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Intermission Magazine

Malgosia Bela gets lost in her own reflection in ‘White Moments’ by John Scarisbrick for Intermission Magazine, S/S 2015. Fantasy becomes reality as the mirror acts as a point of no return. Submitting on the surface while screaming just below. Virginal thoughts fill the mind as pure white garb faithfully fall across the swells of the skin. Bela confounds us with an ethereal appearance yet astounds us with an untamed heart. 

Stephanie Joy Field 'The Words in Her Eyes' by Thomas Babeau for Revs 8

Stephanie Joy Field in ‘The Words In Her Eyes’ by Thomas Babeau for Revs Digital

Stephanie Joy Field speaks without saying in ‘The Words In Her Eyes’ shot by Thomas Babeau for Revs #9. I can choose to be who I am – to see or to not see – I am not my skin. Worth and wisdom merge in this silent interpretation of a woman’s world. Marking our own coming out party. Symbolic figures rise up against the beliefs that have held us down for centuries. Pictures more powerful than any words can attach. 

nadja-auermann-by-iango-henzi-luigi-murenu-for-vanity-fair-france-june-2015-3 (1)

Nadja Auermann in ‘Tableaux Ephémères’ by Luigi & Iango for Vanity Fair France, June 2015

Nadja Auermann embraces the brevity of beauty in ‘Tableaux Ephémères’ by Luigi & Iango for Vanity Fair France, June 2015. Lost in an exotic array of plumes & play, Auermann invites the power of purity through the furor of fantasy. Stylist, Felipe Mendes, takes us into the depths of the imagination where fashion’s fortune is foretold. Long silhouettes steal the show with looks by Armani PrivéChanel, Dior, Giambattista Valli Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Valentino & Atelier Versace


Daphne Groeneveld by Greg Kadel for Numéro #164, June/July 2015

Daphne Groeneveld is a walking work of aesthetic art shot by Greg Kadel for Numéro #164, June/July 2015. Releasing a metamorphosis of pure magic, this story celebrates the odyssey of ecstasy that is photo-expressionism. Like a flower bursting off the bloom, exotic buds transform through the act of artistic mutation. Stylist, Charles Varenne, brings the power of haute pop to the page with designs made to defy. 

rosie-huntington-witheley-luigi-iango-lui-june-20150-5 (1)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Luigi & Iango for Lui Magazine, June 2015

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley evokes an aire of exposure by Luigi & Iango for Lui Magazine, June 2015. Posing with power, she works the angles with extraordinary aplomb. An evocative take on the art of exhibitionism. This femme-fatale has her day with an alluring array of sex & play. Embracing film noir, the 90’s erupts, as we revisit our infatuation with voyeurism. Stylist, Deborah Afshani, exposes us to the high side of fetish fashion with inviting looks that inspire. 

Anna Jagodzinska 3 'Blossom' by Hunter & Gatti for HGIssue 3

Anna Jagodzinska In ‘Blossom’ by Hunter & Gatti for HGIssue

Anna Jagodzinska emerges from a cocoon in ‘Blossom’ by Hunter & Gatti for HGIssue, Poïesis VII. The Graceful Butterfly… true beauty is realized in the act of becoming. Bringing to life the words of German Philosopher, Martin Heidegger, “The Blossom or Artistic creation can be a philosophical or poetical act.” Stylist, Alberto Murtra, rides on the avant-garde edge of fashion with dark looks designed to inspire. 

anja 23

Anja Rubik & Stephen Galloway by Inez & Vinoodh for 032c #28 Summer 2015

Anja Rubik & Stephen Galloway are bound together by the beauty of dance in ‘What We Believe‘ by Inez & Vinoodh for 032c #28, Summer 2015. The Culture issue erupts as this Master Dancer/Model, “accentuate every contour of their hyper-defined bodies.” To know everything and to see absolutely nothing, Galloway learned this from the master of space/time, William Forsythe.  

Charlie Melchiori 'Semblance' by Alexandre Felix for Schön! 7

Charlie Melchiori in ‘Semblance’ by Alexandre Felix for Schön!

Charlie Melchiori lights up surface & form in ‘Semblance’ shot by Alexandre Felix for Schön! Wearing a mask of modernity, Melchiori invites the simile of sweetness to explore her skin. Malvina B brings the heat with a decadent blend of dominatrix inspired designs. Dressed to kill, sensual styling erupts as each shot oozes with avant-garde excess. From a bondage inspired cat-suit to a voluminous leg o’ mutton sleeve, haute couture is worn with fetish aplomb. 

Briley Jones By Niclas Heikkinen For Grit 'Sweet Nothings'

Grit Magazine

Briley Jones draws ruby ink marks down her arms in ‘Heart On Your Sleeve’ by Niclas Heikkinen for Grit Magazine, Summer 2015. Raging with red, Briley lets her emotions out as the ‘Sweet Nothings’ of Summer dare to devour. The palate of prose articulated by deeply meaningful poses. The body invites us to explore our feelings with poetry captured in linear perfection. Stylist, Kama Krystel, exposes the era of enlightenment by using carmine colors not often associated with the season. 

11116542_1669675166584689_369703567543226530_n (1)

Chloe Lloyd in ‘Dope & Diamonds’ by Tré & Elmaz for Hope St. Magazine, S/S 2015

Chloe Lloyd captures the decade of decadence in ‘Dope & Diamonds’ by Tré & Elmaz for Hope St. Magazine. Skin jewels take the place of dressing accouterments as Chloe commences to feel the funk. Shining like a 70’s star this story reflects the bright lights of the partying past. Devoured by diamonds, each crystal symbolizes strength while openly confessing sins. Makeup Artist, Heidi North, emulates the era by embracing the tenacity of the times.  

Jamilla Hoogenboom And Irina Liss By Benjamin Vnuk For Crash Magazine! 6

Jamilla Hoogenboom & Irina Liss by Benjamin Vnuk for Crash Magazine!

Jamilla Hoogenboom & Irina Liss capture the art of another era, in this passionate piece by Benjamin Vnuk for Crash Magazine! Depicting a time when decadence was about the invitation not the event. Art becomes one with the mind as creativity captures our imagination. Modern designs explore the temptation of the tactile with looks from leather, suede, silk & lace. Stylist, Andrej Skok, lets the coiffed side of couture out with subtle shades of avant-garde shadows. 

Daniel Sannwald 'Allotropes All of Us' for A Magazine

Daiane Conterato & Fernando Cabral in ‘Allotropes All of Us’ by Daniel Sannwald for A Magazine, S/S 2015

Daiane Conterato & Fernando Cabral celebrate the art of another world in ‘Allotropes All of Us’ shot by Daniel Sannwald for A Magazine. Close your eyes and let yourself go as the science of avant-garde excess explodes. Caught in a force field of pleasure, fantasy succumbs to the enterprise of the unknown. Stylist, Katie Shillingford, takes us to a place where neo-dreams are defined by a collision of creations.