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Gigi Hadid Redefines What It Means to ~ Ride Bareback ~

Gigi Hadid redefines what it means to ride bareback in “Gigi Bares it All” by Patrick Demarchelier for Allure Magazine, December ’16. Beth Fenton uses fashion as a frame, surrounding Gigi in a series of see-thru styles. Subtle features expand, lending themselves to the build up of the eyes. While beauty inspires nature, leaving Sally Branka to swoop in with deep blue sh…


Gigi Hadid Brings Us Back to Era of Decadence in Vogue Paris

Gigi Hadid brings us back to the decadence of high design in “Vacances Romaines” by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris, November 2016. Art and excess come together to form a fusion of high-end design. Emmanuelle Alt puts her signature twist all over this story by being excessive without being intrusive. Extravagance is the thing is this inventive mix of vintage and Au courant. This …


Lace Over Face See-Thru Pieces Uncover Truth in "My Princess"

Gigi Hadid ventures into the forest of high fashion in “Princess Gigi” by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan, December 2016. Embracing a more avant-garde route, this story takes her talents to an artistic end. Evocatively crafted, Luigi & Iango let the lens uncover her as opposed to asking the camera to simply shoot her. What some of the newer models/Insta-stars need to learn…


Gigi Shows What it Takes 2 b a 4 Letter Sensation in Dazed

Gigi Hadid shows us what it takes to be a four letter wonder in “Gigi” by Rankin for Dazed Digital, 25th Anniversary Issue, F/W 2016. She might look like an innocent flower, but, behind those bright eyes we see the mischievous markings of a good girl gone bad. Hadid does some serious damage by taking over the (old) Dazed office, smashing computers and going graffiti-chic. Katie Gra

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Fashion Caterpillar Turns Into an Avant-Garde Butterfly

Gigi Hadid comes into her own as she unleashes the high fashion beast in “The Power of Personality” cover by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia. Meisel has captured the moment this fashion caterpillar has transformed into a avant-garde butterfly. Behind the spark in her bright eyes lies a phenom ready to fly. Unleashing the beast, we watch as she prepares for her inaugural walk down t…


Gigi Hadid Ventures into the Valley of the Dolls, W Mag

Gigi Hadid ventures into the Valley of the Dolls by Steven Meisel for W Magazine, September 2015. To find inside yourself the ability to push past the insignificant and reach for something more, that is pure passion. And, while I can’t speak for 5 million Instagram viewers (as if that really matters), I do know that truth lies in the ability to hold one person’s attention. Of…

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Gigi & Bella Embrace Art of Binary Beauty 'Double Vision'

Gigi & Bella Hadid embrace the binary beauty of ‘Double Vision’ by Steven Klein for V Magazine 96, Fall Preview ’15. The art of evolution penetrates the page as dynamic change captivates our senses. Stylist, Patti Wilson, explores another side of the Hadid Sisters with a complete reconstruction of their character. Shot at the famous, Chelsea Piers, this story is a…

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Gigi Hadid Steps into Heat of 70's-Chic in 'Golden Girl'

Gigi Hadid steps into another world in ‘Golden Girl’ by Henrique Gendre for Vogue Brazil, July 2015. The 70’s never looked so chic with curves that capture our imagination. Playing a kitten with a whip this fierce feline penetrates the page, with pictures that are purrrrrrfectly poetic. The past and future collide with a dynamic combination of cover couture. Paying homa…

'Beauty Queens' by Brigitte Niedermair for Harper's Bazaar Uk 4

Models of the Moment Shine 'Beauty Queen'

Models of the moment come to be in ‘Beauty Queens’ by Brigitte Niedermair for Harper’s Bazaar UK, May 2015. Jing Wen, Gigi Hadid, Ondria Hardin, Antonia Wilson, Anna Cleveland, Paige Reifler, Kitty Hayes & Laura James are face first in this celebration of beauty. Each shot invites us to the odyssey of the eyes with imagery that evokes a sense of extreme. Makeup art is …


Gigi Hadid in Adweek

Gigi Hadid invites us into the new world of modern modeling, by Alexei Hay for Adweek Magazine, The Millennial Issue. Exploring her artistic side, this gorgeous girl shows us that she’s on her way to becoming a Supermodel. With co-rings leaders that include Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne, these Millennial Models are known as the ‘Instagirls.’ A gr…

Sølve Sundsbø for Love Magazine #13 18

Celebrates the Lineage of Life in Love

Sølve Sundsbø celebrates the lineage of life in Love Magazine #13, Spring 2015. Art unveiled, from Gigi/Bella Hadid to Jeny/Georgia Howorth, this captures the fire of the female. Women celebrating women, Sundsbø steals a moment in time, in this flood of modern fashion. Stylists, Katie Grand, Robbie Spencer, Panos Yapanis & Phoebe Arnold, lift the curtain of creativity, allowin…

Gigi Hadid Model of the Year shot by Yu Tsai 4

Model of the Year Makes Modern Waves

In it to win it, Gigi Hadid shows us why she is Model of the Year in a story shot by Yu Tsai. Evocative imagery escapes the shape as we celebrate the inner style of a (true) star. Moving past the ‘boobs’ this girl proves she’s ready to play, with powerful pictures that kill with curves. Martina Nilsson breaks this feline free, by using the lines of her body to convey the sounds …