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Lili Sumner by Thomas Goldblum for Vulture Magazine 9

Lili Sumner in ‘Une Fille Andalou’ by Thomas Goldblum for Vulture Magazine, F/W 2014-15

Lili Sumner sinks into a state of surrealism in ‘Une Fille Andalou’ a story shot by Thomas Goldblum for Vulture Magazine. The intermingling aspects of the universe are unleashed, in this inspired vision of lost love. Set Designer, Jean-Hughes de Chatillon, reflects the rivalry of reality by creating images that celebrate the sounds of silence. The anomaly of artistry unfolds…

kelly mittendorf fashion canada 3

Kelly Mittendorf in ‘Double Double’ by Chris Nicholls for Fashion Canada, Fall 2014

Kelly Mittendorf is up against a rousing rival in ‘Double Double’ by Chris Nicholls for Fashion Canada, Fall 2014. The choreography of chaos comes to play in this exquisite mix of real life and animation. Illustrator, Jamie Lee Reardin, creates visual stimulation with a fantastical take on the art of modern fashion. Breaking through the fourth wall, (Stylist) Zeina Esmail captures…


Vogue Turkey

Natasha Poly settles into the 70’s in ‘Ah Deborah’ shot by Cuneyt Akeroglu for Vogue Turkey. Posed to perfection, Poly pulls it off in this ode to the age of inverted innocence. Descending into decadence, (Fashion Editor) Konca Ayklan captures a taste for turbulence with styles that simulate the synergy. These looks scream authentic with edgy ensembles that vibe on the side…

Nadja Auermann By Luigi + Iango For Vogue Germany 8

Nadja Auermann By Luigi + Iango For Vogue Germany, November 2014

Nadja Auermann sets the film on fire in the Power of Style issue by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, November 2014. Showing us how it’s done, this captivating creature comes out of the shadows & into the light. An agent of the avant-garde, Auermann stays sharp, with razor like looks that cut like a knife. Stylist, Patti Wilson, celebrates the future of fashion with Chanel, Dior, Givenchy

Malgosia Bela 'The Story of M' Craig Mcdean for Vogue Italia 1

Malgosia Bela in ‘The Story of M’ by Craig Mcdean for Vogue Italia, October 2014

Malgosia Bela manifests the music of the mind in ‘The Story of M’ by Craig McDean for Vogue Italia, October 2014. Cinematic in scale, (Digital Artist) Pascal Dangin provides an arresting amalgamation of fashion and art. A compelling take on the layering of looks, Jane How uses the stunning effects to highlight modern style. Ornate fabrics form an avant-garde bond with looks…

Tim Walker 'In a Silent Way' for Vogue Italia October 2014 13

Codie Young in “In a Silent Way” by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, October 2014

Codie Young captures our imagination ‘In a Silent Way’ a story visualized by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, October 2014. Walker breaks through the walls of wonder in this exquisite piece of avant-garde artistry. The bedlam of beauty wreaks havoc on my mind, as I reach out to find you’ve met my fallen pride. Anguished agony encapsulated in evocative imagery, fashion takes…

Nadja Bender for Muse Magazine 7

Nadja Bender in ‘Private’ by Denis Piel for Muse, F.W 14.15

Nadja Bender embarks on a journey home in ‘Private’ by Denis Piel for Muse Magazine, F.W – 14.15. A private oasis or a prison cell? Bender walks the line in this compelling view of nature versus nurture. Stylist, John Vertin, fuses modern fashion as he dares to take on the art of being alone. Embracing the unmasked, each image portrays a woman fighting her instinct to find something…

Shape-Shift-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia 11

‘Shape Shift’ by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, October 2014

Steven Meisel contours the creative in ‘Shape Shift’ a mind-bending piece of material mastery shot for Vogue Italia, October 2014. Each model shows us a new side, with limbs effortlessly layering through the labyrinth of time. An ode to modern art, Meisel captures the profundity of passion with sculpted works of haute-couture. Fashion flows, as Karl Templer creates looks from…

Binx By Txema Yeste For Vamp #2 0-9

Binx Walton by Txema Yeste for Vamp Magazine, Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Binx Walton unleashes the untamed beauty beast in ‘What Becomes a Legend the Most’ by Txema Yeste for Vamp Magazine, Fall/Winter 2014-15. What makes someone rise may be up for debate, but that which makes them shine is written in the stars. Stylist, Melanie Huynh, captures the elegance of ecstasy with looks that wrap around the body, purring with perfection. The crispness cuts…

Taylor Marie Hill 'Oversize' By Nagi Sakai For Marie Claire Italia October 20142

Taylor Marie Hill in ‘Oversize’ by Nagi Sakai for Marie Claire Italia, October 2014

Taylor Marie Hill captures the beat of the city in ‘Oversize’ shot by Nagi Sakai for Marie Claire Italia, October 2014. Taking a taste of temptation, Taylor hits the streets, in this chic view of modern fashion. The architecture of San Francisco plays backdrop, as the sleek nature of high-end style comes alive. Embracing the art of over-sized dressing, shapes have evolved from big…


Document Journal

Saskia de Brauw goes deep in ‘What is the Relationship between Power and Description?’ by Collier Schorr for Document Journal #5, 2nd Anniversary Issue. Moving through the frames like a jungle cat, Saskia arouses our senses as she provocates with the power of purity. Convention and couture collide in this decadent take on the art of dark fashion. Stylist, James Valeri, plays both…

miles aldridge

Frances Coombe in ‘Time To Dream’ by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia, October 2014

Frances Coombe enters the mind-bending world of Miles Aldridge in ‘Time To Dream’ for Vogue Italia, October 2014. Escaping her earthly confines, Frances becomes part of the art as she travels to a place where dreams can come true. Stylist, Patti Wilson, creates a decadent blend of disconnected images, allowing the expansion of the imagination to shine. The fashion of applique…