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Alina S. in 'Puritatem' by Gioconda and August for Revs 2

Divine Grace Found in Fluid Art Forms

Alina S redefines a state of grace in “Puritatem” shot by Gioconda and August for Revs Magazine. Finding the soul of sacrifice this story conveys the power of purity wrapped in the notion of good vs. evil. An ode to the strength of Charlotte Wells, this brave woman went through untold horrors until she was able to set herself free. To feel the fire of this fearsome female is to gat…

Alice in 'Fragile Things' by Kodai Ikemitsu for Revs

Alice Takes Part in Garden's Green Art for Revs Digital

Alice invites the wisdom of wonder to whisper sweet nothings in ‘Fragile Things‘ by Kodai Ikemitsu for Revs Magazine. Growing up in the Garden of Eden, Alice celebrates the story of sumptuous salvation. To get inside the landscape, it to feel it all around you, that is the subject of this striking tale. With high fashion that’s found in the form of garden greenery. Foliag…

Lika Rzhevskaya '7 Sins' By Jeremy James For Revs Mag! 5

Devour Decadence in 'Never Enough'

Lika Rzhevskaya lures us into her web of wonder in ‘Never Enough‘ shot by Jeremy James for Revs Mag! Behind the walls of silence, blue waves wash over my face, as I succumb to a sea of strange. Features unfurl as we stand on the forefront of futuristic fashion. The mind and body meld into one as the art of modern beauty erupts. Miriam Robstad explores the extreme side of makeup with dyna…

Stephanie Joy Field 'The Words in Her Eyes' by Thomas Babeau for Revs 8

Stephanie Joy Field Speaks in 'The Words in Her Eyes'

Stephanie Joy Field speaks without saying in ‘The Words In Her Eyes’ shot by Thomas Babeau for Revs #9. I can choose to be who I am – to see or to not see – I am not my skin. Worth and wisdom merge in this silent interpretation of a woman’s world. Marking our own coming out party. Symbolic figures rise up against the beliefs that have held us down for centuries. Picture…

Jasmin Storch for Revs Magazine 3

Trixi Johnson Calls to Arms 'Children of the Revolution'

Trixi Johnson calls to arms in ‘Children of the Revolution’ by Jasmin Storch for Revs Magazine #10, The Satisfaction Issue. A concert of chaos plays over the skin as each shot celebrates life. Dynamic illusion reaches deep as creative excess invades. Stylist, Josef Forselius, forwards the fluidity of modern fashion with Back, Deisel, G-Star RAW, Maison Margiela, Mugler, S

Charlotte Carey by Dennis Stenild for Revs 8

Charlotte Carey Takes a Ride on 'Reverse' Side in Revs

Charlotte Carey rides on the ‘Reverse’ side in this captivating cover shoot by Dennis Stenild for Revs Magazine No.11. Up is down and down is up as we take a trip into another world. To express without evoking to scream without sound, this story celebrates the art of now. Stylist, Ellen Loftsdottir, lures us in with caustic costumes that fan the flames of fabrication. From neo…


Hungry for Love in 'Appetite for Attraction' Revs Digital

Monica Cima and Hannare Blaauboer are hungry for love in ‘Appetite for Attraction’ shot by Nicolas Guerin for Revs #14, Taste Issue. Sensuality speaks, showing us that through the torch of temptation satisfaction is found. I fondle freely and feel my way for the art of fashion is life’s only way. Imagery evokes a sense of female empowerment, as each picture plays wi…

Broken Glass by Josefine Bäckström for Revs

Maja E is Gorgeous in Glitter 'Broken Glass' for Revs

Maja E is gorgeous in glitter in ‘Broken Glass’ by Josefine Bäckström for Revs Digital #8. Art explodes as life implodes turning the tears I cry into glitter from my eye. By destroying any undo barriers each expression exudes a true connection. Makeup Artists, Galina Nurmi & Andrea Engström, bring beauty home by letting the features of the face take us to another worl…

Margaux Brooke 'Walk the Dark' Nicolas Guerin For Revs Digital #7 8

Love Heals Darkness Conceals in Revs

Margaux Brooke invites the absence of light in ‘Walk The Dark’ by Nicolas Guerin for Revs Digital #7. Raw inspiration moves across the body like art erupting off of the page. Creative Director, Sheri Chiu, captures a world of wonder, where the watcher is transformed through the use of industrialized space. The path to avant-garde freedom explodes in this onyx inspired fashio…