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Giasco Bertoli for Lurve Magazine 10

Taja Feistner Rides in 'Visually, Precisely' Side, Lurve Magazine

Taja Feistner takes a ride on the ‘Visually, Precisely’ side by Giasco Bertoli for the 9th Issue of Lurve Magazine. The power of precision captured in the click of a camera. By inviting photogs (outside the field) to shoot for this issue, we experience a unique perspective. Cultured enthusiasts don’t seek to spend they long to do. Showing us that couture isn’t d…

Lurve Magazine, Near Which Existed 10

Emma Willow in 'Near Which Existed'

Emma Willow embraces the beauty of being alone in ‘Near Which Existed’ shot by Anders Edström for Lurve Magazine Issue #8, S/S 2014. Walking through the winds of change, Willow makes her way home. Fashion Director, Moreno Galatà, copies the neo-colors of creation from Bora AksuCassadei, Comme des GarçonsMaison Martin Margiela, MissoniPrada, Richard Ni

Edmund Aves 'I Called but Your Weren't There' Lurve Magazine 10

Edmund Aves Shoots a Story Inspired by 90's Rave Scene for Lurve

Edmund Aves is strictly uninhibited in ‘I Called U (But You Weren’t There)’ shot for Lurve Magazine, S/S 2014. Aves captures the ambiguity of the 90’s in this inspired take on the underground Rave party scene. You have to look back to see ahead, (Stylist) Moreno Galata goes hard-core by bringing forward vintage with a raw edge. Fashion speaks with looks by Ale

Lily McMenamy 'A Subtle Twist' by Sonia Sieff Lurve Magazine 7

Lily McMenamy in ‘A Subtle Twist’ by Sonia Sieff for Lurve Issue #8, S/S 2014

Lily McMenamy is hiding in plain site in ‘A Subtle Twist’ shot by Sonia Sieff for Lurve Magazine Issue #8, S/S 2014. Wishes turn to stardust as wrong turns to right, in this powerful piece of editorial artistry. The rhapsody of realization hits at once, as Lily lures her way in with a stunning blend of high fashion magic. Stylist, Moreno Galatà, exposes the thread of temptatio…


Elisa Sednaoui Stuns in Story by Laurence Ellis, Lurve Magazine #8

Elisa Sednaoui stuns in this brilliant cover-story by Laurence Ellis for Lurve Magazine #8, Spring/Summer 2014. Proving that beauty is breathtaking but what stuns is a divine mind, Elisa breaks the mold for what women are supposed to be. Having opened, ‘The Elisa Sednaoui Foundation,’ her goal is to spread worth wherever she goes. Stylist, Moreno Galatà, captures t…


Kate Bogucharskaia Takes Us Inside Tribe of Truth, Lurve

Kate Bogucharskaia takes us to another place in this eclectic story shot by Benjamin Vnuk for Lurve Magazine. Burning with desire, Vnuk captures our imagination with a stunning selection of passionate pictures. Stylist, Columbine Smille, goes wild with fashions that are rich with raw emotion. Both soft & seductive, (Makeup Artist) Hugo Villard brings beauty to life with natural bo…

luve 002

Caroline de Maigret Redefines Art of Beauty in Lurve

Caroline de Maigret takes us away in this captivating cover-editorial shot by Alessio Bolzoni for Lurve Magazine No.7. A mix of love and other earnings, this mother, model, muse & music producer has redefined the boundaries of modeling. Pretty and perfect are fine, but what she offers is so much more alive. A return of hope, I see her as having an opportunity to push the paramete…

Hanne Gaby Odiele Poses for Lurve Magazine #8 cover

Lurve Magazine

Hanne Gaby Odiele by Dario Catellani for Lurve Magazine #8. Exploring the awesomeness of possibility, Hanne Gaby embraces the beauty of artful change in leather, furs and wool from labels including Fendi, Alexander Wang and Rodarte. Styled by Vittoria Cerciello the dark, emotion evokes a modern sensibility, strong enough to lapse through the natural order of things. Wearing simple sha…


Aline Weber Evokes Elements of Nature 'The Other'

Engulfed in a fury of flames Aline Weber descends on Earth in ‘The Other’ by Tetsuharu Kubota for Lurve Magazine #7. Sent here to extract our most precious elements, Aline evokes the power of water, air and fire in this combustible creation fueled by an exciting mix of modern effects. Falling somewhere between exotic animal and exquisite alien, her other-worldly beauty bring…