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Stella Lucia Stuns Us Senseless "Good Girl Gone Bad" in Dazed

Stella Lucia stuns us senseless in “Good Girl Gone Bad” by Bettina Rheims for Dazed Digital, SS17. Artful images dominate this page as Stella emerges in a riotous rage. Her passionate overtones are obvious, however, it’s the subtle makings of sadness that keep me engaged. Here we have a woman on the edge. Teetering towards a tenuous truth, one where what we believe is not ma…

anna ewers dazed cover ss 16

Anna Brings Moody Mix to "Season of the Witch"

Anna Ewers brings a moody blue mix of art and evolution in “Season of the Witch” by Paolo Roversi for Dazed, SS 2016. “Power/Protest” remind us that we all own a right to respond, both internally and externally, to the world’s earthly insistence. I Set My Sight on the Rhythm of the Night as I Cast My Calling in the Dawn of Delight. To Feel the Fire to Stand Up and Fi…

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Stripes of Soft Light Sift Thru Window

Astrid Holler and Avery Blanchard ride the light in “For Your Eyes Only” by Johnny Dufort for Dazed, F/W 15. The art of illumination floods the scene as each shot celebrates, The Sun Also Rises. Lifting us up, stripes of light sift through the windows as all thoughts of tomorrow are found today. What we see isn’t what we get, if we open our minds to the mysteries of life. Riv…

'The New Aesthetic' Roe Ethridge For Dazed Fall 2015 2

Molly Bair in 'The New Aesthetic' for Dazed

Molly Bair leads the way as we take on the art of becoming in ‘The New Aesthetic’ by Roe Ethridge for Dazed, Fall 2015. Gone are the days of coiffed perfection in this exciting era of bona-fide beauty. To know where you’re going you have to be comfortable with where you’ve been. Fresh faces give us a sneak peak into the season by showing us what the industry’s b…


Lorde for Dazed Digital

Lorde gives the term prodigy a new face in ‘Force of Nature’ shot by Ryan McGinley for Dazed Digital. The power of her prose creatively written in the wisdom of her words. Conversing with Lena Dunham, you feel Lorde’s views coming through the page. Knocking on adulthood, this 18-yr-old defies the laws of nature with poetic dialogue spoken through the art of music. Stylis…

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Junya Watanabe Invites the Poetry of 'Pressure Space'

Designer, Junya Watanabe, invites us to explore the poetry of ‘Pressure Space’ by Nicolas Coulomb for Dazed Magazine. Astro-Girls unite, as the dynamic duo of Isamaya Ffrench & Tomihiro Kono bring us into the retro-future of avant-garde fashion. Artfully referred to as the Malfunctioning Mannequins, these dolls re-devise the concept of creative. Ffrench & Ko


Maisie Williams, Dazed

Maisie Williams shows us another side in ‘Absolutely Lawless’ by Ben Toms for Dazed Digital, S/S 2015. From playing Arya Stark on ‘Game of Thrones‘ to her first fashion cover, Maisie embraces the art of the moment. Daring to take a huge step away from the comfort of her show, this brave girl feels her way into the wild world of high fashion. Stylist, Robbie Spencer, cel…


Gaultier Gives a Swan-Song of Sorts

Manuela Frey wears Lucha Libre inspired masks in ‘Wrestle Mania’ by Richard Burbridge for Dazed, Spring 2015. A farewell to the master, this swan-song (of sorts), says good-bye to a man that revels in the art of evoking. Devoting himself fully to the calling of haute couture, Jean-Paul Gaultier leaves the ready-to-wear arena behind. Stylist, Robbie Spencer, gets us all ri…

Adrienne Jüliger And Lucy Evans 'Out of the Blue' By Pierre Debusschere For Dazed

High Fashion Goes Deep in 'Out of the Blue' for Dazed

Adrienne Jüliger & Lucy Evans discover the delicacy of true depth in ‘Out of the Blue,’ a tale of wonder told by Pierre Debusschere for Dazed. Eras erupts in this exquisite piece of non-conventional beauty. Stylist, Katie Shillingford, finds avant-garde fashion by starting at the 70’s and ending in ecstasy. The choreography of creation captures our imaginatio…

Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov 'Thread Lighty' By Gregory Harris For Dazed 5

Yadim Celebrates His New Position in 'Thread Lightly'

Alexandra Elizabeth bares the strings of submission in ‘Thread Lightly’ by Gregory Harris for Dazed. I ponder the passage of time as visual mischief is worn as a mask. The thread of salvation seen on the skin like waves that wash up on the shore. Symbolism speaks in this tectonic tale of abstract facial art. Beauty Editor, Yadim, captures our imagination as the color of chaos cares…