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Eyes Look Behind as She Sees Ahead

Nadja Auermann looks behind as she sees ahead by Arnaud Lajeunie for Numéro Berlin #1, FW ’16. Art unleashes the avant-garde beast, setting in motion a dramatic feast. The depth that we reach is the truth by which we seek. As one of the most talented models of all time, her abilities far outweigh the magazine page. A body in full motion is much like a piece of poetic prose. We can appreciate h…

Peter Lindbergh 'In Love With' for Vogue Itali September 2015

Era of Supermodel Dares to Descend...

The Era of Supermodels Descend upon us as Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz, Nadja Auermann, Eva Herzigova, Karen Alexander & Helena Christensen unite in the ‘In Love With’ story by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia. Holding nothing back these 6 women dare to expose themselves in very unique ways. Gone is imagery designed to make us desire, here we are left with that which i…

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Nadja Auermann Lost in Exotic Array of Plumes & Play

Nadja Auermann embraces the brevity of beauty in ‘Tableaux Ephémères’ by Luigi & Iango for Vanity Fair France, June 2015. Lost in an exotic array of plumes & play, Auermann invites the power of purity through the furor of fantasy. Stylist, Felipe Mendes, takes us into the depths of the imagination where fashion’s fortune is foretold. Long silhouettes s…

Nadja Auermann 'Polymorphism' for A Magazine 29

Nadja Auermann in "A"

Nadja Auermann celebrates the scent of a woman in ‘Polymorphism’ a cool cover by Matthew Stone for A Magazine. ‘One of the characteristic features of any natural population is its genetic diversity.’ Fierce with a hit of restraint, this story focuses on the art of the female form. Stylist, Robbie Spencer, embraces the feminine side of modernity with florets of f…

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Passion Paves the Way 'The Powder Issue' Exhibition

Stella Tennant, Naomi Campbell & Nadja Auermann sink into salvation in ‘The Powder Issue’ shot by Luigi & Iango for Exhibition Magazine. The chaos of couture collides in this masterful mix of art and ingenuity. Robbie Spencer follows the commandment of creativity with fashion convictions that stir the soul. By taking things to the extreme, this shows us that the rul…


Nadja Penetrates the Page Like a Panther on Prowl, Vogue Ukraine

Nadja Auermann penetrates the page like a panther on the prowl by Arcin Sagdic for Vogue Ukraine, February 2015. A captivating cover, she lights up the night sky with features that are fiercely feminine. A daring selection of modern art, succulent styles comes to bare in this radical ‘Reboot‘ of avant-garde fare. Olga Yanul brings the heat with Spring 2015 designs from Burb

Nadja Auermann By Luigi + Iango For Vogue Germany 8

Nadja Auermann Sets Film on Fire in Vogue Germany

Nadja Auermann sets the film on fire in the Power of Style issue by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, November 2014. Showing us how it’s done, this captivating creature comes out of the shadows & into the light. An agent of the avant-garde, Auermann stays sharp, with razor like looks that cut like a knife. Stylist, Patti Wilson, celebrates the future of fashion with Chanel, Dior, Giv

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Luigi & Iango Capture 'Perfect Icons' for Vogue Japan

Luigi Murenu + Iango Henzi embark on a trip through true beauty in ‘Perfect Icons’ for Vogue Japan, September 2014. Capturing the world of modern photography, Luigi & Iango, take their talents in a new direction. Embracing the art of haute couture, (Stylist) Giovanna Battaglia brings forth a kaleidoscope of creation, with a triumphant taste of avant-garde fashion. Bas…