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Josephine Skrivers in ‘The Female Gaze’ by Kat Irlin for FASHION Magazine, March 2019

Josephine Skrivers gives great shape in ‘The Female Gaze‘ shot by Kat Irlin for FASHION Magazine, March 2019. The age of empowerment has returned with a bang, as we celebrate the beauty of being bold. The Glamorous Amazon caught rise in the 80’s, as Thierry Mugler turned many a young woman into fearless females. Rising from the ashes of oppression we are witness to the wonder. Peering over the dense city below, Josephine poses at the roofs edge, finally able to see her place in this big world. 

Linda Helena by Carlijn Jacobs for Document Journal, Spring 2019

Linda Helena wears a series of sculptural styles as she steps into a design dream by Carlijn Jacobs for Document Journal, Spring 2019. To Reveal is to Conceal, as we witness the body come into view. The art of exposure opens one door as it closes another, leaving us to wonder what secrets are still cloaked. The most abstract image has Helena showing the Gaultier suit as if it were alive. Stepping into the fabric, you get the feeling the material is being held up by a power beyond our understanding. 

Luigi & Iango ‘Season of Sensations’ for Vogue Japan, March 2019

Beauty rises to meet the light as fashion claims the wrong side of right in ‘Season of Sensations’ by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan, 03/19. The ferocity of these five females delve into decadence, as ‘Dreams of Glamour’ dance in their heads. A New Year Brings A New Attitude… Celebrating A Whole New You. It’s our job to find that ferocity and let it shine. This year it’s all about the woman. 

Kris Grikaite & Anok Yai in ‘Le Rouge Et Noir’ by Collier Schorr for Vogue Italia, January 2019

Kris Grikaite & Anok Yai sink into shades of black and red in ‘Le Rouge Et Noir‘ by Collier Schorr for Vogue Italia, January 2019. Beauty builds as truth fulfills a force of formidable power. Kris Grikaite’s green eyes will lull you into another dimension, as you dare to fall into her hypnotic stare. Anok Yai’s beauty beckons us near as her calm demeanor keeps a cool distance. 

Charlotte Rose in “Goodbye, innocence” Willy Vanderperre for Vogue Italia, January 2019

Delving into the dark side Charlotte Rose says “Goodbye, innocence” by Willy Vanderperre for Vogue Italia, January 2019. Unique designers have their own perspective, but here it appears they’ve synced their senses. In an elevated manner we are witness to this wonder. To avoid stilted prose I must look beyond the page. I must go deeper. Journey into the unknown. Katy England’s divine designs create sweeps of flowing fabrics. 

Vivien Solari in ‘Elari’s Wake’ by Emma Tempest for Vogue Italia, December 2018

Vivien Solari evokes a sense of ethereal being swimming through the subconscious in ‘Elari’s Wake’ by Emma Tempest for Vogue Italia, 12/18. Under Cover of Water… Time Diminishes. Giving Rise to the Sentient Spirit… The Essence of Her Being is Awakened. Engaging Armor of Ethos… Her Inner Artistry is Restored. Uplifting Energy… Unleashing Her Peace. 

Kiki Willems in “Stairway to Heaven’ by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen for WJS

In This Desert I Walk Alone Born of Sand Born of Stone. In a Land Where Hope is Grown My Body Aches to Tell this Tome. Hannsjörg Voth’s grand Stadt des Orion (City of Orion) was built in the middle of Marha Plain, deep in the heart of Morroco. The poetic power of Hannsjörg’s “Himmelstreppe” or “Stairway to Heaven” to me speaks to our life’s journey. Much like Camus‘ Sisyphus, the action of rolling the rock up the mountain always seemed a sentence to bear. 


“THE MYTH IS IN ART,” words spoken by abstract creator, Yves Klein. This line is taken from a piece performed on the stage in 1960. Simple yet strikingly complex. The Monotone-Silence Symphony (first performed in 1960), a performance in which an orchestra plays a single note for 20 minutes, followed by a 20-minute period of silence. Someone seen as divinely sublime. He was an existentialist at heart, but also displayed an egoist sense of being. 

Kris Grikaite in “Colour Overload” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue China, January 2019

Kris Grikaite becomes a kaleidoscope of couture in ‘Colour Overload’ by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue China, 01/19. The art of avant-garde enticement lies in it’s ability to surprise. To evoke thoughts not common or shapes never seen. It thrives to give life to a flat image, while rising to meet the height. Fabric makes it’s way around the body, enhancing every curve and inspiring every concept. 

Shakespeare Ponders, “What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?” Poetic Prose Tanyajo

“What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?”

my soul is but a pond

longing to be a lake

my heart but a vessel

with pain it does ache

beauty bleeds in the window

opening my mind’s door

 light echos life’s legacy

for less is but more

I will take a sojourn

on a rapturous roam

of where I will write

this heartfelt tome

beyond the wild

and to the sea

my every will

is a fantasy

as light doth seek

a way to home

I’ll share my thoughts

of the vast unknown

poetic prose – tanyajo


Ache to Unleash the Hidden Beast – Poetic Prose Tanyajo

Ache to Unleash the Hidden Beast…

upon ye baron breast I yield

all life’s secrets borne to shield

from me to you and you to the

a common thread of travesty

my way from thou’st who bringeth well

a heartfelt wish to sit a spell

to ponder upon our deepest soul

thoughts that bare ye out as whole

a fond farewell, a silent night

a lilting lullaby holds us tight

oh dear one the dreams are done

a daintier notion has never come

hark the herald angels sing

glory to the new borne queen

poetic prose – tanyajo


Lines of Lunacy Are All But Unleashed – Poetic Prose Tanyajo

Unto this house we will a home… living far inside the palindrome… from back to front it is the same… hiding inside the sights of plain… ore’ the pathway of beauty abounds… as water rushes in solemn surround… what was lost in truth we found… as we make our way to higher ground… faded in glory we feed on the light… hungry we hang on to witness the sight… bending in borrowed time we yield… ourselves to a state of reverent appeal….