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Rankin Creates 90’s Neo-Pop in “Saved by the Bell” for Hunger Magazine

Rankin and Andrew Gallimore combine avant-garde artistry with 90’s neo-pop in “Saved by the Bell” for Hunger Magazine. This captures the chaos of color that defined those times. It’s a dramatic blend of bold that brings us back to the day. However, like with any trip down memory lane, we tend to take a few liberties in the recall department. Enshrining that, or any, era simply demands it. 

Madison Headrick in “La Nueva Ola Del Color” by Txema Yeste for Vogue Spain April 2018

Madison Headrick captures the ways of a chameleon in “La Nueva Ola Del Color” by Txema Yeste for Vogue Spain, 04/18. The face becomes a palate as the skin becomes a stage. Like colors culminating in a chasm of creativity, so is the Art of the Face. It’s pictorial pandemonium. Beauty blasts against the borders, as cosmetic creations work in symbiotic surround. There’s a balance that exists between art and the imagination. 

Jennae Quisenberry by Emma Tempest for 10 Magazine March 2018

Jennae Quisenberry by Emma Tempest for 10 Magazine March 2018.

Never beginning never ending her limbs are like a melody whispering in the winds. This is a story that captures that ever elusive time period that lingers between seasons. Balletic in stature poetic in pose. Every motion is utterly organic, as her body bends with the breeze, never forcing movement or fleeing from nature. She is one with her surroundings. 

Camilla De Terre in “No Chains Will Ever Hold That” by Nagi Sakai for Zoo Magazine No 58

Camilla De Terre explores life’s inner oddities in “No Chains Will Ever Hold That,” by Nagi Sakai for Zoo Magazine No. 58. The connotation of couture makes this editorial a curious thing. Ye Young Kim brings forth an array of avant-garde fashions, that say so much through the use of unique foundations. Abstract coordination is the innovative advancement of the collective perspective. 

Kris Grikaite by Mario Sorrenti for AnOther Magazine SS 2018

Kris Grikaite gets down and dirty in the most delicious way, by Mario Sorrenti for AnOther Magazine, SS 2018. Alexander McQueen swings into Spring with sweet looks that summon the severe side of style. Hard and soft merge into one forming a serene sense of stimulation. Kris Grikaite embraces this moment of female empowerment, by allowing the two sides of her personality to shine at the same time.  

Birgit Kos “No Filter” by David Sims for Interview Magazine March 2018

I dispel the anarchy of archaic notions that speak to me as if I am not here… as if I am not there… as if I am merely what I wear. Depth is met by my ability to hold my tongue. A single notion that I doth to share as I bring forth my soul to bare. To speak not when spoken to but when inspired to truly care ~ I am a soldier of silence, a fighter for fair. Art waits for no woman as it slowly works to transform itself. 

Anna Cleveland in “Les Petits Papiers” by Alix Malka for 7Hollywood Magazine

Anna Cleveland’s body becomes a palate for papier-mâché perfection in “Les Petits Papiers” shot by Alix Malka, 7Hollywood Magazine. The Art of Anna Comes To Be as We Escape Inside the Fantasy. Paper Mache takes a turn as each ripped piece is placed over an epidermal layer. A showpiece that slowly transforms into an art installation. Torn paper finds it’s way to the skin opening us up to what’s within. 

Sora Choi in “Play it Loud” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Japan, March 2018

Sora Choi engages in a game of facial fantasy in “Play it Loud” shot by Ben Hassett for Vogue Japan, March 2018. Drama is displayed in a variety of ways, exposed in the pageantry of passion. Artistry echos in the background leaving moody elements of anarchy to ache from below. What we see isn’t the whole picture, as the body delights in secrets being dictated from beneath. Nicola Knels keeps things focused as only two shots show any form of high fashion.  

Tim Walker “Spirits Within” for Vogue Italia, February 2018

Anna Cleveland invites us to come hide inside the Tim Walker mind ride, in ‘Spirits Within‘ for Vogue Italia, February 2018. Walker asks that we venture into another realm. This is far beyond the normal editorial route, here we experience the mind/body blend. Experimental artistry is meant to open your mind to another time. Escaping the mediocrity of everyday life, our spirits ride free on the conceptual landscape. 

“Collections” by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan March 2018

The Ladies of the 80’s are borne as the ferocity of four females fuse by ‘Collections’ by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan, March ’18. Drama redefines the artistry of excess, spanning decades of high design. Luna Bijl, Lexi Boling, Selena Forrest and Kiki Willems grace the covers, with one showing the quartet emblazoned with brocade jackets and ruffled shirts from Louis Vuitton. 

Shanelle Nyasiase in “Global Hypercolour” by Viviane Sassen for Dazed Magazine, Spring 2018

Shanelle Nyasiase shines in “Global Hypercolour” by Viviane Sassen for Dazed Magazine, Spring ’18. Showing no signs of retreat scintillation screams as colors are complete. The story is one of glory and grace, as Shanelle reaches behind her back touching the innocent face. There is no distance between art and imagination. There is no space between heart and hope. There is no journey that will bring me back to you… for in the arms of my sister is the place of my truth. 

Rianne van Rompaey in “Clinic” by Harley Weir for Love Magazine, Spring/Summer 2018

Rianne Van Rompaey claims the chaos in “Clinic” by Harley Weir for Love Magazine, Spring/Summer 2018. Don’t think you know my mind dear, for it is a tale to tell. Inside this sordid mind trap is a story Ne’er-do-well. So stop and smell the flowers. Scream into the night. For all we are is what we see, a framing of shear delight. Destiny is the dame that feeds our soul and ships our shame, unto a place of sovereign grace where we sip from the earth’s sweetened teet.