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Hannah Hedberg by Frauke Fischer for Grazia Germany!

Hannah Hedberg lets graphic makeup mimic strikes of paint by Frauke Fischer for Grazia Germany! The countenance of creation comes to be as the dial for disguised is set to go. Makeup proper is put away and in its place is set a series of vivid expressions. Lines are drawn over the skin as geometric shapes invite us in. Like paint on a palette, Melanie Schoene uses strong concepts to give the story a sense of primal strength. 

Marjan Jonkman by Solve Sundsbo for Vogue Italia 16

Marjan Jonkman in “So Cool” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, January 2016

Marjan Jonkman invites us into an alternate universe in “So Cool” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, January 2016. Gucci observes the uniqueness of their glass-wear attire, with Marjan decked out in divine designs by Alessandro Michele. Through the eyes of imagination richness takes hold as art inspires truth to unfold. Color collides with creative intention as we hop on this ride of visual invention. 


Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer by Steven Klein for Balmain S/S 2016

Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell & Claudia Schiffer deliver Super-Model status shot by Steven Klein for Balmain, S/S 2016. Olivier Rousteing comes home in this exquisite editorial that brings the art back to beauty. Honoring these 90’s models for what they brought to the business is one thing, but to really see these stars for what they are is utterly enticing. There has been a distinct departure helping us to see what has made these women stand out. 


Designer Quotes, Dazed Magazine SS16

Poetic prose captured with the click of a camera, Dazed Designer Quotes SS16; Gareth Pugh, Jeremy Scott, Nicola Formichetti, Hussein Chalayan. Karl Lagerfeld, Kanye West, Akeem Smith & Givenchy. Couture of Creative Contentment is to have and to hold in that private place where truth is told…

Couture of Creative Contentment…

To have is to hold in that private place

where hope can be found & hurt erased. 


Dazed & Confused Korea

Sunghee Kim is “Feminine, Dangerous, Fun” by Yeong Jun Kim for Dazed Korea, December 2015. Asking us to Declare Independence, this issue celebrates the art of autonomy. To seek something greater as a way to merely acquire, is the act of insecurity. To seek something higher in order to fly, now that is the mark of a maker. Kim revels in the righteous revelry of now, with defiance that says as much about the wearer as it does the wares. 

kiki-boreel-nirvana-naves-by-meinke-klein-for-vogue-netherlands-december-2015-4 (1)

Kendall Jenner in “Rave Fashion” by Russell James for Vogue Brazil, January 2016

Kendall Jenner flies high in “Rave Fashion” by Russell James for Vogue Brazil, January 2016. A new kind of crazy awaits as Kendall captures this Cuca Fresca cover story. Party peril takes hold as she plays a cool girl enraptured by the movement of youth. Set aside the mind-altering effects of such visual stimulation, and let this event bring your body to a state of pure bliss. The club clique makes way for a festival of play in this fête à la high fashion. 

kasia-struss-by-erik-madigan-heck-for-harper_s-bazaar-uk-february-2016-12 (1)

Kasia Struss by Erik Madigan Heck for Harper’s Bazaar UK, February 2016

Kasia Struss explores the artistry of transformation by Erik Madigan Heck for Harper’s Bazaar UK, February 2016. Ethereal fantasy forms a new line of thought, with wares that invite us to ride out the Winter in style. Fluidity takes hold as (Stylist) Leith Clark flies through the sky on a true fashion high. Light materials catch the wind letting each piece speak to a changing of seasons. The choreography of couture is seen as the creativity of craft is captured. 


Sunghee Kim Is the “Life of the Party” by Ed Singleton for W Magazine, December 2015

Sunghee Kim is the “Life of the Party” by Ed Singleton for W Magazine, December 2015. Kissing the season goodbye, Kim captures the tone of the city with images the speak to welcoming a New Year. Each shot celebrates the agony of leaving yesterday behind while honoring the promise of a new day. Stylist, Karolina Frechowicz, uses style as a language with ferocious fashions that speak extra chic. 

Vogue_Germany-January_2016-Vanessa_Moody-by-Giampaolo-Sgura-09 (1)

Vanessa Moody by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany, January 2016

Vanessa Moody rides out the season right in shades of red by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany, January 2016. Fluidity is found in the musicality of fashion as emotions are expressed through lyrical movement. Christiane Arp bravely blends the liquid lines of flowing fabrics with the hard edges of cut leather. Diametrically opposed designs fly through the page, as red and black race down the body in chaotic harmony. 

black_swan_10 (1)

Natalia Bulycheva in ‘Black Swan’ by Vladimir Vasilchikov for Stolnick, January 2016

Natalia Bulycheva succumbs to the beauty of the ‘Black Swan‘ by Vladimir Vasilchikov for Stolnick, January 2016. Night fell and all was calm as the jet black swan sang it’s song. A sable pitch of the raven’s coat is worn in righteous revelry, as each picture projects the power of purity. Material flies in the wake of wonder as the choreography of cloth meets its match. Each piece sings with uniqueness while the ensembles are defined by a dark code of couture. 

astrid-holler-avery-blanchard-by-johnny-dufort-for-dazed-magazine-fallwinter-2015-5 (1)

Astrid Holler & Avery Blanchard in “For Your Eyes Only” Johnny Dufort for Dazed, F/W ’15

Astrid Holler and Avery Blanchard ride the light in “For Your Eyes Only” by Johnny Dufort for Dazed, F/W 15. The art of illumination floods the scene as each shot celebrates, The Sun Also Rises. Lifting us up, stripes of light sift through the windows as all thoughts of tomorrow are found today. What we see isn’t what we get, if we open our minds to the mysteries of life. Rivers of radiance break over the face as Thomas De Kluyver brandishes aire of refulgent beauty. 

Flair_No20-2015-Greta_Varlese-by-Jeff_Bark-13 (2)

Greta Varlese in “Where the Wild Flowers Grow” by Jeff Bark for Flair #20, 12/15

Greta Varlese invites us to go “Where the Wild Flowers Grow” by Jeff Bark for Flair #20, December 2015. Lost in the Pre-Raphaelite Era, these Midnight Riders embark on a journey of discovery. An exquisite tale that invokes the romantic code of Shakespearean art with today’s forward youth. Each shot elevates our understanding of this time period through the use of intimate interaction.