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Stella Lucia 'New Glam' by Jamie Morgan for Interview Germany September 2017 3

Stella Lucia's Stunning Face Echoes Throughout Page

Stella Lucia goes “New Glam” by Jamie Morgan for Interview Germany, September 2017. Lilting like a beautiful creature from another planet, she stands against the backdrop, her silhouette screaming out in shadowed form. Altered pieces come together to form a mosaic of modernity in, “New Glam”. This haute idea is the new kind of couture, as gorgeous never looked so …


Dueling Beauty is Seen Twinning Into Oblivion "Panton Pantomime"

Rose Valentine falls into her own reflection in “Panton Pantomime” by Philippe Jarrigeon for Interview Germany, 04/17. Taking a deep look at herself… one of three she comes to be part of this modeling ménage à trois. Twinning into oblivion, Abril & Lourdes Ruhstaller give us an artistic expression of the twin connection. Looking into their eyes we find oursel…

Guinevere Van Seenus by Brianna Capozzi for Interview Magazine Cover

Guinevere Goes Primal ~ Letting her Inner Animal Out

Guinevere Van Seenus lets her inner animal out by Brianna Capozzi for Interview Germany, 09/16. Guinevere gets into her animal like stance in this story that celebrates our primitive passions. Primal in nature each image invites us to explore our inner selves. The ferocity of this piece projects our instinct to be “Alpha,” while expressing our longing to be free. That’…

Isabelle Huppert by Sharif Hamza for Interview Magazine 37

Isabelle Huppert in "The Alpha" Sharif Hamza for inter/VIEW

Isabelle Huppert moves through each image like an actress on stage in The Alpha Issue, captured by Sharif Hamza for inter/VIEW Germany, 09/16. Subtlety follows her from stage to screen, as Isabelle is on display, in this editorial that exposes the fluid movements of high art. A woman of the verge… that is how I see this exquisite creature. Open to life’s promise yet never afra…

Molly Bair for Interview Germany March 2016 2

Molly Bair Lives by Adage "Don't Squat With Your Spurs On"

Molly Bair in “Don’t Squat With Your Spurs On” by Brianna Capozzi for Interview Germany, March 2016. You can take the girl outta the country, but you can’t take the country outta the girl. Delphine Danhier brings sh** kickin’ style to the forefront in this fusion of vintage inspired fashion. Wearing a 10 gallon hat with a stogie in her hand, this girl proves t…

Anna Cleveland Cover Interview Germany 0316

Anna Moves Like Poetry Put to Visual Music

Anna Cleveland brings forth an aire of the ideal in “Iconic” with cover by Benjamin Alexander Huseby for Interview Germany, March 2016. Her body moves like poetry put to music, as my pen passes over paper mimicking limbs as they strike in thoughtful pose. Embracing the archetype of embodiment in a physical statement I’ve come to call, The Cleveland Way. An artistic expres…


Mina Cvetkovic 'Home Alone' in Haus of Haute Couture

Mina Cvetkovic is ‘Home Alone’ in the haus of haute couture by Dario Catellani for Interview Germany, March 2015. When the cat’s away the mice will play. An unveiling of this season’s avant-garde fare, fashion shows itself in the most unlikely places. Stylist, John Colver, expresses the art of excess with Alexander Wang, Anthony Vaccarello, Balenciaga, C

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Gabby Westbrook by Pawel Pysz for Interview Germany

Gabby Westbrook turns the garb of gory into gorgeous in ‘Bling & Beauty’ by Pawel Pysz for Interview Germany, November 2014. The Sisters of Mercy ask for forgiveness as the sins of seduction shine on. Settling into the season, (Stylist) Newheart Ohanian turns up the heat with Alexis Bittar, Cornelia WebbDolce & GabbanaHervé LégerSimone Rocha and…

Amanda Wellsh 'Hokus Pokus' Giampaolo Sgura For Interview Germany 9

Amanda Wellsh Puts a Spell on You in 'Hokus Pokus'

Amanda Wellsh puts a spell on us in ‘Hokus Pokus’ shot by Giampaolo Sgura for Interview Germany, 10/14. Playing the part, Wellsh celebrates the decadence of darkness by taking hold of the season. Stylist, Klaus Stockhausen, explores the artistry of intensity with fashions from Alexander McQueen, Bottega VenetaCéline, Dolce & Gabbana, Falke, Iris van Herpen, Pau

Lindsey Wixson By Richard Burbridge For Interview Germany 2

Lindsey Wixson Pops in Interview Germany

Lindsey Wixson comes in ‘Closer’ for this phenomenal feature shot by Richard Burbridge for Interview Germany, September 2014. The power of pretty pops off the page in this scrumptious story filled with art and imagination. Burbridge gets up-close and personal as he breaks through the imaginary lines of freedom. Blazing beauty erupts as, (Makeup Artist) Francelle Daly captu…


Lindsey Wixson Stun Us in ‘Licht! Drama! Action!’

Lindsey Wixson and Jon Kortajarena join the party in ‘Licht! Drama! Action!’ by Sebastian Faena for Interview Germany, February 2014. A twisted riff of erotic pleasure, this couple stuns our senses with a complex blend of cabaret-chic. In the saturated land of moody blue colors, this takes on the night with a prolific mix of mind-altering fun. High fashion speaks, as (Styl…


Agnes Sokolowska in ‘Fade to Grey’ by Daniel Sannwald for Interview Germany April 2012

Agnes Sokolowska becomes the art in ‘Fade to Grey’ by Daniel Sannwald for Interview Germany April 2012. Part sculpture part digital mastery, Sannwald shows us the future of fashion photography in this stunning feat of visual effects. …