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Joan Smalls by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia 1

Joanna Drops in an Incubus of Illusion 'Grafica' Schön!

Joanna drops into an incubus of illusion in ‘Grafica’ shot by Boy/Girl for Schön! Magazine, S/S 2015. Sublime artistry erupts as the spectacle of surrealism takes shape. Breaking free from the chains that bind, this story reveals the wreckage we must bare when we seek change. Colours collide as graphic outlines pop off the page. a+c:studio captures the vibe of the piece with …

Aliya Galyautdinova in 'Purity' by Nicolas Guerin For Schön!13

Aliya Galyautdinova is Bound to Art of Beauty in 'Purity'

Aliya Galyautdinova is bound to beauty in ‘Purity’ by Nicolas Guérin for Schön! To be tied to yourself. To be seeking freedom when it’s outside your reach. To invite the rhythm of life into your mind, only to be met with restraint – that is a powerful picture to behold. Piercing eyes penetrate the page as each shot takes us deeper into the fold. Sheri Chiu invites the f…

Charlie Melchiori 'Semblance' by Alexandre Felix for Schön! 7

Charlie Melchiori Wears Sheath of 'Semblance' Schön!

Charlie Melchiori lights up surface & form in ‘Semblance’ shot by Alexandre Felix for Schön! Wearing a mask of modernity, Melchiori invites the simile of sweetness to explore her skin. Malvina B brings the heat with a decadent blend of dominatrix inspired designs. Dressed to kill, sensual styling erupts as each shot oozes with avant-garde excess. From a bondage insp…


Stephanie Smith in 'Paintbox' by Colin Gaudet, Schön!

Stephanie Smith plays a human palate in ‘Paintbox‘ by Colin Gaudet for Schön! Magazine. A fantasy of riches, each shot celebrates the beauty of blurred lines. Theatrical images seal the deal by making the person part of the art. Stylist, Sarah Jay, turns fashion into fantasy with a dizzying mix of modern designs. The madness of mayhem erupts as haute couture melds into high end h…

rhianna-porter-by-takahito-sasaki-for-schc3b6n-magazine-winter-2014 (1)

Rhianna Porter Plays With Our Mind in 'Eye Catcher'

Rhianna Porter plays with our mind in ‘Eye Catcher’ shot by Takahito Sasaki for Schön!, Winter 2014. Dangling from the angles of anomaly lives another world. Constellations collide as…all coincidences have meaning, all meaning has truth. Reaching in from the deepest sources of destiny, synchronicity represents our unconscious awareness of life. A mirror image of e…

Rasa Zukauskaite 'Bilateral' Urivaldo Lopes For Schön! 10

Rasa Zukauskaite Goes 'Bilateral' by Urivaldo Lopes for Schön!

Rasa Zukauskaite captures both sides of the couture coin in ‘Bilateral’ a story shot by Urivaldo Lopes for Schön! #27. Worlds collide, as (Stylist) Fleur Huynh Evans lures us in with contrasting elements told from opposing angles. Double your pleasure, double your fun with high art in the form of haute-couture. Fashion reigns with looks from Amaya ArzuagaAnne Sofie M

Brooke Candy by Michael Flores for Schön! #27 2

Brooke Candy Plays Festive Femme Fatale 'Sweetmeat'

Brooke Candy plays a festive femme-fatale in ‘Sweetmeat’ shot by Michael Flores for Schön! #27, December 2014. Master and muse merge in this exquisite tale of x-mas gone x-rated. The arena of the avant-garde erupts, as black/red/white blend, in this tri-fecta of modern style. Nicola Formichetti creates a fusion of fashion from Adrienne Landau, A.F. Vandevorst, Alexan

Anastasia Ivanova in “Transitory” by Nicolas Guerin for Schön! Magazine #26 3

Anastasiia Ivanova 'Transitory' Nicolas Guérin, Schön!

Anastasiia Ivanova lapses into an ephemeral state in ‘Transitory’ a story shot by Nicolas Guérin for Schön! Magazine #26. A dichotomy of riches take hold as we watch the art of fashion explode. With converse and couture in the mix, we find ourselves falling for a fairy tale. Lost in the tombstone of the enlightened, (Stylist) Thomas C. Toth seeks the poetry of passion to settl…

schon magazine june 2014

Harriet Taylor in ‘don’t tell me’ by Amanda Camenisch for Schön Magazine, S/S 2014

Harriet Taylor wears her heart on her sleeve in ‘don’t tell me’ shot by Amanda Camenisch for Schön Magazine, Spring/Summer 2014. What you see is what you get in this exquisite editorial created to make you think. Beauty comes to be, not from what you carry on the outside, but who you are on the inside. Wearing the words open and free, Harriet shows how valuable the voice c…

eva doll mag 2

Eva Doll Does 'Drama' Proud for Schön Magazine

Eva Doll does ‘Drama’ proud in this sultry story shot by Rayan Ayash for Schön Magazine #25, Summer 2014. A publication after my own heart, Schön goes for bold with a trip down Summer’s lane. Evocative beauty born to run, to reach the epic points of pleasure we have to first be willing to leg go. Breaking free from the sun, Eva grabs a hold of the dark side, in this dramatic …

sparrek 1

The Art of Beauty Lives with Dreamy Images by Sparrek for Schön! Magazine

A dream inside a dream… Sparrek, a.k.a Kylli Sparre, captures our hearts with a stunning compilation of surreal style photography for Schön! Magazine. Vibrant beauty that can only be accessed by authentic dance, through movement, Sparrek shows herself to be highly influenced by the art of ballet. Airy and alive, the division of disparity comes alive in the daring drive of momen…


Karina Zabrivo Stuns in 'Bird of Paradise' Schön!

Karina Zabrivo captures the beauty of the night in ‘Bird of Paradise’ by Urivaldo Lopes for Schön! Magazine #23. Covered in a baroque mix of airy designs, the exquisite mist of lovely looks lifts us through the night. A divine blend of dreamy styles by Louis Vuitton, Azzedine Alaïa and Christian Dior (Fashion Editor) Jonathan Mahaut mixes a decadent array of silks and br…