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Saskia de Brauw by Erik Madigan Heck for New York Time Magazine April 2017 5

Saskia de Brauw by Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times Magazine, April 2017

Saskia de Brauw shows us the “Future of Silhouette” by Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times Magazine, April 2017. Rei Kawakubo is an Interpreter of Dreams, in this ode to Comme des Garçons. Leanne Shapton captures the female ferocity that lurks behind this great line. Here, her words mimic Kawakubo’s thoughtful interpretation of fabric. Exploring the idea that the goal of high design isn’t to please an audience, it’s about the coming together of an artistic resolution. 

Edie Campbell by Tim Walker for i-D Magazine Summer 2017 8

Edie Campbell by Tim Walker for i-D Magazine, Spring 2017

Edie Campbell “transforms into a punk princess” by Tim Walker for The Creativity Issue, i-D Magazine, Spring 2017. The stranger the better, as this story celebrates the punk induced sub-culture of the 70’s. Creativity captures the mindset of the times, with styles that reach back into the era of the evocative. The theater of the streets come alive, as this editorial honors the intent of this movement. 


Rose Valentine in “Panton Pantomime” shot by Philippe Jarrigeon for Interview Germany, 04/17

Rose Valentine falls into her own reflection in “Panton Pantomime” by Philippe Jarrigeon for Interview Germany, 04/17. Taking a deep look at herself… one of three she comes to be part of this modeling ménage à trois. Twinning into oblivion, Abril & Lourdes Ruhstaller give us an artistic expression of the twin connection. Looking into their eyes we find ourselves hypnotized. 


Vittoria Ceretti by Luigi & Iango for Exhibition Magazine, Spring/Summer 2017

Vittoria Ceretti exposes herself to the undulating rhythms of Luigi & Iango for Exhibition Magazine, S/S 2017. through the windows of existence I see the other side, a waning world of wanderlust waiting for me to hide. Looking through the tattered pieces of clothing she sees an escape. A way to conceal as she conveys. Enduring the shame of over exposure she attempts to exalt herself. A cleansing of the soul. 

'Fragments of a Portrait' for Beauty Papers cover

Gaïa Orgeas in “Fragments of a Portrait” by Rory Payne for Beauty Papers S/S 2017

Gaïa Orgeas reaches inside to find the “Fragments of a Portrait” by Rory Payne for Beauty Papers, S/S 2017. Windows fog with temperatures in flux, as an altered body rhythm leaves her in a trance like state. Under the misty clouds of chaos there comes a kind of truth. Features fall against the glass, as tints transfers off her skin, making it appear as if beauty is melting. Steamed heat never looked so chic as her body frame is seen through layers of fallen mist. 

document-journal-spring-summer-2017-luna-bijl-ali-michael-by-mario-sorrenti-23 (1)

Luna Bijl & Ali Michael by Mario Sorrenti for Document Journal #10, SS 2017

Luna Bijl & Ali Michael show that fashion flows in a still life dream by Mario Sorrenti for Document Journal #10, SS 2017. Flowers of the imagination transform, as insight erupts, becoming a window to wonder. The path is sought through poetic devotion. Art becomes a singular dimension of space and time ~ at once entering the inner sanctum of the chaotic mind. Bracing for change this story celebrates the systematic move into another dimension. 

Anna Ewers by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Italia April 2017 39

Anna Ewers in “Feeling Good” by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Italia, April 2017

Anna Ewers is retro fitted in “Feeling Good” by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Italia, 04/17. All revved up and ready to go Ewers takes her baggy pants and she hits the road. Drowning in a 80’s funk bust, this story proves that art is in the application. High fashion celebrates haute history, by tracking trend patterns primarily from the 60’s & 80’s. Alex White goes for a retro infused vibe with styles that defy our idea of strange. 


Jennae Quisenberry in “Perspective” by Matthew Sprout for The Impression, Spring 2017.

Jennae Quisenberry speaks through the tulle of temptation in “Perspective” shot by Matthew Sprout for The Impression, Spring 2017. From Behind I but find you’re fair haired and fine… From Behind I imagine a love intertwined… From Behind I seek solace from the shadows of strain… From Behind I stand silent alone and in pain. Suffer, but I shall not be a buffer from the storm ~ I shall awaken your inner fire and stir those adorned. 


The Impression

Sarah Abney is “Under Current” by Matthew Priestley for The Impression Vol. 2, Spring 2017. In the interest of art and excess we make concessions for what we can’t see. We imagine we’re in another world where opposites not only attract they attack. Leaving us in the center of strange… we find that we’re transcending the stairway of change. A transformation is in progress as an alien life force takes over. 


Anna Cleveland in “Viva La Resistance” by Jean Baptiste Mondino for Hunger Magazine #12

Anna Cleveland is part of a new revolution in “Viva La Resistance” by Jean Baptiste Mondino, Hunger Magazine #12 2017. To calibrate the contention of chaos one must be willing to rise up and take part. Anna invites us to witness this story from a unique vantage point. The circle of truth is told… for what is forward is always seen backward and what is ahead is always viewed from behind. 

Pop Magazine Spring Summer 2017 - 04

Vanessa Axente by Charlotte Wales for Pop Magazine SS 2017

Vanessa Axente asks the question “Est-ce Que C’est Chic” by Charlotte Wales for Pop Magazine, SS 2017. Moving bending this way and that working toward the inner flat… a place that takes your boring days turning them into a star studded play. So follow me forth and away we’ll go inside this super Pop studded show. Finding her inner fire, Vanessa uses her figure to frame out this physical pictorial. 


Blanca Li and Maria Alexandrova Perform Goddesses & Demonesses at New York City Center

Spanish dancer-choreographer, Blanca Li, and Maria Alexandrova, principal dancer of the Bolshoi Ballet, perform in the New York City Center premiere of, Goddesses & Demonesses. She is Her and Her is She A Grateful Place for You and Me… A Forever Mark We Wear Herein the Body of Beauty then Begins. “The evening is a cross-cultural celebration of femininity in all of its complexities–from  sinner to saint; nurturing mother to femme fatale.” Breaking tradition, Blanca moves from traditional ballet and all it’s rules to incorporating legend, mythology and contemporary dance.