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Donna Trope For Under The Influence Autumn

Donna Trope Reveals 'Mask Layer' Under the Influence

Holly Rose Emery & Samantha Gradoville speak the art of plastique in ‘Mask Layer’ by Donna Trope for Under the Influence, A/W #14. Trope breaks down the walls of propriety with powerful pictures that play with our mind. A brazen look at women’s obsession with perfection. The story sucks you in with the promise of pretty and knocks you out with a trough of truth. Makeup …

holly rose emery i-D magazine 8

Holly Rose in ‘The Rise of Holly Rose Emery’ by Beau Grealy for i-D Australia, June 2014

Holly Rose captures ‘The Rise of Holly Rose Emery‘ in this edgy editorial shot by Beau Grealy for i-D Australia, June 2014. The future is here with clothing that dares to break the strict lines of category. By allowing the essence of piece to breath we give it the air to be anything it desires. Fashion formed into modern art, (Stylist) Britt McCamey redefines the idea of avant…


The Elusive Blend of High 'Color Code' by Ben Hassett

Jenna Earle & Holly Rose Emery shine in ‘Color Codes’ by Ben Hassett for Vogue Germany January 2014. Part metal fabricator part dream sequencer, the elusive mix of color and creativity come together to form a eloquent blend of high expression. A bold combination of expressive makeups, this fantasy field of cosmetic cohesion turns into a playful piece of primitive art. It is …