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Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany August 2017 40

Explore the Dream "Fun of Fashion" Extreme ~ Fall 2017

Anna Cleveland, Birgit Kos & Yasmin Wijnaldum cover this high fashion extravaganza, by Giampaola Sgura for Vogue Germany, August 2017. All bets are off as this story captures the Chaos of Couture. This isn’t your grandma’s collective, rather, it’s a backwards view of forward fashion. Here we have it all. Provocative, powerful, artistic and real ~ we must crawl thro…

Anna Ewers by Giampaolo Sgura Vogue Germany July 2017 15

Anna Ewers Embodies Modern Mermaid in "Lights-Sea"

Anna Ewers emerges forth in “Lights-Sea” Story 1 by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany, July ’17. The mermaids long connection to the Heart of the Ocean were the Gems of the Sea ~ as all of life’s mysteries were waiting to be. I’ll dive to the bed and there I’ll find my soul’s retrieval… my love divine. For there upon the sea of light lies a mil…

daphne-groeneveld-by-giampaolo-sgura-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-1 (1)

Daphne Groeneveld is "Fantastic in Plastic" for Vogue Japan

Daphne Groeneveld is slippery when wet in “Fantastic in Plastic” by Giampaolo Sgura, Vogue Japan, March 2016. Daphne dares to go semi-bare in this exquisite editorial designed to delight. Anna Dello Russo invites the see-thru styling of Moschino to bring forth forward fashion. Clear Couture makes its way wrapped up in plastique designs that say… Hold fast to dream…

Vogue_Germany-January_2016-Vanessa_Moody-by-Giampaolo-Sgura-09 (1)

Say Goodbye 2015, Happy New Year

Vanessa Moody rides out the season right in shades of red by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany, January 2016. Fluidity is found in the musicality of fashion as emotions are expressed through lyrical movement. Christiane Arp bravely blends the liquid lines of flowing fabrics with the hard edges of cut leather. Diametrically opposed designs fly through the page, as red and black race do…

Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany August 2015 74

Celebrate the Season of Change in 'Express Yourself'

Karlina Caune, Edita Vilkeviciute and Constance Jablonski celebrate the season of saturation, in ‘Express Yourself!’ by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany. Embarking on a new era, Fall fashion explodes in the form of modern art. This Collection uses the Symbolic Kraft of verbiage to capture the true meaning of haute couture. The tempo of trends erupt with designs that redef…

Amanda Wellsh 'Hokus Pokus' Giampaolo Sgura For Interview Germany 9

Amanda Wellsh Puts a Spell on You in 'Hokus Pokus'

Amanda Wellsh puts a spell on us in ‘Hokus Pokus’ shot by Giampaolo Sgura for Interview Germany, 10/14. Playing the part, Wellsh celebrates the decadence of darkness by taking hold of the season. Stylist, Klaus Stockhausen, explores the artistry of intensity with fashions from Alexander McQueen, Bottega VenetaCéline, Dolce & Gabbana, Falke, Iris van Herpen, Pau

Lindsey Wixson & Hanne Gaby Odiele 'My Market Day' By Giampaolo Sgura For Vogue Japan 14

'My Market Day' Goes Very Prêt-à-Porter, Vogue Japan

Lindsey Wixson & Hanne Gaby Odiele find the fashionable side of food shopping in ‘My Market Day’ by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Japan. Too much is never enough, as a cool collection of models dare to wear the fun side of fashion. The foodie phenomena finds its way, with avant-garde artistry that fits into the glamorous side of grocerying. Haute-Cartoons go Prêt-à-Porte…

nadja bender vogue spain

Nadja Bender Takes on Art of Disguise 'Agent Doble'

Nadja Bender dares to take on the art of disguise in ‘Agente Doble’ by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Spain, September 2014. Capturing the elegance of invention, Bender breaks through the walls of ordinary to get to the extreme. State-of-the-art ensembles erupt with looks that range from edgy to avant-garde. Hiding in plain sight, (Fashion Director) Claudia Englmann plays up …

181_9月号_049_Beauty Story_GIAMPAOLO SGURA_責了_CS6.indd

Lindsey Wixson in 'The Imagination In Her Eyes'

Lindsey Wixson stars in ‘The Imagination In Her Eyes’ by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Japan, September 2014. A dream inside a dream, Lindsey loses herself in a wonderland of magic. A modern day version of a fashion fairy-tale, she plays the part, in a role unlike we’ve ever seen. The art of avant-garde explodes as (Stylist) Anna Della Russo brings forth the essence of th…

Katlin Aas 'Femme Universale' Giampaolo Sgura For Vogue Germany 1

Katlin Aas Honors Anita Berber in 'Femme Universelle'

Katlin Aas comes alive in ‘Femme Universelle’ a stunning story shot by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany, February 2014. An exciting array of exotic androgyny, this fabulous pictorial pays tribute to a time when Anita Berber was ahead of her game. Turbulent exploits take us back for a look behind the the scenes. (Editor ‘n Chief) Christiane Arp captures a vivid sense of …


Julia Stegner Channels 'Snow Queen' Ann Bonfoey Taylor

Channeling 60’s beauty icon Ann Bonfoey Taylor, Julia Stegner turns ski-wear into a Couture Affair in ‘Snow Queen’ by Giampaolo Sgura for the December 2013 issue of Vogue Germany. Part of a group of well-known people that had perfected the art of living well, the stunning socialite was a fixture at all the big runways shows and a serious style influencer among the fa…


Pop-Art Fashion is Perfected in 'Graphics Gone Wild'

Giampaolo Sgura sets off a Mod bomb in his explosive editorial ‘Graphics Gone Wild’ for the March issue of Vogue Japan.  Just when you think you’ve seen all the 60’s-inspired styles you can take, a new amalgamation comes along with an innovative twist.  From the decadent day hats of Philip Treacy to the glossy black & white Moschino minis, Hanne Gaby Odiele …