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Billie Eilish by Takashi Murakami for Garage Magazine Issue 16

Billie Eilish’s brand of brilliancy blends with Takashi Murakami outlandish excess, in captivating cover by Juno Calypso for Garage Magazine. There tends to be individuals in all societies who challenge tradition. Thereby shaping true change. Billie seems to be one of those rare people. I cannot deny, I’m drawn to her deep interest in the avant-garde. I find her countenance utterly compelling. 

Jeneil Williams & Grace Mahary in ‘Africa Motherland’ by Delphine Diallo for Vogue Portugal, April 2019.

Jeneil Williams & Grace Mahary invite the light not to fall, but to spread over all in ‘Africa Motherland’ by Delphine Diallo for Vogue Portugal, April 2019. To honor individuality while “understanding our own humanity as an entity,” that is Delphine Diallo’s goal. I am truly moved by her brave work. She has a compassion that comes through the camera… with every click you can feel her dedication expressed. 

Maike Inga in ‘Paper Hat’ shot by Jamie Hawkesworth for Love Magazine, S/S 2019

Maike Inga calls to the spirit of Pierrot in ‘Paper Hat’ by Jamie Hawkesworth for Love Magazine, SS 2019. Maike plays Pierrot, a sad clown, who’s history goes back to 1660, at Palais-Royal theatre in Paris. The mysteries of the modern mime are captured in this poetic picture of street pantomime. A dramatic study in artistic emotion. She sinks into the dimensions of the many parts, breathing life into every one. 

Edie Campbell in ‘A Fleur De Peau’ by David Sims for Vogue Paris April 2019

Edie Campbell, Jana Julius, Birgit Kos, Mayowa NicholasRebecca Leigh Longendyke & Samile Bermannelli travel deep into the psyche of the mind, in ‘A Fleur De Peau’ by David Sims for Vogue Paris, April 2019. Each image is a reflection of nature’s excess. No rhyme nor reason, this editorial exposes the impulse to explode. Don’t confuse opposing energy fields, you’ll merely be assimilating opposites. 

Sabah Koj, Lily Nova, Amber Witcomb & HyunJi by Sølve Sundsbø for Stern MODE

Sabah Koj, Lily Nova, Amber Witcomb and HyunJi Shin step inside the Sølve Sundsbø ride for Stern MODE Magazine. Sundsbø invites us to fly to the very edges of the mind’s eyes. Imploring us to let go of our limitations and stretch the imagination. This is a place inside where harmony hides. The cultural corner of aesthetic aspiration. A spot where your soul is set free. Here we see life and all it’s mysteries unfold. 

Ajak Deng in ‘Athletic Grace’ by Julia Noni for Vogue Germany, March 2019

Ajak Deng evolves as she takes on the über-dynamic role of Grace Jones in ‘Athletic Grace’ by Julia Noni for Vogue Germany, March 2019. Sinewy shapes & unbearably, longs limbs lend themselves to this body of pure grace. Ajak Deng gives us the flavor of Grace Jones without mimicking her. An ode of the highest order. Each image is exquisitely captured and artfully portrayed. A thrilling mix of art and excess, Ajak delivers one of the most exquisite editorials of the season. 

David LaChapelle in ‘It’s A Small World’ for Vogue Italia March 2019

‘It’s A Small World’ Inside the Matrix of My Mind… Where Hope Runs Wild Like Animals Sublime… When What You Seek is the Truth You’ll Find… Words of Wonder Speak in Lyrical Rhymes. Carmen Amare, Ling Liu, Tess McMillan, Olivia Anakwe, Thais Borges & Faith Lynch perform on the stage in ‘It’s A Small World’ by David LaChapelle for Vogue Italia, March 2019. 

Eva Herzigova by Philip Gay For Harper’s Bazaar Russia April 2019

Eva Herzigova takes us on a sensual journey by Philip Gay for Harper’s Bazaar Russia, April 2019. Lightness awakens as beauty abounds watching her dance in dreamy surround. A balletic inspired interpretation explores the glamour of a romantic journey. Meeting her lover for a tryst of play she takes to a ship for a glorious getaway. We watch her careen through the corridors, colliding with the walls as if they were her partner. 

Fei Fei Sun + Gigi Hadid in ‘Let There Be Light’ by Nick Knight for Vogue Hong Kong, March 2019

These winged creatures call to the wild like the beating heart of a new borne child. With voices strong and limbs so long… of beauty they do nothing but simply become. Art is a faction of fusion from one beating heart to the next. Aching to evolve the cypress branch of beauty does crawl. Up o’re the tree of knowledge proud… we raise our voices… speaking loud. For this is where our truth does lie… in the cradled arms of the somber sky. 

Rianne Van Rompaey by Mert & Marcus for RE-Edition Magazine Issue 11

Rianne Van Rompaey revels in redolent reflection of 1994 by Mert & Marcus for Re-Edition Magazine Issue 11. Rianne’s dynamic look can go from natural to neo-natural with the blink of an eye. She is not a placid person. Her emotions are raw and real with feelings that run deep. Exposing the memories to a tantalizing twist. She travels back in time to explore the annals of the mind, expressing this excess with genuine authenticity. 

Ansley Gulielmi in ‘Dunes’ by Txema Yeste for Numero #201, March 2019

Ansley Gulielmi searches for her center at the ‘Dunes’ by Txema Yeste for Numero #201, March 2019. To celebrate the sky in all it’s glory. To pay homage to the past as we honor the land that feeds and the sea that surrounds. The rivers rage unto the sea ever changing in majesty… to ebb and flow wild and free winds of change blow in harmony. Art is a construct art is a rhyme, ever cherished the chimes of time. 

Comme des Garçons by Craig McDean for AnOther Magazine, SS-2019

Susannah Frankel gets intimate with designer, Rei Kawakubo, as Craig McDean captures the heart of Comme des Garçons for AnOther Magazine, SS 2019. Exquisite designs defy the idea of common with dynamic decisions being made at every turn. That’s a compelling construct. To express oneself through the medium of fabric is a daunting process.  Differentiation exists between the practical and theoretical design construct.