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Gigi Hadid is “Fearless” by Mario Sorrenti for V Magazine, Fall Preview 2018

Gigi Hadid Makes Some Waves in “Fearless” by Mario Sorrenti for V Magazine 114, Fall Preview ’18. The Fire of Female Ferocity is Found as Gigi Becomes One With the Sky, Sea & Ground. A Wild Child at Heart… she hits the waves on a spirit daze, a female hunter from whence she came. Call it cocky… call it fun as art and action fuse into one. She hits the Miami shores on a Fendi Sea-Doo, while, tearing up the sand in a monogrammed, Philipp-Plein dune-buggy. 

Rankin “Glitter Bomb” for Hunger Magazine, July 2018


Colors Collide… Concepts Unite… As We Honor Each Person’s Natural Rights. Rankin celebrates this significant movement, through a series of compelling captures, in “Glitter Bomb” for Hunger Magazine. The Pride in London Parade took place on July 7th, honoring the supreme theme; Pride Matters. Each image is a vibrant reminder of the struggles and triumphs. 

Meghan Collison in “Remixed Reality” by Craig McDean for Vogue Italia, July 2018

She is a Phenom. A Powerful Sight. A Beautiful Bird. She’s a Woman in Flight. A Heroine On High. Her Passion Ignites. She Never Fears a Fall. Light is Her True Might. Don’t worry dear one she feeds upon the sun, a fantastical female she is artistry undone. Living and learning to weather the storm, a fighter of the sky, she is ethereally adorned. Her body is a temple primed to perform, this is evolution in the making as works long to be transformed. 

Saskia, Guinevere, Dilone and Achok by Vincent van de Wijngaard for Beauty Papers S/S 2018

Son of the River God, Cephissus, in Greek Mythology ~ Narcissus ~ was a hunter known for his great beauty. It is said that Narcissus was attracted to a pool site where he came upon his own reflection in the water and fell deeply in love with it. Unable to leave his fair complexion behind, he stared at it until he died. This takes the term “Narcissistic” to an extreme. But, to understand it’s life-altering potential, is to understand the power of obsession…

Vanity is played out in poetic form as Saskia de Brauw, Guinevere Van Seenus, Dilone & Achok come together in ‘The Narcissism Myth‘ shot by Vincent van de Wijngaard for Beauty Papers, S/S 2018.  

Jessica Stam in ‘Going Under’ by René & Radka Vogue Portugal June 2018

Jessica Stam dives into the deep blue in ‘Going Under’ by René & Radka for Vogue Portugal, June 2018. Drowning in the depths of despair, we witness Jessica delivered by the weight of water. This has nothing to do with what we consider the limitations of being underwater, rather, it is about the art of discovery. Floating ever deeper still she gives herself over to the aquatic energy of life’s spiritual side. 

Sergei Polunin & Fran Summers in ‘Modern Art’ by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Germany, July 2018

Take Me to the Barre I Say and There I’ll do a Grande Jeté, Arabesque and Assemblé, Pirouette and Plain Plié. Your Pointed Shoes Will Take You There, Spinning through the Tour en l’air. Dance Evokes this Pas de Deux as a Tale of One Told with an Attitude of Tutu. 

Talent binds you to beauty as Sergei Polunin takes us on a ride through the outskirts of his mind. I see this exquisite editorial as a picture of “Modern Art”. 

Vittoria Ceretti in “On With the Show” by Luigi & Iango For Vogue Germany July 2018

Vittoria Ceretti plays in powdered snow as she goes “On With the Show” by Luigi & Iango For Vogue Germany July 2018. Fantasy is on fertile ground as artistry erupts in semi-sonic surround. Making the transition from stiff mannequin to a woman of walking/taking wonder. I begin to imagine Vittoria as a rogue doll separated from her stringed connections. Caught in the stagecraft of ventriloquy, she fairs quite a show being one with the role. 

Marie-Agnes Gillot & Michaela DePrince in ‘Magic Moves’ by Luigi & Iango For Vogue Germany, July 2018

Marie-Agnes Gillot & Michaela DePrince follow the light in ‘Magic Moves’ by Luigi & Iango For Vogue Germany, July 2018. Dance is a delicate movement, one that requires stamina, stimulation, sturdiness and stead-fast determination. Here we witness two women in the throws of such a compilation of courage and commitment. Artful in their approach ~ open to all possibilities. We feel in them the spirit to fly. 

Sedona Legge in “Hot/Holy, Crown Majesty” by Rankin for The Fashionable Lampoon Vol #13

Sedona Legge wears nobility well in “Hot/Holy, Crown Majesty” by RankinThe Fashionable Lampoon Vol #13. Modernity makes it’s way to the Monarchy, as Sedona puts a new twist on this royal topic. Art evens out the playing field, allowing us common folk to explore the crown jewels. Sedona honors her Crown(s) with sublime grandeur, a character for which she exquisitely plays. Resplendent imagery is touched with avant-garde magic. 

Anja Rubik in “Oceans” by Mario Sorrenti for Porter Magazine #27, Summer Escape 2018.

Anja Rubik finds her heart is true diving Into the Blue, in “Oceans” shot by Mario Sorrenti for Porter Magazine #27, Summer Escape 2018. Being called to the ocean she slips into the sea. An open book for on which the world will write. This story is Dedicated to Making Significant Environmental Changes in the Fashion Industry. Rubik stands with the sand and sun as she becomes part of the art of the ocean. 

Saskia de Brauw in “A Sea of Sand & Sin” by Dario Catellani for Vogue Italia, May 2018

Saskia de Brauw finds herself falling in “A Sea of Sand & Sin” by Dario Catellani for Vogue Italia, May 2018. This is a tale of two. Images are reflected and shadows are seen in this sentimental journey that reads like a dream. Against solid shades patterns play in poetic ways. George Cortina commands our attention by summoning a captivating blend of colors and craft. Silk fabrics fall over her body with see-thru patterns that possess power. 

Julia Bergshoeff in “En Tierra Hostil” by Txema Yeste for Vogue Spain June 2018

Julia Bergshoeff takes us inside the far reaches of the mind in this two-part series, “En Tierra Hostil” by Txema Yeste for Vogue Spain, June 2018. Outside the linear lines lives a place of utter excess. Art is an expression of this transient export. The psyche of the senses leads us to the center of the soul, where wisdom and perception collide. It is here that the sentient pleasures of life linger and the silent powers of the world unite.