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Alasdair McLellan for Love Magazine SS 2017 25

Love Invites U2 Jump Into Arena of Avant-Garde Excess

Alasdair McLellan delves in deep to this three part series for Love Magazine, SS 2017. Here we have a strange and wonderful mix of models & actresses, as this collection of characters come together to form a fusion of fabulous. Katie Grand is a costumier of high end wares, as she uses fashion as a form of storytelling. Clothing has a unique intent, with styles that speak to the specificity o…


Tear Stained Pain Runs Down My Face - I Survived '16

Olesya Ivanishcheva & Cirkeline Nielsen take a deep breathe in “Beauty At Ease” by William Lords for To give is to get… To honor the idea that there is something greater than ourselves… To accept that I won’t be able to understand everything, but I will be able to BELIEVE. A Crown of Thorns is worn to proudly bare out the beauty of the truth. Mil…