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Eye2Eye I'll Draw You In ~ Stare You Down ~ and Hope to Win

Kasia Struss & Adela Stenberg stare with artful intent in “C’est quoi un bon penchant?” by Suzie Q & Leo Siboni for Stylist Magazine France, September 2016. Eye to Eye I’ll Draw You In… energy echoes the surrounding light bouncing back as we fare the fight. A battle that’s waged deep within, for where we lay our hearts is where we will win. Art i…


Art of Body Glitter Sparkles & Shines

Marique Schimmel is in a state of sheer splendor as body glitter radiates the night “Party Pour La Nuit” by Jonas Bresnan for Stylist Magazine France, 12/15. Covered in sprinkled stars showered in shine, Schimmel takes the concept of Party All Night to another level. Editor, Julie Levoyer, embraces the fire of noir with black lace that celebrates the body beautiful. The pagea…

Kristine By David Dunan For Stylist France 10

Kristine Froseth a Specimen of High Fashion Perfection

Kristine Froseth is a specimen of perfection as David Dunan delivers a vast vision for Stylist France, 2nd April 2015. From a vivacious girl who’s full of vigor to an exotic model made to mystify, this is a celebration of youth. Stylist, Natalie Yuksel, embraces the dueling forces of nature with looks designed to defy. Extreme fashions speak as each image tells a tale of truth. Cut-out…

Tess Hellfeuer By Alessio Bolzoni For Stylist France 4

Tess Hellfeuer 'Naviguer À Vue' Stylist France

Tess Hellfeuer flies by the seat of her pants in ‘Naviguer À Vue’ shot by Alessio Bolzoni for Stylist France #052, June 2014. Redefining the idea of modern imagery, (Stylist) Belén Casadevall uses the extreme to get our attention and have a little avant-garde fun. Hellfeurer knows how to pose it, with a perfect blend of artful and outrageous. Ready for her close-up, (Makeup A…

Afrodisiaque by Txema Yeste for Stylist France

Stef van der Laan Knows How to Show It In 'Afrodisiaque'

Stef van der Laan stimulates our senses in ‘Afrodisiaque’ by Txema Yeste for Stylist France No. 041. Yeste knows how bring it, with a series of shots that will increase your sexual desire, and make you forget where you are. A trip through time, this layout uses the sensation of the 70’s with Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dsquared2, Barbara BuiDiane von Fürstenberg, Givenchy

Anastassia Rottie by Johan Sandberg for Stylist France

Op-Art Meets Avant-Garde in 'Se Faire Une Couleur'

Anastassia Rottie becomes the color in ‘Se Faire Une Couleur’ by Johan Sandberg for Stylist France No. 22. An exciting amalgamation of concept/design, using what the French term as Reflexive Causality, the title of this story indicates that Rottie isn’t just wearing the colors she is being transformed by them. It’s the difference between having something place…

Marta Dyks By Johan Sandberg For Stylist France 2

Marta Dyks Cries Dark Tears in 'D'humeur Noire'

Johan Sandberg uses the power of paradox to prevail in “D’humeur Noire” starring Marta Dyks for Stylist France #19, 26th September 2013. As the jagged edges of juxtaposition rub up against each other it is often the subsequent sparks that can light a true fashion fire. Inspired by the work of Tim Burton, Sandberg explores the wild world of Dark Comedy/Art by using exagge…


'Denim Qui C'est' Interpretive Take on Hi/Lo Fashion Trend

Taking the Jean Theme to another level, David Dunan delivers a distorted vision of bokeh beauty in ‘Denim Qui C’est’ starring Carolina Thaler for Stylist France issue #017. An interpretive take on fashion’s famous staple, in the ultimate hi/low mix (stylist) Belen Casadevall blends haute couture with designer denim to create a cutting-edge conceptual sto…

Dark JAdore by Txema Yeste Stylist France 9

Zlata Mangafic in 'Dark J'Adore' by Txema Yeste

Behind the smoldering eyes of this raven haired beauty lives a world of mystery, Zlata Mangafic in ‘Dark J’Adore’ by Txema Yeste for Stylist France #015. An ode to the beauty of black/black fashion, this stunning series celebrates the exquisite intensity of this season’s noir styles with rich looks that dare to redefine the idea of the “Dark Arts.̶…


Samantha Gradoville Finds Equality in 'Le Genre Ideal'

Txema Yeste invents a new identity in ‘Le Genre Ideal’ for Stylist France #001. Taking a seductive stance, Samantha Gradoville escapes creative confinement in this provocative piece of editorial emancipation. A multi-gendered conflation built on the concept of, “reconciling the sexes.” Starting with the question, “why choose?” Yest…