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Steven Klein 'The Polaroid Issue' Vogue Italia February 2017 25

Succumbing to Madness of Their Own ~ Self Obsession ~ Vogue It

Guinevere van Seenus & Coco Rocha lead the way, proving sometimes life requires that we go astray in “The Polaroid Issue” Part III, Steven Klein for Vogue Italia, 02/17. The third story in this compelling quartet comes out strong, as art involves us in a kind of swaray of the senses. Secrets show in the dark, as the cameras catch them consorting undercover. The lithely frame …

vogue italia 'the polaroid issue' steven klein part 11 2

Steven Klein Dips Into Darker Side "The Polaroid Issue"

Madonna opens the show for a story set to go in Part II of “The Polaroid Issue” by Steven Klein shot for Vogue Italia, 02/17. Something kinky comes our way, as this four person game is set to play. The art of fantasy fuels the fire as Klein shocks us into submission. Darkness brings life to the night, as it invites us to explore the other side of light. Guinevere van Seenus, Hannelore Knu


Natasa Vojnovic Lures Us Into the Light

Natasa Vojnovic lures us into the light in ‘The Libertine’ shot by Txema Yeste for Numéro China #46. Devoid of moral restraint, Natasa indulges in the bon vivant decadence of debauchee. The prose of potentiality written in the stars, freedom reigns in this portent of passion & pain. Surrounded in sartorial madness, the flood gates open as fashion abounds. Covering yo…


Natasa Vojnovic Touches off a Triple Threat 'Ménage À Trois'

Natasa Vojnovic explores the art of ecstasy in ‘Ménage À Trois’ by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro #177, October 2014. Lost in the land of illusion, fantasy unfolds, as Natasa seeks refuge from her aching reality. Draped in forbidden fur, the animalistic quality of the shoot evokes a kind of hidden pleasure. Stylist, Samuel François, finds freedom throug…


Natasa Vojnovic in 'Bohemian Escape' for Interview

Natasa Vojnovic faces the painful truth in ‘Bohemian Escape’ by Gregory Harris for Interview Magazine. April snow brings a Spring glow. Artful and alive, through the windows of my mind I see that I am stronger in my quest to go on. Stylist, Elin Svahn, breaks through the impetus of creation with a stunning selection from BalmainFendiAltuzarraIsabel MarantMa

street spirit i-D pre-fall 2013

Daniele & Iango Spread the 'Street Spirit' i-D Pre-Fall

Spreading the creative word Daniele & Iango deliver the doctrine of artistic truth in the interpretive series ‘Street Spirit’ for i-D Pre-Fall 2013. Somewhere on a street in New York an eclectic group of artists have gathered to pose in purposeful irreverence to make a symbolic stand for the right of free-expression. It is here, in the beautiful discourse of disharmon…