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Luma Grothe by Kenneth Willardt for Harper's Bazaar US August 2017 12

Dipped in Decadence Luma Grothe Scintillates in Silver

Luma Grothe gets her metallic grove on by Kenneth Willardt for Harper’s Bazaar US, August 2017. Decadence devours the scene as Luma transcends into a silver machine. Her love of alloy radiates throughout the page as this story ignites in a riotous rage. When we think about the edges of excess we imagine the art of the ideal. Evocative, provocative, powerful and real this explores the e…


Julia Frauche Plays the Avant-Garde Ice Queen in 'When Snow Falls' by Kenneth Willardt

Beauty takes a page out of the story books in the avant-garde fairy-tale, ‘When Snow Falls’ for the January 2013 issue of Vogue Japan.  Fashion and fantasy collide in this future-inspired editorial that celebrates the shiny, happy holiday season. Dripping in chilled couture, Julia Frauche plays a modern ice-queen, complete with silver dreadlocks, wrapped up like coiled s…