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Meghan Collison lets Succulence Drip off Lip "Colour of the Night"

Meghan Collison in “Colour of the Night” by Patrick Postle for Vogue Ukraine, December 2016. Beauty is all but a dream caught in a state of the extreme. Light filters through the aire, as paint slides down the face and art jaunts into another dimension. Up down and all around is the direction we will head… for never knowing where we’ll go will lead us to a drop dead show. C…

Lindsey Wixson 'Boom for Real' by Ryan McGinley for Flair 3

Lindsey Wixson in a Fashion Fairytale 'Boom For Real'

Lindsey Wixson embraces her childhood in ‘Boom For Real’ by Ryan McGinley for Flair Magazine #14. Dressing up becomes her with an exquisite array of artistry and imagination. The heart of haute couture opens, as (Stylist) Sissy Vian captures a Fashion Fairy Tale from Atelier Versace, Chanel, Dior, Giambattista Valli, Schiaparelli and Valentino. Makeup Artist, Fulvia Far


Kate Moss in 'Super Normal Super Models' by Mert & Marcus for W

Kate Moss takes us into the future in ‘Super Normal Super Models’ for W Magazine by Mert & Marcus, September 2014. The view may change but the game remains the same. Looking at these pictures takes me back to the 90’s, when I was a young model, and there was nothing but possibility (& Kate Moss) in front of me. The garb of the anointed stands out with subtle styling that m…


Numéro Tokyo

Meghan Collison submits to the power of flowers in ‘Botanica Brilliance’ by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro Tokyo #77, June 2014. The art of the sweet life comes to bare as La Dolce Vita rises up with an inspired flare. As green stems crawl up the arc of the body, floral fashions bloom all around her. Stylist, Akari Endo-Gaut, gets eco-exotic with a stunning s…


Meghan Collison Captures Our Imagination in i-D

Meghan Collison shows us that, ‘It’s Never too Late to Prove Your Mother Wrong,’ by Colin Dodgson for i-D Magazine, Spring 2014. Redefining the idea of modern beauty, Collison gets eclectic, with a new look at the future of fashion. Set-out to redefine the concept of the power paradigm, these in-your-face shots shows us how it’s done. Stylist, Caroline Newell

Meghan Collison By Lachlan Bailey For Dazed & Confused March 4

Meghan Collison Goes Inside the Mind of Lachlan Bailey

Meghan Collison takes us inside the mind of Lachlan Bailey in Dazed & Confused, Collections Spring/Summer 2014 Part 3. An evocative route on the road to wonderland, this story speaks to the freedom of faith. To experience an editorial masterpiece is to be inside the mind of the maker. Longing for home, she sat at the edge of tomorrow and cried. A daring blend of depth and vision, (Fa…

w mag 2014 march12

Dare to Get Wild in 'Warrior Stance' by Steven Klein

Outta this world fashion claws its way into the limelight in ‘Warrior Stance’ by Steven Klein for W Magazine, March 2014. Aggressive & avant-garde, this gets inside our mind by allowing us to experience the world from another angle. A daring take on a new dimension, we are drawn into the deviance of the night. A high fashion version of Eyes Wide Shut, this neo-erotic night th…

beauty bazaar 02

Meghan Collison Gets Her Red-On in Beauty Story by Nagi Sakai

With looks to kill Meghan Collison is dead-on beautiful in Red On ‘Rosso Relativo’ by Nagi Sakai for Harper’s Bazaar Spain December 2013. A siren song of seduction, Sakai takes a different approach to holiday beauty with a series of creative shots that have Collison hiding behind the power of red. With just the right dose of excitement & danger, Chiho Omae amps up the ed…


‘Nights Out’ by Theo Wenner for Purple Fashion

Bringing the drama of high fashion to the face (makeup artist) Aaron de Mey creates the ultimate beauty art in ‘Nights Out’ by Theo Wenner for Purple Fashion F/W 2013/14. Daringly disjointed, Wenner redefines the idea of cohesive with a captivating series of shots only held together by their sensational quality. Capturing the colors of the night Delphine Danhier turns it up with an array …


Pulp Magazine

Alice Glass leads the crowd in a series of fierce female covers for Pulp Magazine’s #7 The Freedom Issue, Shot by Arkan Zakharov. Meghan Collison, Alice Glass, Thi Tuyet Lan and Aimee Mullins have all defied being defined by society and are out in the world writing their own set of rules. Far from the typical fashion fare these women deliver a diverse picture of modern beauty…


Go From the Roaring 20's to the Stylish 70's in 'Wie Im Kino'

Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi play with a little decadent distortion in ‘Wie Im Kino’ for the February issue of Vogue Germany.  Using a variety of creative effects, innovative artists, Daniele & Iango, deliver an ode to cinema spectacular in this fashionable tribute to the art of film.  The arc of the avant-garde knows no bounds when Victorian-Era elegance meets …