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Rooney Mara Explores Human Condition 'Universal' Tim Walker

Rooney Mara explores Fashion Worlds, Creative Spheres, Cultural Shifts in “Universal” by Tim Walker for AnOther Magazine, 09/17. Never before have I been so moved by the human condition. Viewing this editorial I was touched by this vessel of the visual. Watching Tim Walker turn his talents toward the extreme we witness his vision erupt. The distinction of being passes over t…

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Four Fierce Females Face Fire to Find True Freedom in AnOther

Angelica Erthal, Ina Maribo Jensen, Kirin Dejonckheere & Nora Attal invite energy from the beyond in “Super Creeps” by Sølve Sundsbø for AnOther Magazine #19, S/S 2017. Four fierce females face the fire using their bodies as a source of transmittal. An intoxicating journey takes us to the other-side. We Welcome the Power of Women Everywhere, as We Join the Universal Figh…


Nick Knight Explores Illusions of "Comme des Garçons"

Jazelle Zanaughtti captures the allure of “Comme des Garçons” by Nick Knight for AnOther Magazine, F/W 16-17. The landscape of lunacy has been transformed in this collision course of creativity. Enter the wonderful world of Rei Kawakubo, as we explore the ethereal illusions of Comme des Garçons. A stimulating story designed to excite the senses, invites …


Girls are Livin' in Limelight of Life in "Trashed" for AnOther

Fernanda Ly & Greta Varlese are livin’ in the limelight of life in “Trashed” by Roe Ethridge for AnOther Magazine, S/S 2016. Through the muted air of winter I found my velvet muse, a vibrant light where all was right inside the neon fuse, the aire is filled with a gasp of glow… burning like we’ve never known, riding high unto the sun is where my mind will come un…

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Anna Stands Full Flamingo Form "Of Fish and Flowers" AnOther

Anna Cleveland stands straight in full flamingo form, “Of Fish and Flowers” by Julia Hetta for AnOther Magazine, S/S 2016. Deep in the recesses of the mind lives a place of sheer wonder. A place where birds do swim and fish do fly through a shining sea on a mountain high. Hetta asks us but one thing, to question nothing & accept all. To call this but a story of style would be a travest…

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Remembering Red Light District 'The Stars of Soho' Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh brings us “The Stars of Soho” by Sam Rock for AnOther Magazine’s show within a show. Passion penetrates the scene with this raucous thump of the underground machine. Paying homage to Soho’s infamous Red Light DistrictPugh doesn’t dismiss the seedy side, he revels in the extreme. Truth has a beautiful veneer, by allowing this vision to flouri…

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The Art of 'Extraordinary Creatures' for AnOther

Harleth Kuusik, Issa Lish, Vanessa Moody, Maja Salamon, Grace Simmons, Greta Varlese & Tami Williams are ‘Extraordinary Creatures’ by Craig McDean for AnOther MagazineJohn Galliano comes to life as the Artistic Director of Maison Margiela. Way past the idea of projection, this teeters on a new construct I’m calling, Catfish Couture. It’s a new day an…

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Females Find the 'History and Tomorrows' in AnOther

Saskia de Brauw, Daria StrokousCarmen Kass & Dajana Antic are part of the female cast clothed in garments that (dare to) define them, ‘An Exploration of History and Tomorrows’ by Vincent Van De WijngaardAnOther Magazine. The shallow instincts of sartorial art sink into the soul. Honoring the past while embracing the future, the ‘Cabinet of Curiosity…

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Nick Knight Celebrates 'McQueen' in AnOther Magazine

Nick Knight gives us a key to the avant-garde kingdom in ‘McQueen’ for AnOther Magazine, S/S 2015. Stella Lucia, Julia Bergshoeff, Aymeline ValadeNika Cole and Romy Schönberger Showcase Archive Pieces from the 90’s, Alexander McQueen/Savage Beauty. A spectacle of salvation, this story evokes the ecstasy of true genius. Thought to be (lost) and only newly disc…


Ana Buljevic in 'Prada Revealed' by Thomas Whiteside for Wonderland

Ana Buljevic is dizzy with decadence in ‘Prada Revealed’ shot by Thomas Whiteside for Wonderland Magazine, September 2014. The art of avant-garde elegance erupts with Prada inspired styles set to storm the theater of fashion. Anthony Unwin, marks the sparks of modernity with a stellar collection of 70’s inspired neo-styles. Brandeshing bold, (Makuep Artist) Junk


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Kate Moss is ‘Never Enough’ in this stunning cover shot by Craig McDean for AnOther Magazine, Autumn/Winter 2014. Wearing one powerful piece, Moss makes us believe that we are watching moving pictures. The elusive aura of this star is so encompassing, to see the story unfold, is to feel as if you’ve been shot by a tranquilizer gun of gorgeous. Stylist, Olivier Rizzo dres…

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Jeff Bark Blows Our Hearts and Minds 'Fearless Youth' AnOther

Jeff Bark blows our minds in ‘Fearless Youth’ for AnOther Magazine, Spring/Summer 2014. A testimony to the power of art, Jeff Bark & Michael Casker, invite us to experience the duality of their craft. One of the most beautiful projects I’ve witnessed, to let yourself be touched by this event, is to let yourself go. Each shot tells a unique story of strength, with …