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Taylor Hill Gets Wild as She Rides High in Pop Magazine

Taylor Hill rides it high by Charlotte Wales in Pop Magazine #36, Spring/Summer 2017. We aint dippin’ our toes into the shallow waters of style, we’re jumpin’ head first into an ocean of high fashion. So hold on tight it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. In the art of true excess lives the heart of haute couture. Here we stand at the crossroads of independence… Do we swim ba…

Document Journal 4

Dare 2 Devour Divine Dress-Up for DJ

Lexi Boling, Katie Moore, Vittoria Ceretti, Taylor Hill, Charlee Fraser, Estella BoersmaAlice Metza indulge in the art of experimental fashion by Roe Ethridge for Document Journal, SS 2016. The opposing atmosphere lends itself to the parallel nature of each piece, as designs exude dynamic presence, invoking a mutiny of miss-matched elements. Robbie Spencer uses his unique abil…