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Kate Moss Dances in “Ritual Spirit” Video for Massive Attack

Kate Moss dances in the dark for Massive Attack’s, “Ritual Spirit,” directed by Robert “3D” Del Naja. Collaborating with singer/songwriter Azekel, this EP offers an intoxicating video experience. Taking it in is like ingesting a slow-moving, neo-psychedelic drug. Something I’ve termed, The Blend, it allows us to appreciate the thought process while embracing the touch element. 


Daphne Groeneveld by David Roemer for Zoo Magazine, Spring/Summer 2016

Daphne Groeneveld is flanked in a flurry of florid fashions by David Roemer for Zoo Magazine No. 50, S/S 2016. Each image projects a sense of enlightenment as it redefines avant-garde artistry. Stepping into another world, this story touches on what I call the sense instrument. To let the eyes peruse over each page is to let your mind be intoxicated with possibility. The enchantress of accouterments floats through the scene, existing in a world where all is but a dream. 

Andrew Logan for Beauty Papers 5

Andrew Logan in “Broken Mirrors and a Good Time” Philippe Vogelenzang, Beauty Papers

Andrew Logan is part of the art in “Broken Mirrors and a Good Time,” shot by Philippe Vogelenzang for Beauty Papers. Multi dimensional mirrors give new meaning, as each image projects a progressive construct. Calling his work, “the art of popular poetry and metropolitan glamour,” Logan embodies the spirit of a cross-cultural artist. Fluid in his ability to transition, he is famous for being able to build a conceptual playground. 


Lindsey Wixson by Michael Donovan for ODDA Magazine #10 Tributes Issue

Lindsey Wixson celebrates a decade of defiance, in this playful piece dedicated to ODDA Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Tributes Issue. ODDA embraces avant-garde photography with imagery that incites independence. Lindsey invites Yuri Pleskun along for the ride, as they run through each frame free to just be. This compelling couple captures our imagination, with fiery attitudes that fall just this side of devious. 

maartje-verhoef-by-txema-yeste-for-vogue-russia-april-2016-9 (1)

Maartje Verhoef by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia, April 2016

Maartje Verhoef brings to life the first Hippi Ryder shot by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia, April 2016. A woman and her bike – A female and her fire, this is the story of spirit transformed into a rebel rider. In a pairing unlike we’ve seen, Txema blends the art of the sky with the heart of a street rider. Joining forces these dynamic groups come together to embrace the power of one. Tough on the outside soft in the center, styles evolve from hard edged leather to a triumph in tulle. 

ODDA Magazine 'The Blitz' by Oliver Shipton 13

Sylvester Ulv Henriksen in ‘The Blitz’ by Oliver Shipton for ODDA Magazine, March 2016

Sylvester Ulv Henriksen mimics the late London Performance Artist, Leigh Bowery, in ‘The Blitz‘ by Oliver Shipton for ODDA Magazine, March 2016. Reveling in the fury of fantasy this story plays out like a festival of facade. Posed in a series of altered avant-garde wares, this piece pushes past the limited view of sexuality. Editor-in-Chief, David Martin, composes an eloquent array of collections as he builds an epic set of editorials. 

Bikramjit Bose for 'Spring Rebellion' Harper's Bazaar India March 2016 12

‘Spring Rebellion’ by Bikramjit Bose for Harper’s Bazaar India, March 2016

Parisse Toledo, Mariia, Jess Mitchell, Bella Carlstrom, Dayana Erappa, Diva DhawanSarah Said-Smith & Tamara Moss hit the front lines in ‘Spring Rebellion’ by Bikramjit Bose for Harper’s Bazaar India, March 2016. Not afraid to dirty it up these soldiers of style are in-it to win-it. “Slipping” from one concept to another, this editorial didn’t happen on accident, it was crafted to announce to the world a change. 


Molly Bair in “trip Tease” by Janneke van der Hagen for CR Fashion Book, S/S 2016

Molly Bair falls into the future in “trip Tease” by Janneke van der Hagen for CR Fashion Book, S/S 16. Nestled in a neon nest, Benjamin Galopine floats bright pink designs over her body. Shadows come and shadows go but what’s behind we’ll never know. Riding the line between soulful and sexy, Bair uses her unmatched ability to fuse fashion and art. Transitional is the only word that adequately describes her eclectic style. 

anna-cleveland-charlie-himmelstein-violet-chachki-by-steven-klein-for-interview-magazine-march-2016 (1)

Anna Cleveland in “Caged Heat” by Steven Klein for Interview Magazine, March 2016

Anna Cleveland and Violet Chachki play a little jailhouse jubilee in “Caged Heat” by Steven Klein for Interview Magazine, 03/16. Pushing the procession of provocation, this breaks barriers as it redefines gender-bending. Following Cleveland into the fray, we watch frocks rock as hips start to sway. What I wear will never be confined, as who I am can’t be defined. Lifting a wallet may get you in, but it will take more for haute couture to fall off this girl’s skin. 

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Olivia Jansing in “Recycle” by Marcus Ohlsson for Beauty Papers, Spring/Summer 2016

Olivia Jansing acts responsibly in “Recycle” by Marcus Ohlsson for Beauty Papers, S/S ’16. Plastique is the fabric du jour, with styles that range from eclectic to extreme. Covering up is so yesterday, as we explore the idea of cosmetic counter-play. In one of the most compelling outlets of the season, we find ourselves going for nude. Naked skin will pull you in as the story takes a turn at what I call neo-application. 

Ben Hassett 'NY Dolls' Beauty Papers 7

Briley Jones Covers “NY Dolls” by Ben Hassett for Beauty Papers, Spring/Summer 2016

Briley Jones, Mona Matsuoka & Sahara Lin are transformed in “NY Dolls” by Ben Hassett for Beauty Papers, S/S ’16. Covering the cult of plastic this story dares to look at our addiction to all things faux. Being “Fake” takes this story forward as we come to understand, there is no beauty without emotion. What we see as perfect is anything but, as the closest we get is Perfectly Flawed. 


Agnes Nieske Abma by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro China, March 2016

Agnes Nieske becomes one with the sun by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello for Numéro China, March 2016. “Voyage” into the unknown as we open a door to a room that’s been under lock and key. The sensuality of our senses kick-in bringing forth a fusion of feelings. Samuel Francois unleashes his synergistic tone with pieces that project pure power. Fabrics fall over the skin in a Silhouette of Fire, as light waves give off a refulgent glow casting fair Agnes in a sanguine shadow.