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Eyes Look Behind as She Sees Ahead

Nadja Auermann looks behind as she sees ahead by Arnaud Lajeunie for Numéro Berlin #1, FW ’16. Art unleashes the avant-garde beast, setting in motion a dramatic feast. The depth that we reach is the truth by which we seek. As one of the most talented models of all time, her abilities far outweigh the magazine page. A body in full motion is much like a piece of poetic prose. We can appreciate h…


Arnaud Lajeunie Brings on the Heat in 'special Y PROJECT'

Agnes Nieske & Eva Kaper bring the heat in a ‘special Y PROJECT‘ captured by Arnaud Lajeunie for Novembre Magazine. The essence of neo-nature handled in the abstract notion of poetic aplomb. The incendiary shocks of Summer explode as each shot celebrates the cinema of high style. Georgia Pendlebury evokes a passion for high fashion, daring to fuel the avant-garde fire…