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Kinga Rajzak by Dima Hohlov for Interview Russia, December 2014

Kinga Rajzak descends into a state of dreamlike decadence in ‘Skazka Akzaks’ by Dima Hohlov for Interview Russia. The season of lights begins with a dizzying array of color and play. Stylist, Natalie Brewster, evokes the elegance of avant-garde wonder as flakes flurry and bubbles blow. Fashion and fantasy collide with artistic looks by Alexander McQueen, CélineCha


Catherine McNeil in ‘Supreme by Dario Catellani for Interview Russia

Catherine McNeil goes to the extreme in ‘Supreme’ shot by Dario Catellani for Interview Russia. Each image elevates the editorial with pieces that play off the passions of today’s youth. The funky side of fashion explodes creating a blend of neo-decadence. Andreas Krings captures the thinking wo(mans) styles with looks from Alexander Lewis, Arthur Arbesser, Cop


Anna Chipovskaya Gets Primal for Interview Russia

Amazing Actress, Anna Chipovskaya, stuns us senseless in this captivating story by Nikolay Biryukov for Interview Russia. A model of a different kind, Anna goes inside of herself in this evocative piece of timeless wonder. Covered in clay, this neo-creature fights for herself, in a righteous world filled with autonomous revelry. A poetic pass of strength and survival, I’m …


Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell are Bringing "Super" Back in Interview Russia, 12/12

They’re bringing “Super” back in this 90’s inspired nostalgic layout, featuring Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell for the December issue of Interview Russia.  Mert & Marcus capture the combined star-power of this mega-watt pair, in a fashionable tribute to the era of the Super-Model.  Beautiful in black/white, these stunning images remind us of a simpler ti…


Stef van der Laan by Mark Segal for Interview Russia

The Art of Fashion takes the form of human sculpture in the December issue of Interview Russia. Mark Segal captures the loneliness of a muse, with Stef van der Laan playing a statue that faces the limitations of his own poetic existence. An eccentric mix of decadent beauty, the majesty of synchronicity plays in perfect harmony against the backdrop of aging opulence. A grand mix of …


Lindsay Ellingson’s Lost in the Heartbeat of the City in “Love Story” for Interview Russia

Finding her way through the cult-fashions of 80’s underground rock, Lindsay Ellingson portrays a girl lost in the “heart-beat of the city,” in Guy Aroch’ “Love Story,” for the May Issue of Interview Russia.  Paired with Victor Leclerc, the “Victoria’s Secret” model loses her wings, for a shoot that has her exploring the seedi…