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Ruth Bell In 'Life On Mars' by Camilla Akrans for Porter Magazine #22 Fall 2017 23

Ruth Bell Takes Trip to Another World "Life on Mars" for Porter

Ruth Bell brings the heat in “Life on Mars” by Camilla Akrans for Porter Magazine #22, Fall 2017. A vision of forward fusion seeps into the system, as we breath in that excess energy like an alternate life force. This editorial escapes the commonality that plagues many of today’s pictorials. Racing through the recesses of the imagination, reflecting on the realities of …


Half Bird Half Woman ~ Hana Spreads Wings to Fly High

Hana Jirickova summons us forward to the front lines of fashion in “Call to Arms” by Camilla Åkrans for Porter Magazine #19, Spring 2017. Hana flies in from above, Half Bird ~ Half Woman. I call to the winds… I call to the air… I call to the women who fight for our fair. I seek to find fortune in the form of female empowerment. Mere words aren’t just sounds strung t…


Magdalena Moves Like Majestic Jungle Cat 'Born Free'

Magdalena Frackowiak feels the fire of the female lion in ‘Born Free’ by David Bellemere for Porter Magazine #9. Beauty burns through the page as each shot opens the imagination. Evoking her wild side she crosses the ground like a jungle cat. Stylist, Huynh Utzmann, lights a spark with fashions that speak to the ferocity of spirit. Garbed in exquisite get-ups, long fringe has i…