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Lily McMenamy Dares to Embrace the Dark Arts by Philip Riches

Lily McMenamy embraces the art of erotica, in this avant-garde editorial shot by Philip Riches. Taking us to the inner-sanctum of sensual style, Lily dares to explore the dark side. The freedom of the face unfolds with burgeoning beauty that beckons from within. The lips speak out in this sexually charged story filled with fantasy and wonder. Makeup Artist, Pernell Kusmus, cap…

Nimue Smit by Philip Riches for Glamour Netherlands

Nimue Smit Imitates Madonna for Glamour Netherlands

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, them Nimue Smit has given Madonna the highest praise possible in Philip Riches’ editorial homage for Glamour Netherlands. Channeling the star during her Truth or Dare years, Smit delivers a modern day Blonde Ambition rendition, par excellence. Giving new life to this much covered persona, stylist Renu Kayshap reinterprets 90’…