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Anna Cleveland by Dan Beleiu for Vogue Portugal December 2017

Anna Cleveland takes us to the far side of high fashion in “Human” by Dan Beleiu for Vogue Portugal, December 2017. Jean Paul Gaultier has continued his roll, securing another outta’ this world cover of the captivating Cleveland. Many are bothered by the straight lines of the word, Human, as it is written over the center of the cover page. I, however, take a different view. I see the contradiction that exists to be one of rigidity versus creativity. 

Adwoa Aboah by Steven Meisel for Vogue UK, December 2017

Adwoa Aboah embraces the beauty of being by Steven Meisel for Vogue UK, December 2017. This story honors the idea that you have to look back to see ahead. Meisel mixes a taste of the 20’s with a hint of the 40’s, blending it with a large dose of the 70’s. All fusing to form a picture of pure poetry. In Aboah’s interview with Edward Enninful we hear, in her own words, what it has meant to create Gurls Talk

The Fashionable Lampoon

Jazzelle moves smoothly through the camera lens like water through a hose in “Magnifico” by Nick Knight for The Fashionable Lampoon, Fall/Winter 2017. She flies on high to the middle of the sky where upon she meets the mysteries of herself. Venturing forth as an errant soul seeking salvation. Traveling through the mine fields of life every interaction makes her lighter on her feet. I reach for a sign to quiet my mind… seeking silence in the shadows I find solace in the light. 

“Utopia” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, November 2017

Sølve Sundsbø shows us a “Utopia” unlike we’ve seen in Vogue Italia, Part I, II & III, November 2017. We’ve stepped into a new day where color and craft have come to play. Vogue Italia is artfully naming this the Matrix Redo, but for my simple taste I’m going to call it, expanding the mind space. The Matrix implies a third party has intervened, taking over our ability to compose thoughts. 

Georgia Fowler & Barbara Palvin by Markn for Numéro November 2017

Barbara Palvin & Georgia Fowler are caught inside the Matrix by Markn for Numéro, November 2017. Here we witness two of today’s most beautiful specimens put to page. Barbara brandishes herself in a willful kind of way, while, Georgia is enticed by her over-the-top display. Poetically cast, these separate roles are set to express ~ Two Sides of the Same Person. Innocence is enticed by the architecture of excess as extreme behavior is artfully portrayed. 

Aida Blue by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine, November 2017

Aida Blue walks on water with a feather in hand by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine, 11/2017. Time transforms our darkest of hours, turning shades of none into colors of aplomb. Tipping my head back and there I see reflections of life waiting to be free. Anguishing in the shadows of time, Aida lays flat over the curved of lines. An expression that reflects pure intentions. I am Human… I am One… I am Spirit from the Sun. 

Txema Yeste “Model Coven Casts Its Spell” for

Irina Liss, Leah Rödl, Manami Kinoshita, and Sarah Abney in “Model Coven Casts Its Spell” by Txema Yeste shot for Yeste casts a conceptual spell conjuring a coven from the creative craft. Rich with imagination, he inspires us to wonder the halls of our mind. I never underestimate the power of his aesthetic intention. Producing a plethora of poetry in the form of pictures, is a true gift. 

Julia Banas in “Pop Like a Star” by Zoey Grossman for Numéro Tokyo December 2017

Julia Banas drinks in the pink in “Pop Like a Star” by Zoey Grossman for Numéro Tokyo, December 2017. Is this a dream or is it fantasy? Beauty succumbs to a bumble gum run that’s wrapped inside an image of high intensity fun. Disco infused decadence is saturated with a modern twist. Stepping back in time, Bobette Cohn asks us to take a trip down the retro highway. Fantasy floods the page… Pink Projects Pretty as yellow invites us to fly, red revs things up as black asks why? 

Charli Howard by Desiree Mattsson for Pat McGrath Labs

Charli Howard gives full on face by Desiree Mattsson captured for Pat McGrath Labs. What was once syrupy sweet has been transformed into something new. Something Divinely Sublime ~ This is a Story of How the World Climbed. Over the Mountains and Up to the Stars We Find Our Mind Spinning in a Galaxy off Mars. Bold colors are cast across the face from a deep, blue lid to a cherry kiss. Synergistic shades erupt as beauty blasts us into another direction. 

Julie Ordon by Satoshi Saikusa for S MODA, November 2017

Julie Ordon lets the letters sink into her skin in “Tattooed Essence” by Satoshi Saikusa for S MODA El País, November 2017. This evocative editorial embraces the simple elegance of hand drawn body art. Seductive symbols stand for some of Fashion’s most distinguished Houses, while markings of modern design are delicately written over the curves of her skin. Eyes are left naked and lips scream in red, as Maria Olsson emphasizes the angles of her angelic features. 

Crystal Noreiga & Krusha Lamar in “All That Glitters” by Andrew Yee for Hunger Magazine #13

Crystal Noreiga & Krusha Lamar dream into another dimension, in “All That Glitters” is gold by Andrew Yee for Hunger Magazine #13. Two becomes one as they spin into endless fun, aiming to uncover the moons of the midnight sun. Their limbs extend to the furthest reaches of the imagination, and then back again as if they’d never left. The art of constant movement is a subtle yet stunning sport. 

Rianne Van Rompaey in “Venetian Fantasy” by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris November 2017

Rianne Van Rompaey goes a ‘la MODE À VENISE in the “Venetian Fantasy” by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris, November 2017. The culture of Venetian inhabitants are played out in the characteristics of the city. This “Floating City” or “City of Canals” as it’s known, is as spirited as it is secretive. Alive with a kind a vibe that allows it to transcend the many pitfalls of modern society, today’s timeline is driven by a score to ignore.