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Netting Hides Lindsey's Misty Eyes

Lindsey Wixson mimics floral beauty as she basks in a “Bouquet of Flowers” by Richard Burbridge for Vogue Russia, September ’17. Auspicious yearnings of tomorrow are found in the cradled optimism of today. Curves catapult us into another dimension with lips that switch from pink to orange. Burbridge brings a flap that functions as a see-thru accessory, lined with silve…


Lindsey Wixson Lets Body Share "Bare Necessities" for Garage

Lindsey Wixson opens her body to the “Bare Necessities” by Amanda Charchian in Garage Magazine, F/W 2016-17. A triumph of the senses is heightened as Lindsey becomes one with the Isle of Greece. Her mind is open and her body is set free as she finds herself seduced by the sounds of the sea. Not burdened by clothing, here we witness a woman totally at peace with her connection to the u…


Lindsey Wixson Celebrates a Decade of Defiance, ODDA

Lindsey Wixson celebrates a decade of defiance, in this playful piece dedicated to ODDA Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Tributes Issue. ODDA embraces avant-garde photography with imagery that incites independence. Lindsey invites Yuri Pleskun along for the ride, as they run through each frame free to just be. This compelling couple captures our imagination, with fiery attitudes …


Lindsey Wixson Floods Fashion Neon-Passion Flash for Antidote

Lindsey Wixson is filled with a flush of neon rush shot by Daniel Sannwald for Antidote Magazine #10, Fall/Winter 2015. “The Celebration Issue” takes hold, as we pay tribute to the five-year anniversary of this biannual. Ambient aura floods the features as nu-manic passion fills the face. Primary colors pop off the page with saturated styles that steal the show. Lindsey lu…


Lindsey Wixson Shows Many Sides 'Next Best Things' in V

Lindsey Wixson shows us her many sides in ‘Next Best Things’ by Anthony Maule for V #97, Fall ’15. Delving into her delicious flavors, Maule takes us on a roller-coaster of excitement, with images that implore us to explore. By opening our minds, this revives the idea that behind every corner lives the possibility for change. Stylist, Brandon Maxwell, promotes innovatio…

lindsey wixon 'square cut & pear cut' by donna trope for 10 magazine fW 2015 14

Lindsey Wixson Peeks Thru Looking Glass 10

Lindsey Wixson peeks through the looking glass in ‘Square Cut & Pear Cut’ by Donna Trope for 10 Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015. A dizzying mix of decadence and desire, get caught in one of the most intoxicating editorials of the season. Stylist, Sophia Neophitou, lets skin speak with accouterments in the form of Bulgari, Chopard, Chanel, DiorLouis VuittonPiaget, …

lindsey wixson by ellen von unwerth for vogue russia 01

Lindsey Wixson burns by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Russia

Lindsey Wixson plays the part in this retro revival by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Russia, July 2015. Beauty gets all revved up as (Makeup Artist) Regine Bedot gives classic cosmetics a leg up. Luring lids will pull you in with eye-defining liner shapes that’ll getcha. As a fresh face blooms with red lips that look ready for a kiss. Feeling the power of flowers pop off the page. Perennial …

Lindsey Wixson Styled by Tati Cotliar for Garage 7

Lindsey Wixson Walks into the Future in Garage Video

The Emancipation of Lindsey Wixson takes hold in the exquisite video ‘Matter’ shot by Yvan Fabing for Garage Magazine. Death by Diamonds and Pearls…The Band of Skulls play on as the rhythm in unleashed. A powerful piece of visual poetry, Wixson explodes onto the scene wearing the one-and-only Alexander McQueen. Fashion evolves into a faction of the future as avant-ga…

Lindsey Wixson 'Boom for Real' by Ryan McGinley for Flair 3

Lindsey Wixson in a Fashion Fairytale 'Boom For Real'

Lindsey Wixson embraces her childhood in ‘Boom For Real’ by Ryan McGinley for Flair Magazine #14. Dressing up becomes her with an exquisite array of artistry and imagination. The heart of haute couture opens, as (Stylist) Sissy Vian captures a Fashion Fairy Tale from Atelier Versace, Chanel, Dior, Giambattista Valli, Schiaparelli and Valentino. Makeup Artist, Fulvia Far


Lindsey Wixon Settles into 'Stylish Attitude' Vogue Italia

Lindsey Wixson settles into a ‘Stylish Attitude’ in this sexy inspired period piece by Emma Summerton for Vogue Italia, November 2014. Fashion reaches new heights, as the art of noir is found in this vintage boudoir. Stylist, Patti Wilson, creates a layered look with makeshift petticoats overlaying transparent thigh-highs. With lean lines and luxurious fabrics, the power o…

faces cr fashion book 4

Carine Roitfeld Celebrates Chaos of Couture in 'Faces'

Editor-n-Chief, Carine Roitfeld, celebrates the chaos of couture in ‘Faces’ from Johnny Dufort for CR Fashion Book #5, F/W 2014-15. The hallways of my mind melt away as each image takes me closer to the edge. Avant-garde fashion erupts with looks from Burberry Prosum, Cavalli, Christopher Kane, Diane von Furstenburg, Dior, Dolce & Gabanna, Fendi, Gucci, Lanvin

Lindsey Wixson By Richard Burbridge For Interview Germany 2

Lindsey Wixson Pops in Interview Germany

Lindsey Wixson comes in ‘Closer’ for this phenomenal feature shot by Richard Burbridge for Interview Germany, September 2014. The power of pretty pops off the page in this scrumptious story filled with art and imagination. Burbridge gets up-close and personal as he breaks through the imaginary lines of freedom. Blazing beauty erupts as, (Makeup Artist) Francelle Daly captu…