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Exotic, Erotic & Über-Cool, Enter Queendom of Pleasure, Interview

Issa Lish, Sora Choi, Mae Lapres, Manami Kinoshita, & Sohyun Jung show us that under the cover of darkness, a new age is coming in “Cut Loose” by Mikael Janssen for Interview Magazine, March 2017. They speak about “a new femininity suffused with strength and uninhibited sexuality.” And, while I am one that feels the female has always been a creature ripe with str…

Another Magazine By Vincent Van De Wijngaard 4

Females Find the 'History and Tomorrows' in AnOther

Saskia de Brauw, Daria StrokousCarmen Kass & Dajana Antic are part of the female cast clothed in garments that (dare to) define them, ‘An Exploration of History and Tomorrows’ by Vincent Van De WijngaardAnOther Magazine. The shallow instincts of sartorial art sink into the soul. Honoring the past while embracing the future, the ‘Cabinet of Curiosity…

Ppaper Fashion Taiwan Cover 1

Ppaper Fashion Taiwan

Mae Lapres dons a series of decadent dark wears in ‘Smoking No Smoking’ by Jair Sfez for April 2013 issue of Ppaper Fashion Taiwan.  Celebrating Spring’s love affair with Laurent, (stylist) Gene Ku showcases some of the season’s coolest selections from Hedi Slimane’s dynamic new collection. Lean and luxurious, this mono-toned outfitting is all about r…