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Saskia de Brauw Finds Forward Motion in High Fashion Street

Saskia de Brauw opens herself up to the art of evolution in “Brush Up” by Daniel Jackson for Vogue Germany, June 2017. In the fluid findings of futuristic styling comes a phenomenon known as Saskia. Her name alone brings to mind the concept of creativity. Allowing herself to be a vessel for variation we are able to reap the benefits of change. This is where we say the clothes arenR…

Saskia de Brauw by Erik Madigan Heck for New York Time Magazine April 2017 5

Interpreter of Dreams Saskia Shows Future of Silhouette

Saskia de Brauw shows us the “Future of Silhouette” by Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times Magazine, April 2017. Rei Kawakubo is an Interpreter of Dreams, in this ode to Comme des Garçons. Leanne Shapton captures the female ferocity that lurks behind this great line. Here, her words mimic Kawakubo’s thoughtful interpretation of fabric. Exploring the idea that the g…

Saskia de Brauw by Mert & Marcus for Self Service FW 201510

Saskia for Self Service

Saskia de Brauw schools us in the art of forward fashion by Mert & Marcus for Self Service, F/W 2015. A transformation takes place as Saskia shows us the light side. The power of peroxide takes hold with bleached-out beauty that invites us to unite. Gender lines become extinct in this artful examination of what’s to come. Defiancey takes on new meaning with a focused female not afraid …

'Back In the Lime Light' by Mert & Marcus for W September 2015 6

80's Ecstasy Unfolds in 'Back in the Lime Light' W Mag

The art of ecstasy unfolds as Anna Cleveland takes us ‘Back In the Lime Light’ by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, September 2015. While pop was prevalent, the other side of the 80’s was an extreme scene. An ode to New York’s infamous club, The Limelight. Debauchery defined, Cleveland and her couture cronies party like it’s 1989. Rich with authentic imager…

Saskia De Brauw by Paolo Roversi Vogue Italia Couture Supplement Issue 12

Saskia de Brauw Stuns in 'É alta moda' Vogue Italia Haute Couture

Saskia de Brauw is locked away in a dark hole of decadence in É alta moda’ by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia, Haute Couture Supplement. The theater of operatic fashion is in session with dramatic costumes that exude eminence. Saskia performs solo as she puts on a one woman show in silence. Stylist, Jacob K, brings Dolce & Gabbana Alto Mode to life with a magnificent blend of defia…

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Females Find the 'History and Tomorrows' in AnOther

Saskia de Brauw, Daria StrokousCarmen Kass & Dajana Antic are part of the female cast clothed in garments that (dare to) define them, ‘An Exploration of History and Tomorrows’ by Vincent Van De WijngaardAnOther Magazine. The shallow instincts of sartorial art sink into the soul. Honoring the past while embracing the future, the ‘Cabinet of Curiosity…


Saskia de Brauw Plays in 'Private Resort' by Ryan McGinley for V

Saskia de Brauw lets her body do the talking in ‘Private Resort’ by Ryan McGinley for V Magazine #92, Winter 2014. A fantastical fusion of fashion & fairy-tale, Saskia soaks in the sun, as she makes her way through the Secret Garden. Stylist, Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele, dares to dream with modern looks from Alaïa, Balmain, Chanel, Diesel, Emilio Pucci, Giorgio Arman


Document Journal

Saskia de Brauw goes deep in ‘What is the Relationship between Power and Description?’ by Collier Schorr for Document Journal #5, 2nd Anniversary Issue. Moving through the frames like a jungle cat, Saskia arouses our senses as she provocates with the power of purity. Convention and couture collide in this decadent take on the art of dark fashion. Stylist, James Valeri, plays bo…


Kate Moss in 'Super Normal Super Models' by Mert & Marcus for W

Kate Moss takes us into the future in ‘Super Normal Super Models’ for W Magazine by Mert & Marcus, September 2014. The view may change but the game remains the same. Looking at these pictures takes me back to the 90’s, when I was a young model, and there was nothing but possibility (& Kate Moss) in front of me. The garb of the anointed stands out with subtle styling that m…

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Luigi & Iango Capture 'Perfect Icons' for Vogue Japan

Luigi Murenu + Iango Henzi embark on a trip through true beauty in ‘Perfect Icons’ for Vogue Japan, September 2014. Capturing the world of modern photography, Luigi & Iango, take their talents in a new direction. Embracing the art of haute couture, (Stylist) Giovanna Battaglia brings forth a kaleidoscope of creation, with a triumphant taste of avant-garde fashion. Bas…

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Vogue Italia

Saskia de Brauw goes back to nature in ‘Wonderfully Wild’ by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, March 2014. An epic tale of exotic findings, this story captures our imagination with a trip to wonderland. “The strength of instinctivity lays bare the deepest self. And style emerges in its most authentic, unique, personal version.” (Fashion Editor) Marie-Améli

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Saskia de Brauw Doubles Up 'It's A Matter of Shape'

Saskia de Brauw captures the arc of strength and satisfaction in ‘It’s A Matter of Shape’ by Craig McDean for Vogue Italia. Part ballerina part androgynous ice-queen, Saskia soars to new heights in this exquisite mix of movement and modeling. Stylist, Karl Templer, expands the experience with a flight of fantasy that reaches beyond the typical fashion fare. She pla…