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Ajak Deng by Egor Tsodov for Numero Russia September 2017 3

Ajak Deng Lets Dark Night Fall All Around "Uncertainty"

Ajak Deng goes to the desert in search of something greater by Egor Tsodov for Numéro Russia, September 2017. This is a story about the beauty of raw humanity. Allowing her body to become one with her environment, Ajak brings the focus beyond just herself. Standing strong amongst a sea of strange, all things change as they stay the same. Exploring a fluid atmosphere exposes a more non-linear …


Samantha Gradoville Floats Freely in a Sea of Salvation

Samantha Gradoville falls into a sea of salvation by Federico De Angelis for Numéro Russia. I watch the water of life wash over me as tiny drops of decadence defy my senses. An ethereal world filled with daring and wonder. Effervescence erupts all around as the power of art pushes over the page. Fashion floats free as each look invites us to weather the wetness. Stylist, Irina Marie, blends …

Zuzanna Bijoch 'So Chic' by Kai Z Feng For Numéro Russia

Numéro Russia

Zuzanna Bijoch casts a spell in ‘So Chic’ a creative cover-story by Kai Z Feng for Numéro Russia. The bewitching hour is upon us with a stunning array of passion and play. Stylist Brylie Fowler captures our imagination with cool clothes that range from bold black/white to captivating color. Modern consumerism erupts with funky fashions that include Alexander McQueen, Balenc

Hana Jirickova by David Roemer for Numero Russia 15 cover 1

Hana Jirickova Revives the 80's by David Roemer

Hana Jirickova goes graphic in this cool cover-story by David Roemer for Numéro Russia May 2014. Reminiscent of 80’s Brooke Shields, the exotic nature of this styling brings us back the decade of power. Ripe with a vintage vibe, (Fashion Editor) Elizabeth Sulcer captures the era of intoxication, when dressing was a true art form. As loud as a lion as quiet as a whisper, the powe…

Numéro Russia - March 2014

Pat Cleveland Paves the 'Path of Thunder' by Tom Ford

Pat Cleveland & Conrad Bloomfield paves the way in the ‘Path of Thunder’ by Tom Ford for Numéro Russia #011, March 2014. Pat Cleveland writes her own rules and then throws the book out. All dressed up and ready to go, this party turns it up, with arousing array of fun & play. With the great Tom Ford behind the lens, this shoot is less about perfection than it is poetr…

rosie tapner by thanassis krikis for numero russia

Numéro Russia

Rosie Tapner stops us in our tracks in “Exit Here!,” a double sided story shot by Thanassis Krikis for Numéro Russia #011. Getting into character, Rosie revs things up in this exquisite shoot that’s made to make you think. Wearing a dynamic dose of head-gear & haute couture, each piece is less about a fashion moment, than it is a moment in time. Editor, Aliona Isaeva, …


Franzi Mueller A Cry for Hope in Numéro Russia

Franzi Mueller stands among the ruins by Francesco Carrozzini for Numéro Russia #010, February 2014. I wondered among the great divide for someone to stop and listen. A candid look at tomorrow’s dreams, it is here, that I find myself a new beginning. A static comment on the stillness of wonder, among the shattered array of empty promises there lives a will to go on. Super-star stylist…

Vlada Roslyakova By Thanassis Krikis For Numero Russia 20

Vlada Roslyakova is a Retro Rock Star in 'Love'

Channeling Blondie circa 1980, Vlada Roslyakova sends some ‘Love’ our way in this retro inspired number by Thanassis Krikis for the August 2013 issue of Numéro Russia #5. Playing a modern day Debbie Harry, Roslyakova reminds us of a time when fashion was all about being fearless and the best beauty came with a healthy dose of energy & attitude. With platinum blonde hair an…


Numéro Russia

Standing in the spotlight Ashleigh Good, Soo Joo & Josephine Le Tutour gives a tour de force ‘Benefit Performance,’ shot by Karl Lagerfeld for the May 2013 issue of Numéro Russia #3. A powerful preview, Lagerfeld does what he does best, predicts the fashion future. In this dramatic editorial piece, we feel the hand of the maestro, masterfully composing a symphony of styl…

daphne groeneveld numero russia

Numéro Russia

Riding on the wings of style, Daphne Groeneveld takes flight, in this captivating cover-story by Sebastian Kim for the April 2013 issue of Numéro Russia. Redefining the shape of things, Kim celebrates the drama of the season with this stunning, spherical-shaped design from the Tom Ford Spring 2013 collection. Bound to the bottom of the dress, Ford gives a modern interpretation of &#…