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Catherine McNeil Plays it Dark for Jeff Bark in "Maléfice"

Catherine McNeil plays her part dark in ‘Maléfice’ by Jeff Bark for Numéro #179. The heart builds as the music swells leaving the sorcery of enchantment to cast its spell. Our heroine finds herself lost in a world of mystic overlay, as we are awakened by the mischievous spirits of Maleficence. Inspired by the surroundings, Bark’s powers reach from the great beyond. High …

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Soul of City Speaks as Molly Becomes One with Streets

Molly Bair becomes one with the city in “Seule dans la Ville” by Jeff Bark for Numéro #176, September 2016. The soul of the city speaks as the music moves to the sounds of the streets. Wielding her worth Bair beckons… from behind the walls art evolves, around in every corner lurks a shadow that speaks. The city comes alive symbolizing the beauty of every brick. Not the sky-s…


Madison Invites Us In as Curtain Doth Rises "Scène D’opéra"

Madison Stubbington invites us inside as the curtain rises in “Scène D’opéra” by Jeff Bark for Numéro #171, March 2016. Deep in the recesses of the imagination lives a world where all is free. Inspired by the angular style of (sculptor, photographer, graphic designer) Alexander Rodchenko, his perception of “high above or down below” allowed his viewers …

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Greta Varlese Invokes Hard Art of Pre-Raphaelite Times for Flair

Greta Varlese invites us to go “Where the Wild Flowers Grow” by Jeff Bark for Flair #20, December 2015. Lost in the Pre-Raphaelite Era, these Midnight Riders embark on a journey of discovery. An exquisite tale that invokes the romantic code of Shakespearean art with today’s forward youth. Each shot elevates our understanding of this time period through the use of int…

Jeff Bark 'War of Roses' For Dazed 8

Jeff Bark Plays a Sanguine Song 'War of Roses' Dazed

Harleth Kuusik and Molly Bair engage in a ‘War of Roses’ shot by Jeff Bark for Dazed, Spring 2015. Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons, sets the stage on fire with symbolic imagery that brings the heat. Stylist, Robbie Spencer, tells a tale of time erased with blood curdling fashions that are in your face. Avant-garde artistry erupts with the undeniable power of one-of-a-kin…

Oyster Magazine Spring 2014 Cover

Oyster Magazine

Charlotte Free finds the light in ‘Softer, Softest’ by Jeff Bark for the 20th Anniversary of Oyster Magazine #104. Part space-age part under-world mystical, this takes our ideas about avant-garde style to another level. Ethereal-Sci-fi is the name of the game, with Charlotte giving us a Free look at Chanel SS14 Haute Couture. Leave it to Oyster to redefine the nexus of …

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Lindsey Wixson Shocks Us in '90's Disco' by Jeff Bark

Lindsey Wixson shocks us senseless in ’90’s Disco’ by Jeff Bark for Vogue Ukraine, 05/14. A hyper-modern mix of color and creation, these looks come alive with a neon-nomadic rush of stylized wonder. A story that speaks to the tone of the time, (Stylist) Olga Yanul captures the vibe of the 80’s while still sending signals ahead. Blumarine, Prabal Garung, Prada, V…

'Doll Parts' Jeff Bark Another Magazine 1

Jeff Bark Breaks It Down in 'Doll Parts' for Oyster

Harleth Kuusik & Nastya Sten pulls double duty in ‘Doll Parts,’ a seductive story shot by Jeff Bark for Oyster Magazine, S/S 2014. Taking a original concept and infusing it with diversity results in high drama. Stylist, Sasha Kelly, remains true to the art with an exquisite array of fashion & atmosphere. Playing the part to perfection, (Makeup Artist) Kristin Hi

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Jeff Bark Blows Our Hearts and Minds 'Fearless Youth' AnOther

Jeff Bark blows our minds in ‘Fearless Youth’ for AnOther Magazine, Spring/Summer 2014. A testimony to the power of art, Jeff Bark & Michael Casker, invite us to experience the duality of their craft. One of the most beautiful projects I’ve witnessed, to let yourself be touched by this event, is to let yourself go. Each shot tells a unique story of strength, with …

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Guinevere Van Seenus Bares Her Soul 'Stripdown' for Muse

Guinevere Van Seenus dares to bare her soul in ‘Stripdown’ by Jeff Bark for Muse Magazine #37, Spring 2014. Outside the realm of high fashion lives the world of art. Each step gets me closer to the truth, as Guinevere gives a tour de force performance, in this powerful piece of editorial aplomb. Stylist, John Vertin, uses the decadence of extraordinary designs to define emoti…

'Disturbia' by Jeff Bark for Dazed & Confused 7

'Disturbia' by Jeff Bark for Dazed & Confused

Leave it to the King of dark arts to deliver the definitive high fashion horror story this season in ‘Disturbia’ by Jeff Bark for Dazed & Confused November 2013. Wearing the finest in high end attire a family of gorgeous ghouls roam the country side seeking to satisfy their hunger for Haute Couture. Dropping a series of zombie sisters into the center of suburbia could be a recip…

Jeff Bark Another Magazine

Dive Into Jeff Bark's Dark Ethereal Dream 'Valentino'

In the half way point between dark and light lives the never ending beauty of ‘Valentino’ by Jeff Bark for AnOther Magazine F/W 2013. Following the dying beauty of the light I lay among the midnight flowers only to hear the faint beating of my distant heart. Diving into a deep intoxication models, Joanna Tatarka, Manuela Frey & Kayley Chabot find themselves caught in a dar…