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Duckie Thot, Hannah Ferguson by Mario Testino for V Magazine #109 25

Duckie Thot Lures Us In with Long, Lean, Lovely Limbs

Duckie Thot & Hannah Ferguson dance as if nobodies watching in “The Bold and the Beautiful” by Mario Testino, for V Magazine #109, Fall 2017. Sing like no one is listening… Love like you’ve never been hurt… Dance like nobody’s watching and Live like it’s heaven on earth.” Our eyes are cast over the page hungry for the artistic sustenance. We p…


Dua Lipa ~ Fashion Sinks Into Soul of 70's ~ V Magazine

Dua Lipa sinks into the soul of the 70’s by Mario Testino for V Magazine #105, Spring Preview 2017. Her voice rips through my mind like whiskey tearing through my chest in kind. Her ballads bring forth a wicked mixture of hope and heretic, as the undulating rhythm meets the poetic rhyme. Leaving behind the idea of rock ‘n’ roll, we find ourselves memorized by the new sounds of&…


Gigi Hadid Brings Us Back to Era of Decadence in Vogue Paris

Gigi Hadid brings us back to the decadence of high design in “Vacances Romaines” by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris, November 2016. Art and excess come together to form a fusion of high-end design. Emmanuelle Alt puts her signature twist all over this story by being excessive without being intrusive. Extravagance is the thing is this inventive mix of vintage and Au courant. This …


Kate Moss Sinks Into a Smile in "Wild Fun" Laugh Issue Vogue It

Kate Moss sinks into a smile in “Wild Fun” by Mario Testino for Vogue Italia, 02/16. Maestro Mario creates an issue dedicated to the art of the Laugh, as Soloist – Erik Underwood (The Royal Ballet), plays her partner. All these years later and Moss in Motion still satisfies. A cause/effect so intrinsic to try and understand is like catching moving water. You might fee…


The Body Billboard is Erected As Visual Imagery Vested Vogue It

Stella Lucia is a work of art in “Feisty” by Mario Testino for Vogue Italia, 02/16. The heir apparent the art divine this story celebrates the conquest of curiosity. Panos Yiapanis creates a collection of pieces that are devoted to the act of extreme blending. Nothing matches yet everything works in this eclectic editorial aimed at the exquisite. The body billboard is ere…

edie-campbell-olympia-campbell-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-uk-march-2016-14 (1)

Edie & Olympia Show Us Some Sisterly Love "Campbell's Coup"

Edie Campbell & Olympia Campbell give us some DNA PDA in “Campbell’s Coup” by Mario Testino for Vogue UK, March 2016. Sisters show us how it’s done, with genetic super powers that project the fire of the familial bond. Lucinda Chambers keeps things playful with red, black & white pieces that take this story on the run. The art of fashion erupts as styles l…

Mario Testino 'Mykonos' for Vogue Paris 45

Mica Arganaraz Falls Into a Full-On Fantaisie "Mykonos"

Mica Arganaraz & Rianne van Rompaey fall into a fantaisie in “Mykonos” by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris, November 2015. A feast for the imagination, Arganaraz and Rompaey gorge on Greek in the delicious islands of Mykonos. A party like no other, to participate in this kind of celebration one must be willing to let themselves go. Set amongst a dynamic cast of characters, t…


Gisele Bündchen Flies Free Angel Has Left the Building

Gisele Bündchen realizes you must first strip yourself down in order to be found by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris, October 2015. The body burns as Gisele shows that truth emanates from the inside-out. While she has always been able to fill the spaces before the camera, this girl has learned to expose herself in a real way. So say goodbye to the glamour days, this story is about what we feed on to get …

KATE-1 (1)

Kate Moss in 'Kate's World' by Mario Testino, Vogue UK

Kate Moss shows us the many sides of herself in ‘Kate’s World’ shot by Mario Testino for Vogue UK, December 2014. A Moment of Silence, as Testino puts the magic of Moss to the test. A pantheon of power moves through the pages, proving that passion truly comes from within. From Glasto-Girl to Disco-Queen, (Stylist) Lucinda Chambers goes way wild with velvet, fur, crysta…

Cara Delevingne 'Best of Beauty' By Mario Testino For Allure 5

Cara Delevingne by Mario Testino

Cara Delevingne unleashes the beast in ‘Best of Beauty’ shot by Mario Testino for Allure Magazine, October 2014. The annual list for the lovlies is here with a stellar look at the art of modern makeup. Taking a more avant-garde approach, (Creative Director) Paul Cavaco keeps the couture haute with fashions that will make you melt. The power of pretty pops off the page with a PVC coa


Yumi Lambert Arises 'Comme Des Garçons Obsession'

Yumi Lambert unleashes the extreme in ‘Comme des Garçons Obsession’ by Mario Testino for Vogue Japan, November 2014. Forging her way into freedom, Lambert embraces avant-garde fashion as a function of art. Billowing works done in black/white, (Stylist) Anna Dello Russo opens the museum of modernity with this stunning selection of Comme des Garçons. Makeup Artist, Kats

w mag3

V Magazine

Model Mania hits in ‘Less (In This Case) Is More’ by Mario Testino for V Magazine No.90, Fall Preview 2014. A searing look at the sartorial art of next season, Mario comes out swinging with an exciting array of fashion and fun. The heat seeking styles of Fall never looked so sexy, with neoprene, leather, animal-print & fabulous fur. Sarajane Hoare, forces the fabrics to fuse …