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Lynn by Ester Grass Vergara for Glamcult Magazine No.5, 2014

Lynn embraces the light by Ester Grass Vergara for Glamcult Magazine No.5, The Independent Style Paper. The power of potential reaches the people through evocative works of the cutting-edge crowd. Daring to enter a new dimension of style, Maaike Staal gathers a dominant force of high fashion, with looks that include Domenico Cioffi, Jacob Kok, Chanel, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Hu

Auguste Abeliunaite in 'Sylvie Fleury' By Miles Aldridge For Numéro #154 1

Auguste Abeliunaite in ‘Sylvie Fleury’ by Miles Aldridge for Numéro #154, June/July 2014

Auguste Abeliunaite rises up in ‘Sylvie Fleury‘ shot by Miles Aldridge for Numéro #154, June/July 2014. Aldridge exposes us to the artistry of underground in this story of light & dark. Stylist, Samuel François, captures the chasms in-between with gowns by Vivienne Westwood, Marni, Haider Ackermann & Jean Paul Gaultier. The fantasy of high fashion explodes w

Josefien Rodermans in 'Geometric Dream' By Jiro Konami For Elle Japan 8

Josefien Rodermans in ‘Geometric Dream’ by Jiro Konami for Elle Japan July 2014

Josefien Rodermans gets graphically spun in ‘Geometric Dream’ by Jiro Konami for Elle Japan, July 2014. A dream inside a dream, through the multi-dimensional constructs of creativity we find our way home. A dynamic blend of shapes & styles, Tamao Iida shows us how to focus in on our feelings with fashions that fly. Visual effects know how to explode, as colors and prints…

eva doll mag 2

Eva Doll in ‘Drama’ by Rayan Ayash for Schön Magazine #25, Summer 2014

Eva Doll does ‘Drama’ proud in this sultry story shot by Rayan Ayash for Schön Magazine #25, Summer 2014. A publication after my own heart, Schön goes for bold with a trip down Summer’s lane. Evocative beauty born to run, to reach the epic points of pleasure we have to first be willing to leg go. Breaking free from the sun, Eva grabs a hold of the dark side, in this dram…

Tess Hellfeuer By Alessio Bolzoni For Stylist France 4

Tess Hellfeuer in ‘Naviguer À Vue’ by Alessio Bolzoni for Stylist France #052, 12th June 2014

Tess Hellfeuer flies by the seat of her pants in ‘Naviguer À Vue’ shot by Alessio Bolzoni for Stylist France #052, June 2014. Redefining the idea of modern imagery, (Stylist) Belén Casadevall uses the extreme to get our attention and have a little avant-garde fun. Hellfeurer knows how to pose it, with a perfect blend of artful and outrageous. Ready for her close-up, (Makeu

Toni Garrn By Henrique Gendre For S Moda El Pais Cover

S Moda El Pais

Toni Garrn cops an Actitud  in ‘Juego De Contrastes’ by Henrique Gendre for S Moda El Pais, June 2014. Toni captures the attitude of another era in this contrasting view of worlds colliding. Valley of the Dolls meets Urban Jungle, in this exquisite mix of Mad-Mod chic. Stylist, Empar Prieto, embraces the future of fashion with an edgy amalgamation of Gucci designs. With b


Catherine McNeil Plays ‘The Bride’ by Dario Catellani for No Name Magazine #1

Catherine McNeil is Beatrix Kiddo in ‘The Bride’ an evocative piece of editorial artistry by Dario Catellani for No Name Magazine #1. To play, Black Mamba, is to be utterly in touch with and truly inspired by this cunning character. Catellani captures the art of the exquisite in this experimental story that’s designed to make you think. Letting go of that which holds y…


‘Lang with Elisa Sednaoui’ by Laurence Ellis for Lurve Magazine #8, Spring/Summer 2014

Elisa Sednaoui stuns in this brilliant cover-story by Laurence Ellis for Lurve Magazine #8, Spring/Summer 2014. Proving that beauty is breathtaking but what stuns is a divine mind, Elisa breaks the mold for what women are supposed to be. Having opened, ‘The Elisa Sednaoui Foundation,’ her goal is to spread worth wherever she goes. Stylist, Moreno Galatà, captures t…

Zuzanna Bijoch By Boe Marion For SSAW Scandinavia

Zuzanna Bijoch in ‘Beneath the Sparrows Wing When She Sings’ by Boe Marion for S/S/A/W Scandinavia

Zuzanna Bijoch proves that a picture is worth a thousand words in ‘Beneath the Sparrows Wing When She Sings’ by Boe Marion for S/S/A/W Scandinavia, Autumn/Winter 2014. Artist, Alexa Meade, opens the door to our imagination with body brush strokes that speak volumes. Offering your talent to a project is commendable, but, breathing life into a picture is truly powerful


Intermission Magazine

Andreea Diaconu devours the scenery in ‘Daring Diaconu’ a captivating cover shot by John Scarisbrick for Intermission #09, SS 2014. Giving us a peak into the future of modern fashion, Tom Van Dorpe blends conceptual 60′s pop with aggressive avant-garde. The poetry of tomorrow told by the powerful choices of today. Makeup Artist, Adrien Pinaultcaptures du…

Ryan Yoon for The Ground 15

Vasilisa Pavlova in ‘Jay Ahr’ by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND Magazine

Vasilisa Pavlova stars in ‘Jay Ahr‘ a story of secrets and seduction shot by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND. Inspired by the purity of intention, to understand the artistry of Ahr is to understand the poetry of people. Having grown up in a place where The Brussels Fine Art Museum served as his playground, it was clear from a young age this was someone who was set on a nomadic life o…

Aline Weber by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen for Vogue Netherlands 06

Aline Weber by Annemarieke van Drimmelen for Vogue Netherlands, July/August 2014

The art of the ocean the sound of the sea, the salt in the wound that finds me… Aline Weber is lost in the shadows by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen for Vogue Netherlands. A bold blend of dark and light, by braving the uncomfortable we find our way home. The power of poetry found in the form of high fashion, (Stylist) Dimphy Den Otter captures clean lines marked by the essence of pure i