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Flanked in a Flurry of Florid Fashion

Daphne Groeneveld is flanked in a flurry of florid fashions by David Roemer for Zoo Magazine No. 50, S/S 2016. Each image projects a sense of enlightenment as it redefines avant-garde artistry. Stepping into another world, this story touches on what I call the sense instrument. To let the eyes peruse over each page is to let your mind be intoxicated with possibility. The enchantress of accou…

eniko-mihalik-by-david-roemer-for-harper_s-bazaar-brazil-june-2015 (1)

Eniko Mihalik Borrows Boho 70's Chic for Harper's Bazaar Brazil

Eniko Mihalik borrows from the best of boho by David Roemer for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil, June 2015. Curves ahead… From a flip of the hip to a lure of the leg, each shot celebrates the fire of the female form. 70’s Fashion was about feeling the freedom in an era that invited expressionism. Mihalik finds her inner gypsy with folksy fabrics and shape stealing silhouettes. Boho…

kasia-struss-makeup-hair-s-moda01 (1)

Kasia Wears the Warpaint of Pride

Kasia Struss embraces the wonder of warpaint in ‘Pinturas De Guerra’ by David Roemer in S Moda, March 21, 2015. Springs descends with passion as each shot invites us into the fold. The shades of silences make their way as the facade of the fierceness comes to play. Ferocity found in the high-end fashion game of avant-garde art. This story takes us from the smoothness of color to …

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Harper’s Bazaar España

Mirte Maas evokes the essence of pure beauty in ‘Musa de Saint-Tropez’ by David Roemer for Harper’s Bazaar España. Natural art as far as the eye can see, I close my eyes so my mind can picture all the magical colors of creation. A sensual story set by the sea, (Stylist) Berta Álvarez brings the fantasy of forever to life. As the waves of the ocean erupt, Maas’ nude body ari…

Lindsey Wixson By David Roemer For S Moda El Pais 17th 1

S Moda El Pais

Lindsey Wixson pulls out all the stops in ‘Especial Pelo’ by David Roemer for S Moda El Pais, 17th May 2014. Stylist, Chabela Garcia, takes us back in time with eye-popping fashions that speak to the energy of the era. The eyes tell a story with power shades that range from deep blue/dusty amethyst to burnt orange. A playful array of fun and folly, Maestro (Makeup Artist) Fredri

Hana Jirickova by David Roemer for Numero Russia 15 cover 1

Hana Jirickova Revives the 80's by David Roemer

Hana Jirickova goes graphic in this cool cover-story by David Roemer for Numéro Russia May 2014. Reminiscent of 80’s Brooke Shields, the exotic nature of this styling brings us back the decade of power. Ripe with a vintage vibe, (Fashion Editor) Elizabeth Sulcer captures the era of intoxication, when dressing was a true art form. As loud as a lion as quiet as a whisper, the powe…

Erin Wasson By David Roemer For Marie Claire, Magazine, Uk, May 2014 3

Erin Wasson Gets Wild in 'Turn Up the Heat' by David Roemer, 05/14.

Erin Wasson gets wild in ‘Turn Up the Heat’ by David Roemer for Marie Claire UK, May 2014. The allegory of intensity captures a moment, but what really makes this shine is a whole lot more. Daring to get deep, we see this model/mother/star share her theories on what makes a woman beautiful. Up close & personal, (Stylist) Lisa Oxenham brings high fashion into focus with a serie…

Crystal Renn By David Roemer For Grazia France 6

Crystal Renn Captures Our Senses 'Lâcher la Renn'

Crystal Renn plays her part in ‘Lâcher la Renn’ by David Roemer for Grazia France January 10th, 2014. A sexy mix of fetish fashion, “Release the Renn,” hits it hard with an erotic base of provocative looks. Straight from the path of a stylish queen I came across my runaway dream. Stylist, Julie Pailhas, is revved up and ready to go with a stunning selection of looks b…

Heather Marks by David Roemer for S Moda cover

S Moda

Playing all sides, Heather Marks captures the rich complexity of the modern woman in ‘Explosión Natural’ by David Roemer for S Moda, 22 June 2013. Exploring “Natural Beauty” Roemer looks at the concept from a cultural level, allowing the exotic shades of sensuality to rise to the surface. While we’ve come to associate the idea with that of taking thing…


Vlada Roslyakova in “Lady Art” by David Roemer for Marie Claire Spain

Vlada Roslyakova is Caught Between a Rock and a Haute Place in “Lady Art” by David Roemer for Marie Claire Spain. The grand juxtaposition of life exposed in it’s most “Raw” form, and I suspect part of Roemer’s vision & message in the fashion-story “Lady Art.”  With some of Fall’s most delicate designer pieces again…

Maryna Linchuk

Maryna Linchuk in ‘Party Girl’ by David Roemer for Vogue Mexico

Up Your Style-Stock with a Fashion-Investment in Fall’s Gold. In this high-glossy fashion-fiesta, Vogue Mexico celebrates the world of Shiny-Chic in “Party-Girl”, a dazzling layout proving that this Fall, “All that Glitters is Gold/Silver Metallic.”  In a dazzling array of brocade fabrics, and reflective-mirrored pieces – this stunning …

Caroline Winberg & Cecilee Lopez by David Roemer

Fall Add Campaign Captures That 70’s-Chic Halston Vibe

Enjoy the delicious decadence of H by Halston’s new Fall Add Campaign shot by David Roemer.  With all the flare of Halston and the Decade it’s synonymous with, Caroline Winberg and Cecilee Lopez channel 70’s chic perfectly, in this cool & sultry layout.