Posts featuring photographer Christian Anwander

Fall Into a 'Free Spirit' by Christian Anwander for Amica

Alexandra T & Veronika Vilim fall into a ‘Free Spirit in this flexible story shot by Christian Anwander for Amica Magazine. I bend I break, I’ll not forsake all that comes to me. I twist I turn, I deign to learn all that life’s to be. Stylist, Ye Young Kim, finds the fluid side of avant-garde fashion with modern designs from A.F. Vandevorst, Blumarine, Calvin Klein

Kamila Filipcikova's Fairy-Tale Fashion 'Disney Story'

Kamila Filipcikova comes alive in ‘Disney Story’ by Christian Anwander for Grazia France. An exquisite mix of magic and adventure, Anwander brings the fairy-tale to life, with a captivating combination of Minnie, Bambi, Alice, Pinocchio & (tantalizing-temptress) Cruella de Ville. Each image alive with a new example of Disney decadence, (Stylist) Stephanie Bris