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Illustrator/Spray Artist, Marco Réa, Redefines Parameters of Street Art, Chris Milo for Hunger

Marco Réa captures a unique blend of beauty/street in ‘Mask‘ by Chris Milo for Hunger Magazine. He applies his scattered artwork on copied photographs. Making the end result appear as if some of the paint is splattered over Nana Abramova’s fine face, while the rest is met with a pane of glass. These captures are compelling. Just when you think you know what it is you are gazing at, you find yourself questioning the very nature of reality. 

Devon Windsor in ‘White Noise’ by Enrique Vega for Vogue Taiwan May 2019

Devon Windsor rides the winds of ‘White Noise’ by Enrique Vega for Vogue Taiwan, May 2019. Art bends as it breaks, forming around her body like so much light finding it’s way home. Daring to weave together bravery at hand leaving us lost in a faraway land. Campbell Ritchie captures the element of exotic with pearled pieces affixed to the face. Ritchie’s work is subtle yet strong. 

Pierre Debusschere for ‘Kunst Am Körper’ in Vogue Germany June 2019

Pierre Debusschere captures the Art of Beauty in ‘Kunst Am Körper’ in Vogue Germany, June 2019. Body art beckons us to become one with our creative surroundings. Completely painted faces provide a costumed effect, allowing the mind to meander in the field of fantasy. Through the art of unknowing we find out who we are. Linear angles drive abstract inclinations, inspiring us to explore new ideas. 

Blésnya Minher by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine June-July 2019

Blésnya Minher is lost in paradise in ‘Paradis perdu’ by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine, June-July 2019. The prose I give forth is a poetic depiction of what I’m calling, Woman Rising. Here the art of femininity is expressed. I can feel her spirit connect with mine, as it is in that rare connection that I feel the combination rise. That is art as it transcends the visual platform and enters the mental landscape. 

Zendaya by Issac West in Paper Magazine Spring/Summer 2019

Raw instincts are compellingly captured and artfully portrayed, in the rapturous turnings of truth conveyed. Zendaya leaves the good girl behind her in ‘Extreme‘ by Issac West for Paper Magazine, SS 2019. Staring in the new HBO drama, Euphoria. She takes on a true challenge, playing the part of a young woman who’s strength requires true grit to take it on. This drama asks that we see this actor in a totally new way. 

Saskia De Brauw & Stella Tennant by Daniel Jackson for Vogue Germany, June 2019

Saskia De Brauw, Stella Tennant dare clothes to dance in ‘Tanz Der Kleider’ by Daniel Jackson for Vogue Germany, June 2019. In English ‘Tanz Der Kleider’ means The Clothes Dance, a telling title for this stunning editorial. This is a statement that speaks to the dynamic energy of clothes separate from the person wearing them. There’s a vitality and vigor that fills the fabric. 

Rianne Van Rompaey ‘Command Performance’ By Theo Sion For Vogue UK June 2019

Rianne Van Rompaey is limber like a marionette in ‘Command Performance’ By Theo Sion For Vogue UK, June 2019. All her talent needs is a camera and captivating costume, and she’s set to stun. Her energy is infectious as she jumps through each frame like a avant-garde puppet on parade. Rianne brings forth a series of balletic positions with perfect posture and limber execution. Breathing life into the event, her buoyant attitude evokes a sense of spirit rising. 

Wan Yu in ‘Suit (un)tie’ by Stefan Dotter for Vogue Portugal May 2019

The mist settles over the night sky. Soft in it’s embrace. It holds a secret…

Like a verse before the bridge a moment lingers in the aire. Silence awakens as time stands still. The heart beats as breath enters the body. Bringing with it gentle change. Slow at first… then truth takes hold. Beauty begins. The music of the night appears as the moment enters the atmosphere. The rise gathers momentum.  

The Fashionable Lampoon

Bibi Abdulkadir, Idina Moncreiffe, Ololade IbrahimMaria Vitoria, Alice Vink & Violet Threlfall are spirits of triumph in ‘To Be Resilient’ by Michal Pudelka for The Fashionable Lampoon, SS 2019. THROUGH FLOORS OF FUTILITY… UP WALLS OF PURE WONDER… O’RE CEILINGS OF CERTAINTY WE FIND OURSELVES HOME. Resilience… I Am Spirit Created of Ethos and Earth… I Am One with the Land… I Am Mother Earth. 

Sora Choi by Willy Vanderperre for Document Journal, Spring/Summer 2019

Sora ChoiGigi Hadid, Daan Duez, Maoro Bultheel & Clement Chabernaud let their duality shine by Willy Vanderperre for Document Journal Spring/Summer 2019. Vanderperre aims to abolish mediocrity through methods of creativity. Trick photography captures the theme with a wild array of special effects employed. I see this story as echoing the evolutionary arc. This is a play on evolution, as versions of the person split within the same shot. 

Jazzelle by Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones for King Kong Magazine, SS 2019

Jazzelle Zanaughtti falls into the fluid shadows as she flies into the light in “Hallucinatory reality” shot by Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones for King Kong Magazine, SS 2-19. Often hailed as a Pioneer in the Garment Construction Industry, Iris van Herpen has taken gorgeous to a global level. Fashion is fused with 3-D printing techniques, the evocation of which otherworldly artistry isn’t a new concept. 

Billie Eilish by Takashi Murakami for Garage Magazine Issue 16

Billie Eilish’s brand of brilliancy blends with Takashi Murakami outlandish excess, in captivating cover by Juno Calypso for Garage Magazine. There tends to be individuals in all societies who challenge tradition. Thereby shaping true change. Billie seems to be one of those rare people. I cannot deny, I’m drawn to her deep interest in the avant-garde. I find her countenance utterly compelling.