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Jazzelle Zanaughtti by Andrew Yee for 22

A Silver Stare Reflects Resplendence

Jazzelle Zanaughtti projects forth a picture of future, in “Gilded Glory” by Andrew Yee for The intensity of her state isn’t merely the makeup of her face, rather, the excess emanating from her being is that of a higher plane. Looking into the pools of her eyes we’re lost in the immaculate creative conception. Like a creature from another planet her exot…


Andrew Yee Hits our 60's Pop Style Spot in 'A La Mod'

Kamila Filipcikova & Karo Mrozkova are pop fashion sensations in ‘A La Mod’ by Andrew Yee for How to Spend It Magazine. All season we’ve been waiting for that one brave artist to come along and really hit our Mod spot. And now we see that every 60’s-inspired layout so far has merely been foreplay. Working on the pleasure principle, Yee aims to excite, with …