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Lea T Captures the Art of True Transformation, Grazia France

Lea T proves that true transformation starts from within in ‘Une Femme Est Une Femme’ shot by Van Mossevelde + N for Grazia France, January 2015. A real woman shows strength with her willingness to evoke the truth. Stylist, Donatella Musco, celebrates the art of individuality with a stunning selection of all black and white. The petals of peace pass through each page as we see fash…

Crystal Renn By David Roemer For Grazia France 6

Crystal Renn Captures Our Senses 'Lâcher la Renn'

Crystal Renn plays her part in ‘Lâcher la Renn’ by David Roemer for Grazia France January 10th, 2014. A sexy mix of fetish fashion, “Release the Renn,” hits it hard with an erotic base of provocative looks. Straight from the path of a stylish queen I came across my runaway dream. Stylist, Julie Pailhas, is revved up and ready to go with a stunning selection of looks b…


Kamila Filipcikova's Fairy-Tale Fashion 'Disney Story'

Kamila Filipcikova comes alive in ‘Disney Story’ by Christian Anwander for Grazia France. An exquisite mix of magic and adventure, Anwander brings the fairy-tale to life, with a captivating combination of Minnie, Bambi, Alice, Pinocchio & (tantalizing-temptress) Cruella de Ville. Each image alive with a new example of Disney decadence, (Stylist) Stephanie Bris

Tatiana Cotliar in Electro Libre By James Macari For Grazia France Cover

Grazia France

Tatiana Cotliar pops off the page in ‘Electro Libre’ by James Macari for Grazia France, 30th August 2013. Taking a break from the high drama of Fall, Macari reminds us how fun fashion can be with a satirical look at this season’s most vibrant styles set against a series of quirky graphics. Perky and playful but still utterly pulled together, (stylist) Teddy Czopp gives us …

charlotte free grazia france

Grazia France

Charlotte Free kicks it into high fashion gear in this edgy, cover-editorial by Alastair Strong for Grazia France 26th April 2013. Redefining the terms of modern androgyny, Free expands our vision of what it means to be sexy in the 21st century. Candice Fauchon elevates our expectation of men’s inspired styling, with exciting new looks that move beyond the typical unisex fair and ve…


Julia Frauche is In-it to Win-it in 'Marathon Woman'

Julia Frauche merges sports and style in ‘Marathon Woman’ by James Macari for the March 2013 issue of Grazia France.  Frauche is in-it to win-it, in the first of the season’s high fashion sport-couture stories, highlighting a variety of Spring’s athletically inspired looks. Bringing fashion to the field, (stylist) Candice Fauchon celebrates this creativ…


Malgosia Bela Joins the ‘Make-Up Circus’ by Richard Burbridge, Grazia France

As we head for the holiday season, nothing could be more appropriate than this decadent, over-the-top spread, “Bold-Beauty“, for the current issue of Grazia France. Celebrating all that Glitters isn’t gold, Richard Burbridge gets the beautiful Malgosia Bela to cry Crystal-Tears from real Crystal-Embellished lashes. With her play on “40’s-f…