story shot by Camilla Åkrans for Vogue Germany, August 2014. Rubik enacts a version of Kim Bassinger, in this inspired reenactment of 91/2 Weeks. A dip into the world of a doppelganger, this dares to pick up right where the neo-film lets off. Showing us how to seek both pain and pleasure, this powerful portrayal plays on …


Anja Rubik in ‘Freedom of Expression’ for BLK DNM 10th Anniversary by Johan Lindeberg

Anja Rubik lights up the streets of Soho in ‘Freedom of Expression’ shot by Johan Lindeberg for the 10th Anniversary of BLK DNM. Dare to Defy…A lineage of phenomenal beauty, Lindeberg keeps the torch lit for Black Denim Jeans 26. The art of Anja is captured in her undeniable ability to access her emotions. Following many great artists, to try and put her in one categor…


Anja Rubik Beauty of Ballet 'Backstage' Vogue Paris

Anja Rubik lets her body do the talking in ‘Backstage’ by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris, May 2014. Posing along side Les Twins Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, Rubik brings the art of the dance to life. Drawn into the essence of style, bodies merge in this inspired piece of organic imagery. With haute-couture by Emmanuelle Alt, fashion happens in Giambattista Valli, Victor &…


Anja Rubik Gets Architectural 'Comme Des Garçons' for Love

Anja Rubik is an avant-garde dream in ‘Comme Des Garçons‘ by Ezra Petronio for Love #11, S/S 2014. The fashion of tomorrow begins with the dreams of today. A daring peek through the looking-glass of life, we see a moment that reminds us to stop and remember. Each item hitting a note of perfection, Stylist Jacob K gets inside our mind with an evocative array of fun and play. Wit…