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Willy Vanderperre for Document Journal FW 2015 9

Julia Nobis in ‘Dior’ by Willy Vanderperre for Document Journal, Fall/Winter 2015

Julia Nobis and Mica Arganaraz lead the pack down a daring track in ‘Dior’ by Willy Vanderperre for Document Journal, F/W 15. A story that hits neither light nor dark, this tells a tale of life’s confounding middle. I’ll wear what I wear as a reflection of my being, but what I am can not be transmitted through mere clothing. Robbed in ethereal gowns, this takes us from the simplicity of all white, to garments laced with gold and trimmed in fur.  


Julia Nobis in ‘Fashion Without Borders’ by Craig McDean for W Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015

Julia Nobis invites us to fly high in ‘Fashion Without Borders’ shot by Craig McDean for W Magazine, F/W 2015. The past and future collide, in a country steeped in history while simmering in style. On the verge of something new we watch as Nobis is captured over Istanbul, Turkey. Architectural influence melds around the body with geometric shapes designed to devour. Stylist, Edward Enninful, fuels the fire with avant-garde fashions by Alexander Wang, Bottega Veneta, Céline, Dior, Givenchy, Proenza Schouler, Salvatore Ferragamo & Yohji Yamamoto

sabina lobova 'face the feeling' by thomas goldblum for vamp #4 11

Sabina Lobova in “Face the Feeling” by Thomas Goldblum for Vamp #4

Sabina Lobova takes in the tapestry of truth in “Face the Feeling” by Thomas Goldblum for Vamp #4, the Against All Odds Cover. Curled up in creation she falls over her knees, laying on the side table like an exquisite accessory. Balletic moves transform my soul as I stretch to seek higher ground. To see each piece wrapped around the body is to believe in the art of design. Stylist, Omaima Salem, lets the limbs lead the way with eclectic fashions that expose why they hide. 

fabien baron 'into the air' for interview october 2015 59

Lexi Boling Leads the Way “In the Air” by Fabien Baron for Interview Magazine, 10/15

Lexi Boling, Binx Walton, Julia Nobis & Hanne Gaby Odiele form a female super-group in “In the Air” by Fabien Baron for Interview Magazine, October 2015. A cacophony of creativity is borne to be in this conclave of human history. Defiant portraits described as a stream of consciousness. Baron invites us to travel into his mind’s eye, with a slide show of sentient images that play until they fade away. 

frederikke sofie & lucan gillespie by sean & seng for dazed FW 2015 8

Frederikke Sofie and Lucan Gillespie by Sean+Seng for Dazed Digital, Fall/Winter 2015

Frederikke Sofie and Lucan Gillespie play with perennials by Sean+Seng for Dazed Digital, F/W 2015. Visual patches play out in purple passages as metaphors of madness make their mark. To break the flow of writings pro is the act of Purple Prose. One prophetic writer described, “the filigreed lacework that blossomed around the ruptured skin – as being hopelessly lost in Purpleville“. Overtly contributing to the unmitigated use of ornate verbiage, Purple Patches are left to hacks, whose approach to words are on the attack. 


Self Service

Saskia de Brauw schools us in the art of forward fashion by Mert & Marcus for Self Service, F/W 2015. A transformation takes place as Saskia shows us the light side. The power of peroxide takes hold with bleached-out beauty that invites us to unite. Gender lines become extinct in this artful examination of what’s to come. Defiancey takes on new meaning with a focused female not afraid to change. 


Mert & Marcus Celebrate “Youth” in Vogue Italia, October 2015

Mert & Marcus capture the colors of existence through art of exuberance in “Youth” for Vogue Italia, October 2015. A calvacation of creation unleashes as we embark on a journey of discovery. Nothing is what it seems and nothing stays where it should, in this shape shifting story that redefines the limits of design. The complexity of our culture takes hold as the couture revelation unfolds.  

Wylie Hays by Fernando Gomez for Elle Indonesia 10

Wylie Hays in ‘Grunge Lane’ by Fernando Gomez for Elle Indonesia

Wylie Hays engages in a little double-edged beauty duty in ‘Grunge Lane’ by Fernando Gomez for Elle Indonesia. Masterful manipulation unfolds as we behold the theatre of cosmetic creation. Ruben Marmol breaks the confounds of conceptuality with mesmerizing makeup that transforms. Modernity comes forth with facial embellishments that are made for the stage. Masked in mayhem marked for must, drama is induced with dark noir that delights our senses. 

Sarah Brannon by Txema Yeste for Tush FW 2015 014

Sarah Brannon in “Portrait d’Un Nouveau Top Model” Txema Yeste, Tush Magazine, F/W 2015

Sarah Brannon punctuates her prowess in “Portrait d’Un Nouveau Top Model” shot by Txema Yeste for Tush Magazine, F/W 2015. The body breaks forth as art comes to the forefront. To feel not what’s in front of you but to really see what lays before you, that is truth. Lands & grooves take on a different posture with pictures that tell a story of strength. Stylist, Bernat Buscato, uses the subtlety of subtext to lure us in, as each piece screams in sentient overdrive. 

Vogue UK - November 2015

Vogue Uk

Léa Seydoux plays both sides in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ captured by Craig McDean for Vogue Uk, Nov. 2015. Sit back and let this talented French thespian take us on a trip to another world. Bilateral-Beauty allows us to see this character’s ferocity through the lens of duality. Ensuring that we never know which side is real, this diametrical blend proves to be a delicious way to play the game. 


Lindsey Wixson by Daniel Sannwald for Antidote Magazine #10, Fall/Winter 2015

Lindsey Wixson is filled with a flush of neon rush shot by Daniel Sannwald for Antidote Magazine #10, Fall/Winter 2015. “The Celebration Issue” takes hold, as we pay tribute to the five-year anniversary of this biannual. Ambient aura floods the features as nu-manic passion fills the face. Primary colors pop off the page with saturated styles that steal the show. Lindsey lures us in with her unmatched ability to entice, by blending a dynamic movement of high design.  

Sharif Hamza for Purple Magazine Fall 2015 3

Sharif Hamza Captures ‘Face Mapping’ for Purple Fashion, Fall/Winter 2015

Harleth Kuusik, Ally Ertel & Kadri Vahersalu capture craft of cosmetic coordinates in ‘Face Mapping’ by Sharif Hamza for Purple Fashion, F/W 2015. Interpretive art is mapped out on some of today’s most compelling faces. The lands and grooves of the skin take on new meaning, as each shot gets us closer to the truth. Forget what we think we know about features, and follow these face climbers into the future.