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Numéro-180-February-2017-Catherine-McNeil-by-Jean-Baptiste-Mondino-05-1 (1)

Catherine McNeil Impossible to Subdue "L'Indomptable" Numéro

Catherine McNeil cannot be subdued in “L’Indomptable” by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Numéro #180, February 2017. Deeper & deeper we go where we stop nobody knows. Denial is set in artful motion as each piece of fabric tells a tale of truth. The title of this issue is ~ Volupté. Mondino crafts a couture masterpiece that mimics a trip to the dark-side, surrounding the …


Catherine McNeil Plays it Dark for Jeff Bark in "Maléfice"

Catherine McNeil plays her part dark in ‘Maléfice’ by Jeff Bark for Numéro #179. The heart builds as the music swells leaving the sorcery of enchantment to cast its spell. Our heroine finds herself lost in a world of mystic overlay, as we are awakened by the mischievous spirits of Maleficence. Inspired by the surroundings, Bark’s powers reach from the great beyond. High …

Numero-N170-February-2016-Catherine-McNeil-Anastasia-Khodkina-by-Greg-Kadel-8 (1)

Art of Decadence the Penchant of Play Dominatrix Divine

Catherine McNeil & Anastasia Khodkina gets cheeky with it in “Le Diable Au Corps” by Greg Kadel for Numéro N°170, 02/16. Fall into a fantasy… as The Amour Issue makes its way inviting all things to join in the name of play. Powerfully wicked & wonderfully fun, this Devil In The Flesh story lets fashion border on fetishism. Dipping into the land of double entendr…

vogue russia cmn09

Catherine McNeil in 'Body of Evidence' by Txeme Yeste

Catherine McNeil captures the power of the private dance in ‘Body of Evidence’ by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia, January 2015. Glittered bodies gyrate and move as each shot tells a story of strength. Stylist, Olga Dunina, goes behind the scenes to find Parisian Cabaret Dancers filling up famed club, The Crazy Horse. The clothes are crazy and the girls are wild but showing skin is …

Catherine Mcneil in 'Magnétique' by Benjamin Lennox for Numéro #155 4

Catherine Mcneil is 'Magnétique' by Benjamin Lennox

Catherine Mcneil captures the allure of the irresistible in ‘Magnétique’ by Benjamin Lennox for Numéro #155, August 2014. A vision of vast differential, this exposes us to the art of angular distortion. Charles Varenne shares a symphony of style played out in passionate triumph. Fashion erupts with a beguiling blend from Alexander McQueenBalenciaga, Chloé


Catherine McNeil in 'The Bride' No Name Magazine

Catherine McNeil is Beatrix Kiddo in ‘The Bride’ an evocative piece of editorial artistry by Dario Catellani for No Name Magazine #1. To play, Black Mamba, is to be utterly in touch with and truly inspired by this cunning character. Catellani captures the art of the exquisite in this experimental story that’s designed to make you think. Letting go of that which holds you …

Pop Magazine Cover Spring 2014

Pop Magazine

Catherine McNeil get’s physical in ‘The Body,’ an eye-popping story by Daniel Sannwald for Pop Magazine #30, S/S 2014. A new sexy, Catherine knows how to show it with an edgy kind of attitude. Vibrant & aware, she’s less about being perfect than she is the happiness of now. Wearing a variety of modern styles, this girl knows how to bring it, with a captivating blen…

w mag 2014 march12

Dare to Get Wild in 'Warrior Stance' by Steven Klein

Outta this world fashion claws its way into the limelight in ‘Warrior Stance’ by Steven Klein for W Magazine, March 2014. Aggressive & avant-garde, this gets inside our mind by allowing us to experience the world from another angle. A daring take on a new dimension, we are drawn into the deviance of the night. A high fashion version of Eyes Wide Shut, this neo-erotic night th…

come as you are by mert & marcus w magazine 22

A Ceremony of Fashion by Fire 'Come As You Are' W Magazine

A cast of kindred spirits ‘Come As Your Are’ invites some of today’s most eclectic models on an editorial vision-quest (of sorts), captured by Mert & Marcus for the September 2013 issue of W Magazine. Expelling all thoughts of commercialism, this artful endeavor follows individuals as they embark on a journey of self-discovery using the untamed elements of the ou…

Catherine McNeil 'Prima Donna' by Mario Testino Vogue UK 5

Catherine McNeil Plays Modern Day 'Prima Donna'

An opus to Autumn, Catherine McNeil stars in ‘Prima Donna’ by Mario Testino for the September 2013 issue of Vogue UK. Sweeping through the landscape of luxury our Prima Donna pushes past the prying eyes of the paparazzi, leaving only the faint scent of fortune in her midst. Honoring the grandeur of glamour and good-taste, Testino crosses into the world of high-class & cu…

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Hans Feurer Starts with Neon-Narrative 'Street Story'

In what I will hence forth be referring to as the epic editorial event, ‘Street Story,’ is a multi-volume series created by prolific photographer, Hans Feurer, for the 2013 S/S issue of Antidote Magazine. In an attempt to manage it into bite-size morsels, I’m going to take on this fabulous, fashion feast one delicious piece at a time. Starting with the neon-narrative (Cre…


Antidote Magazine

Hans Feurer dares to take an in-depth look at the power of diversity in Antidote Magazine’s dynamic 2013 S/S Street Issue. Delivering a quirky compilation of 8 great covershots, Feurer follows Daphne Groeneveld, Barbara Palvin, Zuzanna Bijoch, Frida Gustavsson, Anna Selezneva, Jourdan Dunn, Catherine McNeil & Jac Jagaciak as they make their way through the urban jungl…