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Kate Moss Pulls Us Into a Tale of Secrets/Seduction, W Magazine

Kate Moss and Luka Isaac pull us into a tale of secrets and seduction, in “Belle De Nuit” captured by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, 03/17. Two enigmatic figures drawn together yet torn apart, this plays to the somber tones of silent era films. An ode to the artistry of decadence. Dress me up dress me down, this plays like Liz Taylor losing her mind in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, or the i…

Calvin Klein FW 16.17 Campaign by Tyrone Lebon Part 3 - 6

I Dare to Bring Forth a Cacophony of Cool in My Calvins

Kate Moss, Grace Coddington, Bella HadidYoung Thug (et al) get up close and personal in dynamic captures done by Tyrone Lebon for Calvin Klein, FW 16.17. A gathering of the gifted… these talented people bring the real as they share snapshots of their private thoughts. Lebon assembles the anointed few, from cultural icons and actors, to athletes, musicians, artists, models, stree…

'Beauty' Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Italia 22

Sorrenti Captures the Art of the Family Tree ~ Cleveland Style

Mario Sorrenti invites the light of “Love” to shine bright, Vogue Italia, June 2016. Sorrenti seeks higher ground, in this special issue dedicated to the High Art of the Family Tree. Familial bonds aren’t created equally, so as these shots unfold we begin to get a greater appreciation for the climate of diversity. Anna Cleveland invites us into their haus of haute cou…


Top Models Transform in Video Display of 7 Deadly Sins

Nick Knight’s long-awaited tribute to temptation is ready for consumption as the “Seven Deadly Sins of Edward Enninful” is now available at SHOWstudio. Honoring Edward Enninful’s 25 year history in the fashion industry, this story redefines – The 7 Deadly Sins. This filmic excursion blends the exquisite sound selects of Beats by Dre with the genius of K


Craft of High Fashion Covered in "The Creative Revue" Vogue UK

Edie Campbell covers her craft in “The Creative Revue” by Tim Walker for British Vogue, June 2016. Artisans merge in this marking of the magazine’s 100th Anniversary Issue. Modern musicians, actors, dancers, models and more, celebrate this century-old fashion tome by bringing this story to home. Honoring his unmatched ability to inspire, Walker sees beyond the borders of …

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Kate Moss Dances in the Dark "Ritual Spirit" Massive Attack

Kate Moss dances in the dark for Massive Attack’s, “Ritual Spirit,” directed by Robert “3D” Del Naja. Collaborating with singer/songwriter Azekel, this EP offers an intoxicating video experience. Taking it in is like ingesting a slow-moving, neo-psychedelic drug. Something I’ve termed, The Blend, it allows us to appreciate the thought pro…


Kate Moss Sinks Into a Smile in "Wild Fun" Laugh Issue Vogue It

Kate Moss sinks into a smile in “Wild Fun” by Mario Testino for Vogue Italia, 02/16. Maestro Mario creates an issue dedicated to the art of the Laugh, as Soloist – Erik Underwood (The Royal Ballet), plays her partner. All these years later and Moss in Motion still satisfies. A cause/effect so intrinsic to try and understand is like catching moving water. You might fee…


Kate Moss Rides High "Beauty and the Beast" Vogue It.

Kate Moss takes the concept of equine fantasy to another level in “Beauty and the Beast,” captured by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia. This stunning stallion is one of the only creatures in the animal kingdom that comes close to the majesty that is Moss. The art of the equine comes to bare, with Kate laying flat on her torso limbs extending out, as the bronco bucks up on its hind legs. Jacob

kate-moss-by-mert-alas-marcus-piggott-for-vogue-paris-october-2015-1 (1)

Kate Moss Gives Us a Sneak Peak in 'Kate Confidential'

Kate Moss takes us inside in ‘Kate Confidential’ shot by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Paris. Moments in time are not what they seem, as the artistry of hope is captured in subtle markings of the extreme. To be catapulted into another realm is a fashion feat left for our reining queen (Ms. Moss). Editor-in-Chief, Emmanuelle Alt, interprets those crazy, decadent days with looks from…

Kate Moss 'Women of Style' By Tim Walker For Vogue Italia September 2015 4

Kate Moss Succumbs to a New State 'Women of Style' Vogue It.

Kate Moss succumbs to a new state in ‘Women of Style’ by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, September 2015. Walker wields his magic wand as we find ourselves lost in another world. In a rush of fashion must, Moss is outfitted in authentically inspired designs. The art of decadence is learned as the act of defiance is spurned. Torn between who we are and what we should become. Walker dares to …


Kate Moss in 'Piece of Kate' Craig McDean, W Magazine

Kate Moss captures the art of the imagination in ‘Piece of Kate’ by Craig McDean for W Magazine, May 2015. Proving that Miss Moss is Far Greater than the Sum of her Parts, this story exposes the person on the inside. Emoting feelings from the depths of her soul this is a celebration of the truth. Punctuated with raw power each piece gives us a unique picture of the female form. Stylist, …

Kate Moss by Paolo Roversi for W Magazine 5

Kate Moss is Cast in Couture Shadows 'Painted Lady'

Kate Moss captures our imagination in ‘Painted Lady’ by Paolo Roversi for W Magazine, April 2015. Cast in the Haute Shadows, Caught in the Couture Storm, modern pictures peak out as the poignancy of portraiture appears on each page. Stylist, Edward Enninful, embraces the overture of artistry with shots that praise the woman within. High fashion heats up as beauty burns on in t…