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Honor Heritage History in "The Season of the Witch" for W Mag

Jamie Bochert, Odette Pavlova, Isabella Emmack & Lexi Boling honor the heritage of our history in “The Season of the Witch” by Inez & Vinoodh for W Magazine, 09/16. With a sign in their hands and strong spirits in their hearts, Lexi and Jamie take off toward their chosen route of Salem. “It’s been over 300 years since the Salem witch trials, but echoes of the he…

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Designs Dance Across Screen Art Inspires Aerial Dream

Karen Elson, Julia Nobis, Jamie Bochert & Katlin Aas move as one in this aerial display of designs that dance. Steven Meisel captures bodies in motion for Valentino, F/W 2016/17. Figures frame the scene with lines unlike we’ve ever seen, as fabrics fill the air silk flows in a righteous flair. Each picture projects a sense of strength, balancing balletic movement with poetic inten…

'Cult Classics' by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, August 2016 30

Top Models of the World Unite in "Cult Classics" for W Magazine

Top models of the world unite in “Cult Classics” shot by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, August 2016. Angelic features invite the spirit to rise as Ruth Bell captures a sublime sense of strength. Fair faces float on aire as bare haired beauties give a stoic stare. Surrounded in the circle of humanity they stand together in creative harmony. Pictures project inner power with …


Moody Mist of Mourning Light 'Rebel Riders' by Tim Walker.

Anna Cleveland, Christina Carey, Erin O’Connor and Jamie Bochert ride the moody mist of mourning light in ‘Rebel Riders’ by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, 12/15. A foursome of fearsome females make their way across the countryside, in one of the most exquisite editorials ever produced. Fluid imagery plays off the page like a silent movie set to project. Jacob K delivers an ode …

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Fierce Females Play the Part, Super-Haute Super-Heros

Lexi Boling, Binx Walton, Julia Nobis & Hanne Gaby Odiele form a female super-group in “In the Air” by Fabien Baron for Interview Magazine, October 2015. A cacophony of creativity is borne to be in this conclave of human history. Defiant portraits described as a stream of consciousness. Baron invites us to travel into his mind’s eye, with a slide show of sentient i…

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Jamie Bochert Floods the Face in Freedom 'Carnal Palette' Purple

Jamie Bochert washes her face with freedom in ‘Carnal Palette’ by Marilyn Minter for Purple Fashion. The shower of salvation rinses us clean, as we imagine ourselves at a new beginning. Water drips down my face as the sounds of silence splash in my mouth. To summon the steam you must feel the fire. Subtlety speaks in silent strength as creative compilations dream in extremes. …

Steven Klein 'Super Eight' for L'Officiel Singapore 08

Steven Klein Creates 'Super Eight' L'Officiel Singapore

Naomi Campbell, Guinevere van Seenus, Jamie Bochert, Crystal Renn & Angela Lindvall are among the ‘Super Eight’ by Steven Klein for L’Officiel Singapore, March 2015. A master of manipulation, Klein makes us believe that we are seeing more than what’s on the page. The art of erotic embellishment erupts with mind-bending tricks that treat your senses. Styl…

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Steven Klein's Camera Captures 'La Clique, C'est Chic'

Steven Klein proves there’s strength in numbers in ‘La Clique, C’est Chic’ for W Magazine. The bell is rung as Klein Calls in the Fashion Posse for the Best of Spring Collections. A Haute New Year is here with avant-garde fashion done right. Stylist, Edward Enningful, provides a window into the souls of modern designers with daring images that depict the co…

Jamie Bochert by Sebastian Faena for V Magazine 09

Jamie Bochert Dances through Decades 'Little Darling'

Jamie Bochert celebrates the space-time continuum in ‘Little Darling’ a timely tale by Sebastian Faena for V Magazine, Fall 2014. Dancing through decades, Sarah Richardson delivers styles straight from the 60’s and 70’s. The fusion of fashion erupts with looks that let each piece tell a story of strength. Sartorial art takes over in designs from; Emporio

Jamie Bochert in 'Parallax' by Willy Vanderperre for Garage Magazine

Jamie Bochert in 'Parallax' by Willy Vanderperre for Garage

Jamie Bochert lets the power of perception persist in ‘Parallax’ shot by Willy Vanderperre for Garage Magazine, Fall/Winter 2014. I Dare to Dream… I dare to fly… under the beautiful, blackened sky. A soliloquy of madness, I strip down and call your name. I scream for hope but no one hears my silent calls to shame. Stylist, Charlotte Stockdale, follows the lin…

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Dare to Get Wild in 'Warrior Stance' by Steven Klein

Outta this world fashion claws its way into the limelight in ‘Warrior Stance’ by Steven Klein for W Magazine, March 2014. Aggressive & avant-garde, this gets inside our mind by allowing us to experience the world from another angle. A daring take on a new dimension, we are drawn into the deviance of the night. A high fashion version of Eyes Wide Shut, this neo-erotic night th…

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Daniele & Iango Spread the 'Street Spirit' i-D Pre-Fall

Spreading the creative word Daniele & Iango deliver the doctrine of artistic truth in the interpretive series ‘Street Spirit’ for i-D Pre-Fall 2013. Somewhere on a street in New York an eclectic group of artists have gathered to pose in purposeful irreverence to make a symbolic stand for the right of free-expression. It is here, in the beautiful discourse of disharmon…