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Vika Falileeva Calls to the Wild in French Revue de Modes

Vika Falileeva gives an avant-garde call to the wild in this edgy editorial by Urivaldo Lopes for French Revue de Modes #24. Utilizing the opposing forces of nature, Lopes takes the lead in this story of strength and surroundings. Stepping into Spring, Vika turns heads with a playful attitude, that’s brimming with an evocative edge. Stylist, Jonathan Mahaut, looks to the fut…


French Revue de Modes

Beauty speaks for itself in ‘In Solence’ a captivating combination of 13 cover-shots captured by Thierry Le Gouès for the F/W 2013.14 issue of French Revue de Modes. Bathed in a pink and blue glow a new breed of up-n-coming models blow up the bi-annual glossy by giving us a peak at the future faces of fashion. With looks that range from androgynous to exotic (stylist) Marc


Katrin Thormann Stars in the Operatic Editorial 'The Rose'

The Theater of Spring opens with ‘The Rose,’ a stellar piece of couture choreography by Kristian Schuller for the 2013 S/S issue of French Revue De Modes #22. Orchestrating an avant-garde interpretation of modern love, the aerobatic artistry of this editorial plays out like an operatic tragedy. Taking us to the heights of style, Peggy Schuller gathers a heavenly blend of h…


Spring's Retro Glamour Goes Global in 'L’eau A La Bouche'

Charissa du Plessis delves into the mouth-watering beauty of ‘L’eau A La Bouche’ by Kristian Schuller for French Revue De Modes #22 S/S 2013. Glamour goes global in this retro-electric dream sequence inspired by 40’s era film stars. Peggy Schuller creates high fashion drama with a series of cinematic styles set off against the brilliant backdrop of the French R…

double face by marcus ohlsson 3

Makeup Mimics Nature Exotic Colors Inspired by Birds of Paradise

Julia Hafstrom & Chantal are birds of a feather that flock together in ‘Double Face’ by Marcus Ohlsson for French Revue de Modes #22. Celebrating one of the world’s most colorful creations, (makeup artist) Fredrik Stambro, delivers a bountiful beauty harvest inspired by the wild population of exotic birds (above).  Makeup mimicking nature, this amazing la…


French Revue de Modes F/W 2012 by Thierry Le Goues

The F/W 2012 issue of French Revue de Modes gathers a group of today’s freshest faces, for a variety of cover-shots by Thierry Le Goues.  ‘Back to Black’ celebrates our obsession with black-on-black fashions, highlighting Fall’s best from Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Stella McCartney, Versace and more.  Ashley Smith, Heidi Mount, Arlenis Sosa, Vika Falileeva, Av…