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Adwoa Aboah Asks the Question "Who Run the World?" for i-D

Adwoa Aboah asks the brave question “who run the world?” by Harley Weir, Inez van Lamsweerde & Letty Schmiterlow for i-D’s, Female Gaze Issue, Fall ’16. Each story brings a unique perspective with style points that, “focus on brilliant women enriching fashion, art and culture of today.” Shot in Franklin Canyon Park, Weir’s Female Ga…


Ruth is the Bell of this Glam-Punk Ball "Stay Punk" for i-D

Ruth is Bell of the Ball in “Stay Punk” by Mario Sorrenti for i-D Magazine, Pre-Spring ’16. Ruth Bell, Fernanda LyFrederikke Sofie & Dilone go hard-core for a fusion I’m fashioning – Punk Redone. An amalgamation of avant-garde erupts with a history that’s haute and a future fuming. Alastair McKimm captures the tone of the piece with s…


Art Evolves in "lose your way find yourself" for i-D Mag

Stella Lucia, Lexi Boling, Cayley King & Erin Mommsen are a captivating quartet in “lose your way find yourself” by Daniel Jackson for i-D Magazine, Winter 2015. Proving that art has no gender, this story celebrates the beauty of blending. While these women are exquisite specimens of the female order, what we see here is an example of philosophical merging. It’s not a …

Alasdair Mclellan For I-D Summer 2015 32

Embrace i-D Magazine's 35th Year Summer Celebration

Stella TennantEdie and Jean Campbell capture the power of pure cover-art shot by Alasdair Mclellan for i-D Magazine, Summer 2015. Saucy styles seen through the eyes of Alasdair. This photographer extraordinaire gives his talents to the entirety of i-D’s 35th Birthday Issue. A coming of creation, haute couture echos independence while still longing for a connection. Stylist…

Alice Glass by Daniel Jackson for i-D  003

Alice Glass in 'don't be a rockstar, be a legend' for i-D

Alice Glass embraces the freedom of the great Freddy Mercury in ‘don’t be a rockstar, be a legend’ by Daniel Jackson for i-D, Pre-Spring 2015. Starring in the Music Issue, Alice celebrates the art of true independence. A woman who can see the hands of those who helped her, but isn’t willing to live in the past. This pioneer is ready to fight for the right to the front line…

rihanna-by-paolo-roversi-for-i-d-magazine-pre-spring-2015 (2)

i-D Pre-Spring 2015

Rihanna celebrates the sounds of music in ‘Play Loud’ by Paolo Roversi for i-D Magazine, Pre-Spring 2015. After three years in the making, Rihanna has returned with her eighth album, FourFiveSeconds. Posing for iD’s Music Issue, this super-star shows us how it’s done as she moves into a new artistic era. The soul of purity capturing the art of noise, she lures us i…


Theo Wenner Gets Personal 'lick me I'm delicious' i-D

Josephine le Tutour & Valery Kaufman get up close and personal in ‘lick me I’m delicious’ shot by Theo Wenner for i-D magazine, Winter 2014. The power of the lips pulls us in with luscious looks that mesmerize the senses. The camera gets close as the temperature rises, in this evocative piece of forced perspective photography. An exquisite look at the art of modern ma…

Solve Sundsbo for i-D Magazine 01

Sølve Sundsbø Lights It Up 'You Look Electrifying' i-D

Nika Cole & Diana Khalitova light it up in ‘You Look Electrifying’ by Sølve Sundsbø for i-D Magazine, Winter 2014. Dynamic images fly on high as beauty comes to bare, voltage bolts, as dreams defy the magic in the air. Electromagnetic marks divine as (Makeup Artist) Val Garland brings the abstract world of modern illusion to life. Blood-red tears streak the cheeks as y…


'Feeling Blue?' Toni Garrn Colors Up

Toni Garrn is up-close and personal in ‘Feeling Blue? Try Painting Yourself A Different Colour’ by Richard Burbridge for i-D Magazine, Winter 2014. The features of the face are all but erased, in this colorful story that celebrates the breadth of true beauty. From pigmented-peacock to canary-yellow, (Makeup Artist) Isamaya Ffrench captures striated marks boldly marching a…

Nick Dorey 'Modern Moods for a Modern Girl' i-D Magazine Summer 2014 15

The Power of Face Comes to Bare, Nick Dorey for i-D

Juliana Schurig & Carla Ciffoni get wild in ‘Modern Moods for a Modern Girl’ by Nick Dorey for i-D Magazine, Summer 2014. The power of paint comes to bare as the artful intentions make us aware. Editor, Jack Borkett, captures a point of defiance by bringing together a stunning opposition of styles. By forcing fashion on the face we head on a collision course of creativ…


i-D Magazine

Daria Werbowy asks you to ‘Come As You Are’ in this story by Karim Sadli for i-D Magazine, Springs 2014. ‘Reality called so I hung up’ in this stunning Creative Issue that dares you to take a walk down the dark side. Stylist, Alastair McKimm, goes monochromatic with modern looks that are bold, black and avant-garde cool. Daria gets real with a reoccurring dream …


Meghan Collison Captures Our Imagination in i-D

Meghan Collison shows us that, ‘It’s Never too Late to Prove Your Mother Wrong,’ by Colin Dodgson for i-D Magazine, Spring 2014. Redefining the idea of modern beauty, Collison gets eclectic, with a new look at the future of fashion. Set-out to redefine the concept of the power paradigm, these in-your-face shots shows us how it’s done. Stylist, Caroline Newell