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Raquel Zimmermann by Inez & Vinoodh for Self Service Magazine, F/W 2016

Raquel ZimmermannEva Dolezalova aim to empower “The New Femininity” by Inez & Vinoodh for Self Service Magazine, F/W 2016. Today’s women are on the cutting edge of a revolution. A dynamic place where all things are equal. We are heading into an era where, potentially, The First Female will hold the most powerful position in the world. We must take a moment and reflect on this truth. 


ODDA Magazine

Madison Stubbington poses in poetic reflection in “APSE” by Aaron Michael for ODDA Magazine, F/W 16-17. “Spaces” was taken at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, New York, for the Art and Architecture Issue. Machines meld with movements of the mind as pictures portray a stunning effect. The softness of humanity forges forth as the motion of abstract metal is met. Merging toward a new tomorrow, art is examined as fashion is felt. 


Wonderland Magazine

Gemma Ward lets love flow in “Live Young” by Georges Antoni for Wonderland Magazine, Fall 2016. Gucci’s phenomenal wares put a spotlight on the season, in this exciting look at the future of Fall. Sara Smith mixes the fabrics of seasonal fabrics with a compelling combination of high and low. Gone is the focus on a large price tag, instead we turn our attentions forward. Opposites attract as we see a new form of fusion I refer to as a fashion flush. 


Dazed Digital

Gigi Hadid shows us what it takes to be a four letter wonder in “Gigi” by Rankin for Dazed Digital, 25th Anniversary Issue, F/W 2016. She might look like an innocent flower, but, behind those bright eyes we see the mischievous markings of a good girl gone bad. Hadid does some serious damage by taking over the (old) Dazed office, smashing computers and going graffiti-chic. Katie Grand’s fashion choices capture a magical vibe, with frocks that mimic a modern fairytale. 


Molly Bair & Jing Wen in “The Overlook Hotel” by Yvan Fabing for Garage Magazine, F/W 2016

Molly Bair & Jing Wen explore the couture of crazy in “The Overlook Hotel” by Yvan Fabing for Garage Magazine, F/W 2016. Molly runs wild making her way through this manic madhouse. Aching to escape the asylum like setting, she starts with a gallop only to break into a prance like pirouette. This doesn’t revolve around the idea of good versus evil, rather, it’s a tale told about the tenants of transience.  


Lina Hoss in “Surreal Metamorphosis” by Elizaveta Porodina for

Lina Hoss exhibits a seductive state of strange in “Surreal Metamorphosis” by Elizaveta Porodina for The scope of strange can only be outweighed by beautifully bizarre behavior. Her looks portray a perfect specimen, proving pretty can’t be predicted. Powerful pieces defy the senses with designs that reveal an underlying theme. Avant-garde excess is met through progress, as the fight for modernity marches on. 


Aneta Pajak by Ben Hassett for Vogue Paris, October 2016

Aneta Pajak is potently prophetic in “Blindage Anti-Âge” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Paris, October ’16. Beauty blurs into infinite as smoke billows up and over the page. Powdered designs give a shadowed reflection, making us believe we are seeing a fantasy of lights. Tiny squares give off a hypnotic effect, luring us into a dream like state. Is she real or is she an illusion? Here we stand at the crossroads of creativity, bravely looking into the face of the future. 


“Red Sensations” by Harley Weir for Vogue Japan Beauty, October 2016

Caitie Greene & Celine Bouly bask in the beauty of love’s burn in “Red Sensations” by Harley Weir for Vogue Japan Beauty, 10/16. The homogeneous nature of all things seem to be driving us toward a neutrality of the senses. A softening of our abstract tensions lead to a weakening of our soulful intent. This is not a simple thing. This is the reckoning of realization. Depth is founded in the fury of light – as truth is secured through the censorship of night. 


“The Sorennti Series” by Mario Sorrenti for CR Fashionbook #9, Fall/Winter 2016

Carine Roitfeld layers with flavor in “The Sorrenti Series” by Mario Sorrenti for CR Fashionbook #9, F/W 2016. A portfolio of excess is artfully exposed as Fernanda Ly, Joan Smalls, Imaan Hammam & Avery Blanchard bring forth a fusion of high fashion. Fantasy is unfiltered as each picture penetrates the page. Roitfeld leads us through lunacy as style is transformed into a surplus of strange.  


Molly Bair in “Foyer Des Arts” by Sarah Moon for Vogue Germany, October 2016

Molly Bair lets her body speak in “Foyer Des Arts” by Sarah Moon for Vogue Germany, 10/16. This is not the projection of one image after another, rather, it’s the fluid movement of modern fashion that is artfully portrayed. Decadent draping brings forth a sculptural silhouette, as graphic backing elevates an avant-garde illusion. A cinema of shapes seize the stage ~ as dynamic designs invite a rapturous rage. 


Issa Lish in “Charmed” by Emma Summerton for Vogue Germany, October 2016

Issa Lish and Mali Koopman are bewitching in “Charmed” by Emma Summerton for Vogue Germany, October 2016. Honoring the spirit of the great female painter, Gertrude Abercrombie, this story echos her unique thematic range. Wonderfully wicked, Summerton takes us on an enchanting trip through the cinema of sorcery. Patti Wilson matches the sparsely furnished interiors with fashions that give magic a sense of modernity. 


Stylist France

Kasia Struss & Adela Stenberg stare with artful intent in “C’est quoi un bon penchant?” by Suzie Q & Leo Siboni for Stylist Magazine France, September 2016. Eye to Eye I’ll Draw You In… energy echoes the surrounding light bouncing back as we fare the fight. A battle that’s waged deep within, for where we lay our hearts is where we will win. Art is like a loop of never-ending emotions, linked up in lunacy.