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Art and Excess Blend in True Beauty for Exhibition Magazine

Vittoria Ceretti exposes herself to the undulating rhythms of Luigi & Iango for Exhibition Magazine, S/S 2017. through the windows of existence I see the other side, a waning world of wanderlust waiting for me to hide. Looking through the tattered pieces of clothing she sees an escape. A way to conceal as she conveys. Enduring the shame of over exposure she attempts to exalt herself. A cl…

Z - Out of Order Magazine by Luigi & Iango SS 2017 2

Luigi & Iango Ask Us To Unleash Avant-Garde Beast Out of Order

Lia Pavlova & Odette Pavolva, Jessica Miller & Tina Veshaguri in “Join the Club” by Luigi & Iango for Out of Order Magazine, S/S 2017. The monarchy of the muted come to be as all things go quiet with thoughts we can see. Words would merely conflict the constitution of this piece, with quiet renderings made to make you think. But, don’t get it twisted – just &…


The Art of Extreme Caught in a Dream for "Rave Girls Rule"

A mystic essence fills the aire inviting an edict of change in “Rave Girls Rule” shot by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan, 02/2017. Bold females feel the fuel as sister hijinks set this story to cool. Empowerment unites, forging a pathway for feminine energy to be exposed. Pictures mix mayhem with modern-day couture celebrating model-of-the-moment, Imaan Hammam. Dynamic war…


Lace Over Face See-Thru Pieces Uncover Truth in "My Princess"

Gigi Hadid ventures into the forest of high fashion in “Princess Gigi” by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan, December 2016. Embracing a more avant-garde route, this story takes her talents to an artistic end. Evocatively crafted, Luigi & Iango let the lens uncover her as opposed to asking the camera to simply shoot her. What some of the newer models/Insta-stars need to learn…


Art Honors Credo of Couture in "Disruption Issue" Exhibition

High art honors the credo of couture in the “Disruption Issue” by Luigi & Iango for Exhibition Magazine, F/W 2016. Darkness devours the scene as this story settles someplace strange. Connecting to the momentum of fashion, Carola Bianchi creates a compelling tale of haute couture. The fluid nature of each piece projects a kind of pseudo reality, one where the fabric type is m…


Kendall Jenner is "So Schön so chic" for the New Cool Issue

Kendall Jenner is “So Schön so chic” in the New Cool issue shot by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, October 2016. This “It Girl” can legitimately call this series a, Vogue Cover Run. Kendall is featured proudly this Fall, with a compilation of covers to include Germany, Japan and Australia with the crown jewel… The September IssueTom Van Dorpe brands this …


Kendall Jenner Goes Sky-High Fashion for Fall 2016 Preview

Kendall Jenner rides on High in Fall’s Haute Fashion preview shot by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan, October 2016. This model-of-the-moment goes for a double hitter, following the epic September Issue with this stunning Vogue Japan Cover. The art of creation is lost in a dream as all things go crazy in the heat of extreme. Kendall brings biker-chic to the cover, donning duds fr…


Odette Pavlova Travels Back in Time to a Place ~ Divine

Odette Pavlova travels back in time to a place that’s just divine in “Amour Noir” shot by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, 09/16. In one of the most poetic pieces of the season, here we celebrate vintage excellence with avant-garde excess. A woman utterly at one with whom she’s become, this follows the fire of the female spirit. Inspired by 1930’s sartoria…

Afrik Art Vogue Germany December 2015

Riley Montana Captures the Beauty of Burma 'Afrikart'

Riley Montana leads the artistic movement in ‘Afrikart’ captured by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, 12/15. An ode to the women of Burma. The virtuosity of modern craftsmanship for-tells a story as the texture of tenacity casts a spell. An avant-garde interpretation inspired by Africa’s rich, authentic garb. Fashion’s history is told in one of the most excitin…


Kendall Jenner Flows Free 'Cool as Kendall' for Vogue Japan

Kendall Jenner lets fashion flow in ‘Cool as Kendall’ shot by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan, November 2015. Kendall covers the Find Your Style issue with a rich combination of cool and couture. No longer a girl, this young woman explores a dynamic shift in change. Leaving behind the days of dressing to impress, this is about the concept of conceptual clothing. The art of apprec…

rosie-huntington-witheley-luigi-iango-lui-june-20150-5 (1)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Evokes an Aire of Exposure

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley evokes an aire of exposure by Luigi & Iango for Lui Magazine, June 2015. Posing with power, she works the angles with extraordinary aplomb. An evocative take on the art of exhibitionism. This femme-fatale has her day with an alluring array of sex & play. Embracing film noir, the 90’s erupts, as we revisit our infatuation with voyeurism. Stylist,…

Nadja Auermann By Luigi + Iango For Vogue Germany 8

Nadja Auermann Sets Film on Fire in Vogue Germany

Nadja Auermann sets the film on fire in the Power of Style issue by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, November 2014. Showing us how it’s done, this captivating creature comes out of the shadows & into the light. An agent of the avant-garde, Auermann stays sharp, with razor like looks that cut like a knife. Stylist, Patti Wilson, celebrates the future of fashion with Chanel, Dior, Giv