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Sebastian Kim Satiates Our Craving 'Neo Expressiv'

Drake Burnette takes us into the abstract unknown in ‘Neo Expressiv’ by Sebastian Kim for the January 2014 issue of Vogue Germany. Breaking free from the banal, this wild mix of high fashion & modern art satiates our craving for the creative extreme. Derived from a technique that taps into emotional intensity, this style is about capturing the internal spirit in an ex…


Katlin Aas is Super-Natural in 'Aura' by Sebastian Kim

Touching on the intangible elegance of supernatural style Katlin Aas is transluscent in ‘Aura’ by Sebastian Kim for Numéro issue #149. Ushering in a new era of modern minimalism Kim captures the essence of futurism with images that give off invisible emanations of ethereal ambiance. With his masterful blend of illusory light and creative effects, his ability to turn a …

'Chic Shine Punk' Sebastian Kim Vogue Russia

Go Back to the High Gloss 80's in 'Chic Shine Punk'

Agnes Nabuurs and Charlotte Tomas take the movement forward in ‘Chic Shine Punk’ by Sebastian Kim for the October 2013 issue of Vogue Russia. An artful amalgamation of the past and future this edgy interpretation of Neo-Punk reminds us how this trend has remained such a steady influential force within the fashion industry. Each ensemble rich with a kind of vintage decadenc…

daphne groeneveld numero russia

Numéro Russia

Riding on the wings of style, Daphne Groeneveld takes flight, in this captivating cover-story by Sebastian Kim for the April 2013 issue of Numéro Russia. Redefining the shape of things, Kim celebrates the drama of the season with this stunning, spherical-shaped design from the Tom Ford Spring 2013 collection. Bound to the bottom of the dress, Ford gives a modern interpretation of &#…

Edie Campbell in 'Zeitsprung' by Sebastian Kim for Vogue Germany

Edie Campbell's Obsessed With 60's Style 'Zeitsprung'

In a season saturated with retro reinvention, it’s exciting to see an editorial that is more vested in vintage representation than fashion reinterpretation.  Edie Campbell is Mad for Mod in ‘Zeitsprung’ by Sebastian Kim for the March issue of Vogue Germany.  Literally meaning, “to be obsessed with a certain time period,” Kim’s energetic ode t…


The Future Brow is Now in Sebastian Kim's 'Asia & Me'

The Future Brow is Now in Sebastian Kim’s exotic editorial ‘Asia & Me’ for the February issue of Vogue Russia.  Stef van der Laan is a vision of futuristic beauty in this luscious layout that fuses traditional Asian influences with hyper-modern makeup and styling.  Taking the concept of the kimono to the next level, stylist Ekaterina Mukhina introduces us t…

sebastian-kim1 (1)

Sebastian Kim Tackles Serious Topic in ‘A Sign of the Times’

Sebastian Kim takes to the streets in, ‘Sign of the Times,’ for the October 2012 issue of Vogue Germany. Imbuing a serious topic with a bit of kitch, Magdalena Langrova portrays the plight of a modern ‘bag lady,’ in this edgy, editorial laced with deeper meaning.  Piled high in designer goods, but unable to pay her rent – this story shines a light on a society p…


Eva Smith by Sebastian Kim for Dior Magazine No.1 F.W 12.13

Sebastian Kim gives us the flavor of Fall in New York in, ’21 East 57th Street’ for Dior Magazine No.1 F.W 12.13.  Channeling Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Eva Smith is the picture of modern luxury, in this cinematic style editorial featuring the fashionable looks of Dior.

Nadja Bender Electric Lady By Sebastian Kim For Numero 5

Nadja Bender in “Electric Lady” by Sebastian Kim Numéro #135

Looking for a style jolt, Nadja Bender plays a power-hungry “Electric Lady,” for Sebastian Kim, in the August issue of Numéro #135.  Fall’s fiercest fashions will have you feeling the urge to surge, with an imposing mix of architectural intensity & eccentric luxury.  The divine elements of design converge this season for a decadent fusion of art & s…


Sebastian Kim Shows Fashion Architecture in Style Structure

Sebastian Kim’s latest foray into “fashion architecture” is an ode’ to Spring-Structure, with looks from some of the best “builders” in the biz – Alexander McQueen, Dior, Givenchy and Chanel.  Zuzanna Bijoch plays, “The Narcissist” with a perfect combination of apathy & zeal, for the cover/editorial of Numéro #1

Kendra Spears 1

Kendra Spears Goes to the Fashion-Edge in Numéro #132

Sebastian Kim takes us to the fashion-edge, with yet another daring editorial for Numéro #132.  “Je t’aime moi non plus” gives us a peek behind the iron gates, in a layout that will have you questioning, “what’s it all for?”  With Kendra Spears’ sturdy-beauty to guide the way, Kim dips his toe in the avant-garde pool, with these edgy shots t…


High-End Decadence Meets Venice Beach Circus in Numéro

Numéro Magazine presents this season’s luxury swimwear with the help of Lanvin, Gucci, Michael Kors and Givenchy.  Sebastian Kim takes his “sexy-ways” to the funky side-show that is Venice Beach California, where he positioned the gorgeous Kasia Struss among the “natives” for an edgy editorial, featuring high-end decadent resort-wear from the Spr…