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Karmen Pedaru 10 Magazine

Leaving Trail of Red Lipstick Behind

Chanel Cosmetics captures a killer theme with “Kiss Me Deadly” by Donna Trope for 10 Magazine No.58, SS 2017. Karmen Pedaru brings forth a fusion of bombastic beauty, showing us that extreme doesn’t mean heavy application. Skin to skin this story lets us in to a world where the inventive nature grows free. She’s soft in all the right places with personality that evok…

Julia Fleming 'A Light Shone in the Night' by Dominique Sheldon for 10 Magazine 7

Light Shone In the Night Somewhere

Julia Fleming glows in “A Light Shone In The Night Somewhere Ahead. Blue Turned Into Green, Then It Was Red” by Dominick Sheldon for 10 Magazine, SS 2016. Taken from the opening line of “Penny Arcade” by Roy Orbison; vintage tune reflects tone of piece. Perception… The act of perceiving… The state of being awaken to something through the senses. To be in the mom…

lindsey wixon 'square cut & pear cut' by donna trope for 10 magazine fW 2015 14

Lindsey Wixson Peeks Thru Looking Glass 10

Lindsey Wixson peeks through the looking glass in ‘Square Cut & Pear Cut’ by Donna Trope for 10 Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015. A dizzying mix of decadence and desire, get caught in one of the most intoxicating editorials of the season. Stylist, Sophia Neophitou, lets skin speak with accouterments in the form of Bulgari, Chopard, Chanel, DiorLouis VuittonPiaget, …

Nick Knight for 10 Magazine 17

Victoria Secret Angels Fly in 'Pin Ups' for 10 Magazine

SHOWstudio founder, Nick Knight, creates 12 captivating covers in ‘Pin Ups’ for 10 Magazine, S/S 2015. Angels spread their wings in this evocative story shot for the ‘Sensuality’ issue. Art evolves with fashion fabricated under alternate constructs. Editor-n-Chief, Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, creates a spectacle of style by bringing Victoria&#

Yumi Lambert by Richard Burbridge for 10 Spring 2015 4

Yumi Lambert Captures Essence of Junya Watanabe

Yumi Lambert captures the essence of conceptual art by Richard Burbridge for 10 Magazine, Spring 2015. Entering the world of Japanese Fashion Designer, Junya Watanabe, this story celebrates the nature of neo-now. Renowned for his revolutionary vision, the Watanabe Way is a majestic form of minimalism. Made to make you think, (Stylist) Sophia Neophitou captures the purity of his vision, w…

Ben Toms 'Sin in My Heart' 10 Magazine Cover

10 Magazine

Marie Piovesan dances on the dark side in ‘Sin In My Heart’ by Ben Toms for 10 Magazine #51, Summer 2014. Beauty finds its way back in this stunning story that pushes you to think beyond the box. Stylist, Nancy Rohde, goes fashion-forward with an exquisite mix of leather, silk, wool and lace. The face of tomorrow comes today with enticing colors that jump of the page. With green s…


Katlin Aas Steps into the Sin Dolly Voodoo Carnival

Katlin Aas takes us to another world in ‘Voodoo Dolly’ by Steven Pan for 10 Magazine #51, Summer 2014. Stepping into the Sin Dolly Voodoo Carnival, Katlin dares to get dramatic and go neo-nomadic. Puncturing the film of falsehood, this piece leads us through a pantheon of epic emotion. Dark and dreamy, (Stylist) Elin Svahn brings the exquisite to life, with looks that include…

Txema Yeste 10 Magazine -13

Anti-Static Style 'Happening' At High Fashion Speed

It’s all ‘Happening’ in Txema Yeste’s enticing editorial for the 2013 Summer issue of 10 Magazine. Anti-static style is the name of the game in this fabulously, frenetic editorial that is sure to satisfy your insatiable need for high fashion speed. From the black/white studio chic, to the exotic urban feel of the sexy street scenes, this fast paced filmic style is a…


Kristen McMenamy Offers Serious Proof of Model Life

Ready for flight, Kristen McMenany puts things in motion in ‘Moving Day’ by Norbert Schoerner for 10 Magazine Summer 2013. Purrrrfect in the Hot Pussy Meow Icons issue, the success of this top model comes from her ever-evolving ability to adapt. Realizing that the arch of high fashion always bends toward the momentum of movement, this model-mom proves she’s still …

dazzle kinga rajzak benjamin lennox hector castro 10 magazine, autumn 2012 7

Kinga Rajzak is Electric in ‘Dazzle’ for 10 Magazine by Benjamin Lennox

Fashion 2012 goes radioactive in ‘Dazzle’ by Benjamin Lennox for the Autumn issue of 10 Magazine.  Kinga Rajzak is the perfect blank canvas, as she lets the art of the fashion shine through and the dynamic designs take center stage.  Celebrating the intricacy & decadence that has come to define this Fall’s extraordinary lineup, Hector Castro’s styling e…