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Vilma in “Expect the Unexpected” by Mikael Schulz for

Vilma gets aggressive in “Expect the Unexpected” shot by Mikael Schulz for Disturbing the flow of normalcy this story opens our minds to the idea of the unknown. Sophia Eriksen invents a spotlight of change with adornments that stick in the place of makeup. Bedazzled beauty beckons us near with a moody mix of artistry and excess, while, a line of black diamonds depict lovely lashes and crystals create a partial face. 

Stella Tennant for Document Journal 30

Document Journal

Stella Tennant is blown out and beautiful by Willy Vanderperre shot for Document Journal, SS 2016. Standing in the silhouette of Stella a thespian comes forth, through the cloud of creation a modern woman is born. Balenciaga by Demna Gvasalia delivers a conceptual take on the idea of bold, with a fitted jacket that flairs out as it feels. Stylist, Olivier Rizzo, celebrates the season of change with pieces that bring ferocity forward, as fashion follows the lead with looks that entice while they inspire. 


Anna Ewers in “California Dream” by Hedi Slimane for Vogue Paris, May 2016

Anna Ewers is lost inside a “California Dream” by Hedi Slimane for Vogue Paris, May 2016. In an age that defined a kind of fashion hedonism, this decade came to be known as the era of excess. Bringing forward the beat of the street, this story winds around the past while it propel us ahead. Emmanuelle Alt speaks 80’s chic by delivering designs by Vivienne WestwoodGold Label

anna ewers dazed cover ss 16

Dazed Digital

Anna Ewers brings a moody blue mix of art and evolution in “Season of the Witch” by Paolo Roversi for Dazed, SS 2016. “Power/Protest” remind us that we all own a right to respond, both internally and externally, to the world’s earthly insistence. I Set My Sight on the Rhythm of the Night as I Cast My Calling in the Dawn of Delight. To Feel the Fire to Stand Up and Fight, the Moon is My Hero as I walk in it’s Light. 

Peyton Knight by Alice Rosati for The Ingenue SS 2016

Peyton Knight by Alice Rosati for The Ingénue SS 2016

Peyton Knight is trapped in the prison of her own mind in “Hell Here” by Alice Rosati for The Ingénue, SS 2016. To have is to hold to give is to take, to be is to allow the passion of the now. Art inspires the soul to react, by owning our feelings not responding to mere fact. Energy is felt through the synergism of spirit, as the watcher becomes the one to be watched. Enticing designs are made to defy, daring us to witness the actions of the inspired. 


Luma Grothe by Liz Collins for Vogue China, May 2016

Luma Grothe evokes the stance of “Anti Pretty” by Liz Collins for Vogue China, May 2016. To stare into the great unknown to gaze across the sea, to behold a view that will be undone to cast a shadow in the morning sun. Standing on the edge of something new… this story doesn’t refer to a look that’s unappealing, rather, it defines a true change. The Anti Pretty sentiment captures a sense of impending alteration, artfully echoing the elements of revolution. 

prince 38

Prophecy of Prince

The Sky Was All Purple There Were People Runnin’ Everywhere… Tryin’ to Run from the Destruction You Know I Didn’t Even Care. The Man the Myth the Artist… If ever there were lyrics that summed up the trajectory of his spirit, this was it. A force so electrifying the mere mention that he was performing would lead good girls to lose their minds. And I would know, I was one of them. 


Steven Klein’s “Squad Goals” for W Magazine, May 2016

Irina ShaykTami Williams, Katie Moore and Amilna Estevão join this poetic pack, in “Squad Goals” by Steven Klein for W Magazine, May 2016. This editorial delivers a taste of the 70’s with a modern edge. Edward Enninful evokes a sense of nostalgia, with bold fashions that speak to another century while forging ahead. Each picture plays like stills from a movie set, artfully exploring a time gone by. 

guinevere-van-seenus-by-sofia-sanchez-mauro-mongiello-for-numecc81ro-172-april-2016 (1)

Guinevere Van Seenus in “La Geisha” by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro #172, April 2016

Guinevere Van Seenus melds into the story in “La Geisha” by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro #172, 04/16. A modern tale of sensual stimulation and artful revelation, Guinevere becomes one with the sun ~ The Geisha Girl. Setting herself above the scene she artfully fits into a day dream. Dressed in the currency of creation, each image injects a sense of wayward wonder. Daring to divine, from a lilac dress covered in red accouterments to similar hose that match in color but differ in design. 


Sarah Brannon in “L’héroïne” by Greg Kadel for Numéro #172, April 2016

Sarah Brannon is a woman of fire in “L’héroïne” by Greg Kadel for Numéro #172, April 2016. Breaking through the walls of boredom Sarah bares the burden of extreme. Evocative, edgy, airy and light – these would not be terms commonly put together, but here we feel the collective unconscious at work. Art evolves around the woman like so many stars lighting the night sky. Stylist, Charles Varenne, aims to capture fashion at its finest, with this unique vision of dueling forces. 


Anna Cleveland in “Blue Witches” by Paolo Roversi for Luncheon Magazine S/S 2016

Anna Cleveland invites us inside the inaugural Issue, in “Blue Witches” by Paolo Roversi for Luncheon Magazine, S/S 2016. A compelling editorial that captures the artistry of Comme des Garçons through the incomparable vision of Rei Kawakubo. In one of the most dynamic stories of the season, we are able to see the imaginative efforts of this designer come forth. So fluid are her movements so distinct is her vision, to witness her work come to life is like watching raw pictures project in slow motion. 


Numéro China

Pooja Mor leads the troops in “Mask” by Txema Yeste for Numéro China, April 2016. He is She and This is That, We are They and Them is the Trap. This story takes us to a place that says what we are is enough. With tribal markings done in what appears to be glass, the echos of erroneous aire lay on my face as ancient winds wisp through deep space. Naked beauty comes to bare as Pooja lets soft angels meld with her sweet face.