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Jessie Bloemendaal by Anthony Maule for Numero June July 2017 6

Jessie Bloemendaal's ~ Her Tears Inside Just Can't Hide

Jessie Bloemendaal travels forth and she brings us back by Anthony Maule for Numéro Magazine, June/July 2017. Art elevates our understanding of things we might otherwise throw to the wind. The momentum of the message becomes quite clear, as we feel the swell of the ocean’s wall crash down around us. And, while it’s clear we are simply viewing a woman standing behind a wall of shee…


Lindsey Wixson Shows Many Sides 'Next Best Things' in V

Lindsey Wixson shows us her many sides in ‘Next Best Things’ by Anthony Maule for V #97, Fall ’15. Delving into her delicious flavors, Maule takes us on a roller-coaster of excitement, with images that implore us to explore. By opening our minds, this revives the idea that behind every corner lives the possibility for change. Stylist, Brandon Maxwell, promotes innovatio…


Carine Roitfeld Adjusts Idea of Atypical Beauty CR Fashion Bk

‘Neoclassic’ aims to adjust our ideas of atypical beauty shot by Anthony Maule for CR Fashion Book, Fall/Winter 2015. Editor-in-Chief, Carine Roitfeld, embarks on a journey of discovery introducing us to the French expression, Jolie laide. Used to describe someone who is unconventionally beautiful, this editorial explores that concept with Nina Agdal, Alix Angjeli, Anto


Sasha Luss Dares to Disturb in 'Born to be Wild'

Punk goes primitive with Sasha Luss is ‘Born to be Wild’ by Anthony Maule for the 2013 June/July issue of Numéro #144. Following the order of disorder, this edgy editorial combines the forces of fashion and art in an effort to uses the power of punk to provoke. Meant to disrupt, disturb, inspire & insight the origins of this movement comes from the anti-establishment (Punk…

julia nobis numero 2012

Julia Nobis in 'Julia' by Anthony Maule, Numéro #139

Anthony Maule celebrates the silhouette in ‘Julia’ for the cover/editorial of Numéro #139, December 2012/January 2013 issue.  Julia Nobis goes hippi-goth in a wild combination of long, dark bohemian styles topped with an exotic mix of large-brimmed hats.  Stylist, Samuel Francois, uses the impressive shapes of these scene-stealing accessories as the focal p…


Querelle Jansen in ‘Chambre Froide’ by Anthony Maule for Numéro Magazine

It’s an all 80’s repertoire, in this fashion-revival so hot, they were forced to cool things down in ‘Chambre Froide’ by Anthony Maule, for the June/July 2012 issue of Numéro Magazine.  In styles that pay homage to the Savage-80’s, Querelle Jansen plays the perfect “Power Bitch” in all her hyper-aggressive glory.  This ball-busting …