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Fashion Flows in Still Life Dream Art Grows in Document Journal

Luna Bijl & Ali Michael show that fashion flows in a still life dream by Mario Sorrenti for Document Journal #10, SS 2017. Flowers of the imagination transform, as insight erupts, becoming a window to wonder. The path is sought through poetic devotion. Art becomes a singular dimension of space and time ~ at once entering the inner sanctum of the chaotic mind. Bracing for change this story …

Anna Ewers by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Italia April 2017 39

Orbital Artistry Erupts Off Face Front

Anna Ewers is retro fitted in “Feeling Good” by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Italia, 04/17. All revved up and ready to go Ewers takes her baggy pants and she hits the road. Drowning in a 80’s funk bust, this story proves that art is in the application. High fashion celebrates haute history, by tracking trend patterns primarily from the 60’s & 80’s. Alex White


Yuka Mannami Delivers a Dark Treat "Modern Love" i-D Japan

Yuka Mannami delivers a delicious treat in “Modern Love” by Mario Sorrenti for i-D Japan, Fall 2016. Halloween comes but once a year designed to defy your fears. Even dreams can make you scream… as art and fashion blend in this daring take on the season of scary. Sorrenti brings the night into place as darkness deigns to take shape. Alastair McKimm celebrates costumed cre…


Fernanda Ly Takes a Big Bite Outta Blue Glittered Shine

Carine Roitfeld layers with flavor in “The Sorrenti Series” by Mario Sorrenti for CR Fashionbook #9, F/W 2016. A portfolio of excess is artfully exposed as Fernanda Ly, Joan Smalls, Imaan Hammam & Avery Blanchard bring forth a fusion of high fashion. Fantasy is unfiltered as each picture penetrates the page. Roitfeld leads us through lunacy as style is transformed into a …


Tribal Goes Tectonic in Tapestry of Tactile "Jungle Beat" V Mag

Ali Michael invites us to join in the “Jungle Beat” by Mario Sorrenti for V Magazine, September 2016. Tribal goes tectonic in tapestry of tactile. Join the jungle beat as confetti drops across the page in this collision course of creativity. Authentically inspired imagery forms an artful revelation, as Michael finds herself caught in a conceptual explosion. A plethora of pa…

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No Room for Subdued Bright Beauty

Anja Rubik, Bella Hadid, Andreea Diaconu bring the fury in “Face Art,” Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris, August 2016. The curtains are drawn as the music of face takes stage. This season’s flurry of fantasia comes to life as all things go crazy in the bright light of life. A call to creative arms. Beauty beckons us near as artful interpretations expose us to a nuanced approac…

'Beauty' Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Italia 22

Sorrenti Captures the Art of the Family Tree ~ Cleveland Style

Mario Sorrenti invites the light of “Love” to shine bright, Vogue Italia, June 2016. Sorrenti seeks higher ground, in this special issue dedicated to the High Art of the Family Tree. Familial bonds aren’t created equally, so as these shots unfold we begin to get a greater appreciation for the climate of diversity. Anna Cleveland invites us into their haus of haute cou…


Ruth is the Bell of this Glam-Punk Ball "Stay Punk" for i-D

Ruth is Bell of the Ball in “Stay Punk” by Mario Sorrenti for i-D Magazine, Pre-Spring ’16. Ruth Bell, Fernanda LyFrederikke Sofie & Dilone go hard-core for a fusion I’m fashioning – Punk Redone. An amalgamation of avant-garde erupts with a history that’s haute and a future fuming. Alastair McKimm captures the tone of the piece with s…

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Sasha Pivovarova in 'A Stylish Excess' Mario Sorrenti, Vogue It

Sasha Pivovarova celebrates the Spring 2015 Collections with ‘A Stylish Excess’ by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Italia, February 2015. Haute couture goes high octane in this exquisite mix of fashion and fun. Robbie Spencer captures the spectacle of style with an ode to the art of avant-garde. Chaotic patterns come to play with a cacophony of vibrant vision. Fabrics fuse as creativ…


Raquel Zimmermann Shows Us the Snake-Dance Mario Sorrenti, Vogue Paris

Raquel Zimmermann performs a symbolic snake-dance in ‘Nouvelle Eve,’ a tale told by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris, August 2014. Animalistic beauty reigns free in this slithering story filled with the fluidity of modern movement. Embracing the art of this reigning reptile, Zimmermann dares to become one with the animal, in this powerful piece of avant-garde adventure. A b…

Camilla Christensen in Queen Frostine - 032C Magazine 03

Camilla Christensen is So Sweet You Could Eat in 032c

Camilla Christensen crosses the arc of ethereal beauty in ‘Queen Frostine’ a saccharine story captured by Mario Sorrenti for 032c No. 26, Summer 2014. So sweet you could eat, Sorrenti uses Camilla’s body as a living piece of sculptural art. An arresting vision of edible fashion, through the prisms of pastel we get closer to the truth. Sugar n’ Spice & every…


Anja Rubik Beauty of Ballet 'Backstage' Vogue Paris

Anja Rubik lets her body do the talking in ‘Backstage’ by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris, May 2014. Posing along side Les Twins Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, Rubik brings the art of the dance to life. Drawn into the essence of style, bodies merge in this inspired piece of organic imagery. With haute-couture by Emmanuelle Alt, fashion happens in Giambattista Valli, Victor &…