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street spirit i-D pre-fall 2013

Daniele & Iango Spread the 'Street Spirit' i-D Pre-Fall

Spreading the creative word Daniele & Iango deliver the doctrine of artistic truth in the interpretive series ‘Street Spirit’ for i-D Pre-Fall 2013. Somewhere on a street in New York an eclectic group of artists have gathered to pose in purposeful irreverence to make a symbolic stand for the right of free-expression. It is here, in the beautiful discourse of disharmon…


Mario Testino Risks a Beauty Blowout 'Model Mania'

Forget the diet it’s time to indulge in a little Gloss & Glamour in ‘Model Mania’ by Mario Testino for the Spring 2013 edition of V Magazine # 81.  Risking a beauty blowout, a group of today’s hottest models gather for a steamy shoot, reminiscent of the days of the Super Model.  Fabulous and on fire, models Karlie Kloss, Sigrid Agren, Alessandra Ambrosio, Con…


Avant-Garde Art Lives in Walls of Disruption Steven Meisel’ “Haute Mess” Vogue Italia

Steven Meisel has taken his creative eccentricity to the “urban-edge” with his editorial “Haute Mess,” that’s inspired some passionate debate within the fashion industry.  I hold sacred, the right of the artist to be free to express his/her vision without boundaries, just as I honor the right of anyone to voice an educated opinion against such work.  …