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Bella Hadid in 'Hit!' by Alexei Hay for Jalouse Magazine

Bella Hadid plays the Barbie Star 2015 in this runaway ‘Hit!’ by Alexei Hay for Jalouse. A doll is just a doll, but a perfectly coiffed creation beats them all. Playing every girls dream, Hadid becomes Barbie, as this fashion fantasy unfolds. Stylist, Jennifer Eymere, brings the artistry of “plastic” play to life with gorgeous garb by Adidas by Stella McCartney, Ag

Lily Mcmenamy 'Born to Be a Star' By Alexei Hay For Jalouse 3

Lily McMenamy is 'Born to Be a Star' by Alexei Hay

Lily McMenamy is ‘Born to Be a Star’ by Alexei Hay for Jalouse Magazine, July/August 2014. Palpitating with the purity of youth, Lily captures our imagination with a stunning set of over the top shots done with famous dermatologist, Dr. Colbert. Stylist, Jennifer Eymère, takes us on a day-trip to another dimension, using a daring mix of medical equipment & decadent desi…

Black Candy by Emma Picq For Jalouse 13

Sugar-n-Spice and Everything Nice 'Black Candy' Jalouse

Sugar-n-Spice and everything nice Kate Bogucharskaia plays an avant-garde princess in ‘Black Candy’ by Emma Picq for Jalouse Magazine September 2013. Wonderfully wicked and deliciously decadent, this playful piece takes all the candy-coated colors of Fall and wraps them up into one exquisitely edible editorial. Channeling the spirit of Willy Wonka, Picq creates a worl…


DNA Does it Again With Model Lily McMenamy Following Mom

DNA does it again with Lily McMenamy in ‘Lily the Strange’ by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Jalouse Magazine. Passing the fashion torch, Lily takes the strange reigns from mother model, Kristen, to follow in her highly editorial footsteps. Edgy, avant-garde and utterly original, Kristen McMenamy was no trend follower, she was a trail blazer. A quality that always made her stand o…


I Love a Geisha-Girl that Recycles

Yumi Lambert plays a modern ‘Pop Geisha’ in the March cover/editorial of Jalouse Magazine.  Erwin Olaf combines the exotic mystery of the East with the quirky quality of the suburban West, for a beautiful blend of opposites.  Going for a little creative couture, (stylist) Jennifer Eymere mixes high-end fashion with household materials, while Cyril Laloue dares to defy t…


Jalouse Magazine

Kicking up the kitch factor Miranda Kerr turns into a life size Mod-Doll in ‘Chic Illustrated’ by Sebastian Mader for the February issue of Jalouse Magazine.  Pretty, perky and with all the right dimensions, this remake is one of the most exciting trend transformations we’ve seen. (Stylist) Jennifer Eymere dresses our retro-barbie in Spring’s chicest styles …