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Zuzanna Bijoch 'So Chic' by Kai Z Feng For Numéro Russia

Numéro Russia

Zuzanna Bijoch casts a spell in ‘So Chic’ a creative cover-story by Kai Z Feng for Numéro Russia. The bewitching hour is upon us with a stunning array of passion and play. Stylist Brylie Fowler captures our imagination with cool clothes that range from bold black/white to captivating color. Modern consumerism erupts with funky fashions that include Alexander McQueen, Balenc

Zuzanna Bijoch By Boe Marion For SSAW Scandinavia

Zuzanna Bijoch by Boe Marion for S/S/A/W Scandinavia

Zuzanna Bijoch proves that a picture is worth a thousand words in ‘Beneath the Sparrows Wing When She Sings’ by Boe Marion for S/S/A/W Scandinavia, Autumn/Winter 2014. Artist, Alexa Meade, opens the door to our imagination with body brush strokes that speak volumes. Offering your talent to a project is commendable, but, breathing life into a picture is truly powerful.…


Zuzanna Bijoch Charges Ahead by Marcin Tyszka for Harper's Bazaar Spain.

Zuzanna Bijoch charges ahead in this phenomenal cover-story captured by Marcin Tyszka for Harper’s Bazaar Spain, April 2014. A feline of ferocity, to embrace the rawness within, is to open your heart to possibilities. Moving to the sound of silence, I stop and listen on the road to wonderland. Stylist, Berta Álvarez, incorporates the division of masters in a selection that in…


Zuzanna Bijoch Captures the Illusion of Hope, Zee Nunes

Zuzanna Bijoch captures the illusion of monochromatic mania in ‘Não Provoque… É Cor De Rosa-Shocking!’ by Zee Nunes for Vogue Brazil, February 2014. A vexing bit of Valentine’s day fun, Bijoch will satisfy your senses with candy-colored red and pink. A decadent array of dynamic play, (Stylist) Pedro Sales sets the story straight with an exquisite mix of sa…


Zuzanna Bijoch Plays American Girl in Paris for Antidote

Inspired by the stylish film An American in Paris, Zuzanna Bijoch takes us on a French fashion ride in The Paris Issue of Antidote Magazine shot by Victor Demarchelier for F/W 2013.14. From deconstructed retro-modern to decadent fur, Bijoch sweeps through the city wearing a series of high fashion 40’s inspired styles, artfully ensembled by Yann Weber. A vision of vintage per…

the-street-issue-hans-feurer-for-antidote-magazine-spring-summer-2013-147 (1)

Hans Feurer Starts with Neon-Narrative 'Street Story'

In what I will hence forth be referring to as the epic editorial event, ‘Street Story,’ is a multi-volume series created by prolific photographer, Hans Feurer, for the 2013 S/S issue of Antidote Magazine. In an attempt to manage it into bite-size morsels, I’m going to take on this fabulous, fashion feast one delicious piece at a time. Starting with the neon-narrative (Cre…


Antidote Magazine

Hans Feurer dares to take an in-depth look at the power of diversity in Antidote Magazine’s dynamic 2013 S/S Street Issue. Delivering a quirky compilation of 8 great covershots, Feurer follows Daphne Groeneveld, Barbara Palvin, Zuzanna Bijoch, Frida Gustavsson, Anna Selezneva, Jourdan Dunn, Catherine McNeil & Jac Jagaciak as they make their way through the urban jungl…


Zuzanna Bijoch a Housewife Hiding in 'Haute Couture'

Going for the high fashion jugular, Jeff Bark kills it with this avant-garde editorial for the April 2013 issue of Vogue Ukraine. Zuzanna Bijoch brings the drama in ‘Haute Couture,’ proving why this new addition to the Vogue family will have no problem fitting in with the “big girls.” Effortlessly engaging, (stylist) Philip Vlasov creates a series of stylish …


Zuzanna Bijoch Crosses Artistic Mediums in 'Daj Sie Skusic,' for Flesz

Crossing over, Hunter & Gatti take us on a spiritual journey in, ‘Daj Sie Skusic,’ for the October issue of Flesz Magazine.  Inspired by the other-worldly beauty of Zuzanna Bijoch, dynamic studio shots bleed into a series of acrylic paintings, creating a transcendental crossover between artistic mediums.  Capturing the power of the female spirit, Bijoc…


Zuzanna Bijoch, Ophelie Rupp & Marie Piovesan in ‘Power Play’ by Paolo Roversi, W Magazine September 2012

Striking while the trends are hot, Paolo Roversi makes a ‘Power Play’ for Fall’s coolest looks in the 2012 September issue of W Magazine.  Stylist, Giovanna Battaglia, takes a page out of this season’s cross-trending book, by combining multiple genres for a futuristic layout that pays homage to the grand tradition of fashion-androgyny.  While playing …


Zuzanna Bijoch by Catherine Servel for 25 Magazine

Relaunching 25 Magazine, Anja Rubik takes her place as Editor-at-Large, for the avant-garde publication, that seems to be a true labor of love for the Polish born beauty.  Styled after the “1970’s adult women’s erotica magazine Viva,” ’25’ takes a novel approach to women’s sexuality, by considering them first.  Directing their cont…


Sebastian Kim Shows Fashion Architecture in Style Structure

Sebastian Kim’s latest foray into “fashion architecture” is an ode’ to Spring-Structure, with looks from some of the best “builders” in the biz – Alexander McQueen, Dior, Givenchy and Chanel.  Zuzanna Bijoch plays, “The Narcissist” with a perfect combination of apathy & zeal, for the cover/editorial of Numéro #1